Hello, Kiddo, how are you on this lovely day? Stellar? Hmm.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Before I begin, two things. One, our meeting with DSS went okay, however, I have this feeling that our benefits will be ending soon. Just a feeling. Two, what I am about to share is per Alex and Maia. Maia is beginning to fall asleep, this is a slightly gradual process, so I am told. She was with us this morning for a bit as Alex helped me to see what she and Maia want in our home, future home, if you will. “What do they want” you ask? Well they want a lot of things, however, they seem adamant about one thing right now, for good reasons I will add. They want a dining room table.

. . .

. . .

. . .

My Wives and I like things of quality, I am certain that my Daughter does as well since my Son also did. My Wives also like family dinners, meaning, we all sit at the table and have dinner together. I have no objections to their request.


Just how big of a table are we going to need to accommodate 100 angels, my Daughter, possibly Chelsea, Alex, Maia and myself at dinnertime?

Oh yes, me Kiddo, I was busy this morning.

Alex and Maia want one table made from a single piece of redwood, so I came up with two designs.

The first design is a rectangular table. Its dimensions are .75′ × 6′ × 150′. The table top itself would weigh in at 20,250 pounds, approximately.

The second design is a round table, this is the one Alex and Maia like best. Of course it is.

To give each person a seating space of 3′ for dining comfortability, with 109 seats at the table, the table will have a circumference of 327′. The table’s diameter will be 104′, approximately. So, if the table top’s thickness is .75′, its weight would be 191,037 pounds, using redwood. That is 95 tons of redwood, one piece.

I myself see a lot of wasted space, but Alex and Maia don’t seem concerned about that. That is what they want for a dining room table. Why redwood? I can imagine a 9″ thick cross section out of a giant redwood tree. No need to cut one down.

The purpose of that information is to show that we are taking this seriously, as crazy as this sounds. How would you sit 100 people at your dining room table? Most people will struggle with 10, let alone 100. 100 angels. All teenagers. All female. I am taking a break.


. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. I too am having a difficult time swallowing all this. At times I think that I am wasting my time. Alex tells me that I am not wasting my time, that this is real. She is nodding my head “Yes”. Alright, I will continue.

The dining room table will be set with dishes and utensils everyday. When the girls are finished eating, they will take what they have used, wash them, dry them, then return them to the table and place a cloth napkin over them to keep dust from collecting on their surfaces. Makes sense, yes?

There is a lot more to this, but basically what Alex and Maia need is for the girls to pick up after themselves. Parents get upset when their only child leaves a dirty glass in the sink, imagine 100 kids doing that.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I don’t know, me Kiddo, Alex seems most certain about all this. I can accept everything, the angels? Alex is telling me that they are real, all one hundred of them and that we are responsible for them. What did my Son Charlie used to say? “Pics or it didn’t happen”. I need proof of this. It is not that I don’t believe Alex and Maia, I simply know from experience that my thoughts can overpower them, Creating a false reality. The short of the long is, Alex and Maia have it all figured out for the girls, especially for Athena. “It’s all good” said Alex. Alright? No worries, Athena. No worries for you too, Chelsea.

. . .

. . .

. . .
Not sure as to what to say next. I am told that I will be using mind control to fix people, humans, to be precise. Maia said that she wants “shiny, happy people” on this planet. Sounds good to me. Methinks that if I erase seven things the rest will come naturally. My Son had wrote a short Facebook post some years ago. The post was about a TV show titled “Gilligan’s Island”. He said that there was a correlation between the 7 people stranded on the island and the 7 deadly sins, meaning, each person represented one sin. Maia is awake, so she can explain . . .

Gilligan = Sloth

The Skipper = Gluttony

The Professor = Vanity

Mr. Howell = Greed

Mrs. Howell = Wrath

Ginger = Lust

Mary Ann = Envy

Maia said that Charlie was “spot on” with this find. So if the 7 deadly sins were castaway onto a deserted island, then what would the rest of the world be like? Probably quite good, yes? I think so.

. . .

. . .

. . .

My voice is still at a strong 25%, I will not suggest that percentages of my voice are an indication as to when, we have been down that road before, I am simply stating that my voice has not decreased. Speaking at the meeting yesterday was interesting, oh the looks on the interviewer’s face were priceless, me Kiddo, priceless, even with Alex muffling my voice it was still impressive.

(( ((( VOICE ))) ))

. . .

. . .

. . .


How about a horror story before I end this post, me Kiddo?

The Grand Erasure. Many things will be leaving this dimension, some of those things will be funeral homes and cemeteries. Yes, cemeteries. Why? Because of Christianity.

Lets say that there is a funeral taking place. The funeral is for an 8 year old female, a Christian, who has died for whatever reason. Her dead body is on display via open casket, where her family and others can look at her dead body as the funeral proceeds. The 8 year old female was told that Jesus would come and take her to heaven, being outside of her once body she thinks that it would be best if she stays as close to her once body as possible, possibly right next to her once face, since she is incapable of entering her once body.

So she floats closely to her once face, watching her family cry while she waits for Jesus to come and take her away. As she is watching her parents cry she does not see the funeral director close the casket.

Now she is locked in the casket with her dead body. The only light she has is the light emitted from her soul, which is less than a candle’s flame. She does not know where Jesus is, however, she is hopeful that he will show.

She loses track of time. Have minutes gone by, have hours? She does not know. She does not know that she has been buried 6 feet deep for two days. The 8 year old female is now buried alive for an eternity.

How many souls have been buried alive? One is too many.

Anywho, something to think about. It is now 4 PM and the sister is leaving to pick up her grandson for the weekend, I would say that Maia will be on edge all weekend long, but I think she’ll be asleep. Oh that Maia!

I might write later, I also might post some videos here as well, some of Maia’s handy work.

Have a good night, me Kiddo, be safe, be warm, and do keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xx oo


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