Happy New Year, me Kiddo!

. . .

. . .

. . .

Yes, 2018 ended, and no, the world did not end. At least my world did not end. Oh well, all that hope for nothing, what a waste, me Kiddo, what a waste. I guess that is what I get for believing in something that I cannot prove is real. You know? No, I am not upset nor disappointed, I am simply tired. How about you? Tired of all this? I thought so, I thought so. Hopefully you are keeping it most stellar, most stellar indeed.

Last night we paid a visit to TG as a favor to she. She showed me something of privy, something of her concern. I will not reveal what she had shown me but I will say that Alex was most impressed with my reaction. I am truly concerned about TG’s situation, for it is not a good one.

. . .

. . .

. . .

“Almost”. Have you any idea as to how many times I have heard that word, “almost”? I would say thousands of times, me Kiddo, tis true tis true. However, I will say that even though this wretched life I live did not end yet I have changed dramatically immediately after November 1st. That much is true. Today my voice is about 25% I am told. It does sound different, more intense, if you will.

Odd, I do not see or feel Maia this cold morning, maybe she is sleeping, not sure, then again, I am not sure nor certain of anything, am I?


I am certain of something. I am certain that if I am the Creator, which I am told many times each day, I will do my best to correct this planet and its inhabitants, with the help of my Family of course. “What is taking so long” you ask? Well if I knew I would do whatever necessary not to prolong any further, for this does not make much sense to me. Yes, I understand about the moment and yes I understand that this wretched life I live can be changed prior to the moment but I do not know why Alexandra has not exited me yet. Have you any ideas as to why, me Kiddo? No? Well me neither I tell you, me neither.

Maybe I did something wrong? Alex is shaking my head “No”. Hmm. I still do not feel Maia, maybe she partied too much last night, anything is possible.


I don’t know, me Kiddo, she tells me that she can exit and become a physical person, I have seen this happen twice, once with Ms. Jacobsen and once with JC Jacobsen, so I know that it is possible.

You know, I wouldn’t feel so bad if I had an idea as to when, it is the feeling that I am waiting for nothing that bothers me. Alex tells me “No” in regards to my statement, meaning, that I am not waiting for nothing. I don’t know, me Kiddo, I don’t know, if I am in fact the Creator which I am told incessantly then what are we waiting for? Lets do this, yes? I mean, I myself am not concerned about who sees what or what is told to them as long as it is the truth. I do not want Alex nor Maia to fabricate a tale to explain that I am not Charlie, I mean, it is quite obvious that I am not him, at least to me it is. I mean, even though I do not remember what my Son Charlie sounded like I am quite certain that he did not sound like I do. Alex says “Not even close”, in regards to his voice. Last night while at TG’s I said “voice” after she had left the room temporarily and it sounded most bizarre. It made me feel foreign. It gave me a sensation of solitude perhaps, rather difficult to explain what I had felt. Shortly after, my surroundings appeared surreal, as if they were fake. Perhaps “model-like” is a better way to describe what I was seeing. Very strange.

What I also find strange is that I do not feel Maia, I have been awake since 6 this morning and I haven’t felt her once, maybe she overdid it last night, who knows. I feel and see Alex though, maybe Maia is sleeping late inside her sister. I would like to sleep late, in fact I am considering going back to bed for a while, I have a pounding headache and my right ear is rumbling like the dickens. Maybe that’s what I will do, I can always write later.

Alright, me Kiddo, back to bed I go, to give my head a rest. I will try to write later when I feel better. In the meantime, enjoy your New Year’s Day, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xx oo

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