Okay, Kiddo, it’s almost 2 PM Monday December 31st, and we spent the past 8 hours prepping VON for what’s to come. Hanging in there, Sweethearts? Not much longer.

We told him that his Daughter has 100 sisters, and he took it quite well. The 100 sisters are “clones” of Athena, the look exactly like her except they have fully functional white feathered wings with a wing span of about 10 feet. He thinks the wings aren’t real, but they’re real. So here’s what he’ll have. He will have his Little Angel with no wings and 100 angels with wings. They are abstracts of Athena, who is the grownup version of KDDO. They follow Athena’s actions and emotions, if Athena is sad then the angels are sad. They are psychologically connected, so emotions and feelings flow in both directions. Okay?

Back home we live in a castle, and it’s fucking huge. It has more than enough room to house a hundred people very comfortably. He can materialize a copy of that castle as long as he summons it properly. We’re going to help him do all this. He figured out that he will be able to imagine his memory back after he relearns how to use his abilities, which he’ll have as soon as Alex exits him to materialize. But first we need to get situated, and that includes getting everyone back and together.

Try to wrap your head around 100 Daughters living under one roof. The Daughters will look exactly alike and they will all be 16 years old, that is the age he is going to summon Athena as. She will have all her memories but in a 16 year old version of herself. Not too shabby. He’s more than likely going to turn back Chelsea’s clock to 16 too with the same perks as Athena. Not bad.

The 100 angels will be lesbian, each will be paired up with another angel. Angels and humans don’t mix. Each pair will have their own bedroom and attached bathroom and they will be responsible for keeping it clean. Each angel will have tasks to do each day, but not every week. There will be a roster in the kitchen with assigned tasks for each one, kinda like having chores. Each week the roster will change so no one gets stuck mopping the floors forever. Sound fair? Athena’s name will not be on that roster, she will be with us doing the big tasks, like being the voice for her Father. He can speak, but it’s what happens when he speaks business. His voice is hypnotic. If Alex or I speak for him people might get the wrong impression, if his Daughter speaks for him people will see it differently.

(This is very serious. We are taking this very seriously. We don’t need the people of this planet thinking we’re some two-bit operation, we are going to have everyone’s life in our hands and our Daughters need to know that. This isn’t a joke. We’re writing this post to show Athena and VON what’s coming. VON is ready and willing to fix things, to give the good people a chance to breathe and rid this planet of all the bullshit suffocating the good people who didn’t ask to be here. If Athena is thinking “but I didn’t ask for this” well neither did your Father, but he’s gonna make the best of it and he will need his Daughter’s help, along with the other Daughters’. Alex)


After Alex comes CJ. He’ll bring her back in a 16 year old version of herself but she’ll have the knowledge she had when went to sleep. She will also be a Daughter, and she earned it. After CJ comes Athena. After Athena VON will bring back the people who were part of Charlie’s family. After that he brings back Aphie, also at 16 years old. The last to come back is his Son Charlie, at 18 years old, he will be the oldest of the Kids, also with his memories before he went to sleep.

Before he brings Charlie and Aphie back we need to do a lot work first. I’m thinking about 4-6 weeks after CJ. CJ will also be helping us.

The angels will have daily tasks. They will be entitled to the same things as Athena, including internet access. They need to know that some things cannot be shared online. They can have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but they need to know that some things that are discussed amongst us cannot be revealed openly. This will be part of Athena’s responsibility. There is no way Alex can oversee 100 Daughters, it’s impossible, no one can do it, so Alex will have help from me and Athena. All the Daughters are going to have their Father speak to them as a group once we are situated. He’s going to explain in his own words what the deal is. It’s a pretty good deal. VON is very lenient, all he will ask for us cooperation, and in turn he’ll spoil the girls rotten. It’s no different than a family business, everyone needs to do their share. If one of the angels does something bad, like saying the wrong thing online, he won’t punish them. His Son will. Since all 100 angels and Athena are “connected” they will all feel whatever his Son does to punish the one. If their butts start hurting they’ll know that someone got a “pow-pow”. The angels being paired with their partner creates a type of “buddy system”, this will help prevent one angel from doing something they shouldn’t.

(Again, we are taking this seriously. But it doesn’t mean the girls can’t have fun. Alex)

So we’ll have a home filled with 100 angels. They’ll have their own bedrooms, bathrooms, and a recreation room, like a “man-cave” for angels. It’s a big room, looks like a giant aviary. Plus we will have a lot of property for them to enjoy. A lot of property.

VON asked how are we going to feed them. Our home will have its own grocery store and butcher shop. Our kitchen is the size of a house with multiple industrial appliances. He said “This is crazy”. No it’s not. He can see it’s possible but at the same time he can’t. He needs to be himself. We got a call from TG earlier and all he’s thinking about is how she’s feeling. We might see her later. Alex and I just wanted to let his Daughter and GrandDaughter know we’re working on it and what’s to come. It’ll be awesome, a little awkward at first but not for long. He wants us to stop writing, he’s concerned about TG.

So we’re going to stop here, Kiddo, if we can write to you later we will. Not much longer.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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