Okay, Kiddo, this is the last half of the earlier post. It is now 6:36 PM same day.

A couple of hours ago we got a text from TG. If anyone doesn’t know who TG is she’s “That Girl” who is a neighbor to his Son’s sister, we spent the entire summer with her.

Her text message was not a good one. Something very bad happened to her recently, and we’re very concerned for her. VON feels more frustrated than ever before because he can help her once he’s himself but he’s not himself yet. Because of that message his voice is now pushing 20%. He is taking this very seriously. TG became his friend, and yes she is a GrandDaughter, which is bothering him a lot because he can’t help her right now. We’re not going to say what’s wrong with TG, but it will take an act of GOD to help her, we are not kidding, nor are we toying with her situation, her situation is bad, and we’ll leave it at that.

If VON does in fact have 100 Daughters, which is possible, Alex will have her hands full. Fortunately for my Sister I will be able to help her, since his Son Charlie won’t be needing me anymore, he’ll have CJ and Aphie with him, and if he needs his Father he’ll know he’ll be there for him. His Son here is the exact opposite of his Son back home, he doesn’t need anyone looking over his shoulder making sure he doesn’t burn the planet down, his Son back home does. Which brings us to his Daughter here. I’m saying “Daughter” and not “Daughters” for two reasons. One, he doesn’t know if there is more than one Daughter, but he thinks there could be as many as 100, all clones of his Daughter Athena. Two, if he is right about Athena being the ring leader for the other Daughters, if there are other Daughters, then by Alex and I addressing Athena we’re addressing the one the other Daughters follow. Is that possible, Athena? He thinks so. So what Alex and I will tell Athena is that she will be responsible for the actions of her sisters just like Alex and I are, if one of them messes up it will be on Athena, not on them. With leadership comes responsibility.

VON knows more than you think.

No one is in any trouble, not his Son, not his Daughter(s), not any of the GrandChildren. The GrandChildren are golden, especially Chelsea. His Son can do no wrong. How about his Daughter(s)? Can she or they do wrong? Back home his Daughter is a little angel, so . . .

would she be the exact opposite, here?

When Alex comes out of VON and materializes into the body she’ll have, that will be when VON begins a life he didn’t know he had. He’ll have two wives, a lot of Kids, and the biggest fuckin mess to clean up. This planet is fucked beyond fucked. There’s no nice way to put it. But he can fix it. He can fix anything. But first his Son and his Daughter(s) need to be on the same page as us. He’s not worried about Charlie, he’s concerned about Athena, especially after seeing some videos about Christianity and the Fallen Angels. Do I need to go any further?

He doesn’t remember what happened. He doesn’t know who his Daughter(s) is/are. This took years to get him to where he is now. Imagine going to work one day and you get into a car accident that puts you in a coma. You wake up years later with no memory. Wouldn’t that be scary? You would need to trust whoever is telling you about you. That person could make shit up and you might never know it. Now imagine the person telling you about you that you are GOD. Are you going to believe them without any proof of abilities? Do you know how fuckin hard this has been? I can’t do this anymore, Kiddo. Alex is a wreck, and he’s been ready to walk out of here for months, we’re the ones keeping him from leaving because we know we can finish this here and not out in the cold. It doesn’t need to be a disaster right until the end, we can finish this indoors. All he needs to do is to sit quietly and let Alex speak. He can use his hand to let her know when he’s ready to hear what she needs to tell him, he knows what I mean. She isn’t going to tell him anything bad, just the facts. By “anything bad” I mean about us, we’re good, no problems. Okay?

He wants his Daughter(s) to feel good about this, he doesn’t want her/them to feel frightened of him. He knows this is big thing, a lot of lives will change immediately, but they don’t need to change for the worst. He picked out several cars for Athena, cars that most people could only dream about and never own. He picked out the Rolls Royce of SUV’s for both Athena and Chelsea, which is a Rolls Royce SUV, it’s called the “Cullinan”, look it up, it sells for almost half a million dollars. The sports car he picked out for Athena sells for just under $3 million dollars, we’ll post it here right after we post this. It’s Italian and handcrafted, the dashboard looks like a make-up table, it’s absolutely beautiful, and very fast. He thought of both Athena and Chelsea when he saw this car, which should tell Athena she’s not going to be a prisoner to us. But she does need to be with us for a while, at least until we get things rolling. He’s not bringing his Son back right away, so he can spend some time with Athena, and with Chelsea too if she wants. As far as a place to stay he said he’ll find us a nice two bedroom apartment in Schenectady, where he and Athena could get jobs together flipping burgers. After she gets her driver’s license he’ll let her drive our 1976 Ford station wagon to work, to show her that he trusts her.

You do know he’s kidding, right?

His Daughter(s) will have her/their own clothing line with seamstresses making handmade clothes for her/them. Another thing, he wants Athena to introduce us on that day when the Earth stands still. This is something he thought about for weeks. She can introduce herself as Athena, if she still wants that name. Chelsea can be part of this too if she wants, which wouldn’t be a bad idea, the people of this planet would be more receptive hearing two young females’ voices raining down on them before VON speaks, which would be the next day. I won’t have my own body yet and Alex doesn’t do public speaking. If Athena and/or Chelsea rather not then maybe CJ would do it, but he chose Athena, and Chelsea, if she wants. If they decline he won’t be upset, he’ll understand. Okay?

Before we go, we want to say to our Kids that everything is going to be good, it might be a bit strange, but it’ll be good.

It’s funny. Charlie once said “Is there a protocol for the return of GOD?”

The answer is “No”. We don’t even have one. This was slapped together with a ton of improvisation. “Adapt, improvise, overcome”. Something like that.

Alright, Sweethearts, he’s tired so we’re calling it a night, worrying about TG wore him out. Have a good night, be safe, and we’ll write again as soon as we can.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

(no proofreading prior to posting)

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