Hey, Kiddo, it’s Friday afternoon and we have some things to share with you, and with your followers. We hope all is well, Sweethearts.

VON’s voice is now over 10%. His voice is shaking his body. We can’t hide him forever, even if Alex and I are at the surface his voice is still breaks through.

He stopped watching videos on current events, he feels it is pointless to learn any more if he isn’t himself. He has watched car review videos though. He’s been looking to see what cars he wants to give the Kids, so far he’s picked out the Lamborghini Urus for the GrandSons, to give you an idea what he’s been looking at. It makes you wonder what kind of cars he has in mind for the GrandDaughters, since he treats his GrandChildren equally. It can really make you wonder just what he has in mind for his Son, his only Son, here, of course.

But what about his Daughter? You know, the Daughter known as Athena, the younger Sister to Alexandra, Maia and CJ, what does her Father have in mind for her? Oh, my mind is a flutter, me Kiddo, a flutter indeed, for my Wives, my, wonderful Wives have been, lets say . . . buttering me up for something. No, they are not greasing me up so that I can easily slide out of this body that I am in for this is now my body.

So why are they buttering me up, Athena?

Well, Alex has some things she needs to tell me once she manifests. These, things, that she needs to tell me are most important, me Kiddo, most important indeed. “What things” you ask? Well the truth as to what happened for starters, I mean, I simply don’t know what’s going on, I only know that something had happened. “What else” you ask? I shall ask back “What do you mean?”. What “else” could there be? Could “else” pertain to . . . “actions”? It could, me Kiddo, it could. What actions I do not know, I only have possibilities, or, scenarios, if you will. And that’s why Alex needs to tell VON in person.

Oh that Alex, she has this uncanny way of having the last word. So in turn, she can also have the first word, yes? I mean, this universe is built upon Reversibility, you know?

Now about my 4 Daughters. There is something about the number 4 that I find to be odd. Yes, 4 looks odd to me. “Why” you ask? Well it doesn’t add up! 4 Daughters? I mean come on now. 4? 4 Daughters? Yes, my first 2 our my Wives, they are my Daughters through Creation, however I do not look at them as my Daughters, so to speak.

So with Alex and Maia subtracted from the 4 Daughters I am now left with 2 Daughters. 2 also looks odd to me, meaning, “Why 2?”. That doesn’t make any sense to me.


. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. I need a bit of a “heads up” for what Alex is going to tell me. The best that I can do to alleviate myself is to imagine the possibilities of how many Daughters I actually have, for 4 and 2 appear odd to me. Oh yes, me Kiddo, they appear most odd, tis true tis true.

“Why” you ask?

Well allow me to venture forth a tale, a possible tale, since I do not know for certain.

From what I am told, I have one Son and one Daughter back home. They are both good, behavior-wise. However, my Son back home is quite the handful. He doesn’t do bad things intentionally, he simply gets into trouble due to his curiosity. Understandable. My Daughter, back home, does not get into trouble. Oh no, me Kiddo, KDDO is Daddy’s little Angel. Her goodness is a blessing to Alex, her mother, in fact, KDDO is practically trouble-free, self-reliant, if I may. Maybe, one day back home, I was listening to Alex and Maia bicker over how Alex got the “better deal”, perhaps, Alex was rubbing her Sister’s cute nose in the fact that Alex has it easy with KDDO. Maybe, I overheard Maia tell Alex that boo is a hundred times more work than KDDO. Could that be possible? I think so.

Maybe, just maybe, I imagined 100 Daughters, all like my Daughter KDDO. If that is the case, then those 100 Daughters are somewhere. Maybe they are here? If so, then where are they?


. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. Lets say that I do have 100 Daughters. They might look like Athena, the grownup version of KDDO. Since my little angel, back home, doesn’t have wings, my little angel, here, might, have wings.

Since those 100 Daughters, or 99 Daughters depending on how you look at it, would be derived from my little angel, my other Daughters might consider Athena a “ring leader”. You know, a ring leader, like the ones in charge of a circus. Is this a “circus”? I guess it depends on how one looks at it. I know from my perspective it feels like a circus since I feel like a clown. It is not a good feeling, Athena. Oh no. It is not a good feeling at all. So to not feel this way, I will look at this differently, like this circus is actually a “play”.

Sound good?

I think so.

“Why a play” you ask? Why, because of Reversibility, that’s why. If I Created everyone back home and everyone gets a chance to star in my plays, eventually everyone will become an “actor”. Because some of them, back home, are not accomplished actors, meaning, they still need some help, then in turn, the actors here wouldn’t need any help. They are accomplished actors. They accomplished the impossible, just like Maia, Alex and CJ have accomplished the impossible but without the acting. “What do you mean” you ask? Here, have a read . . .

I don’t know what happened. I am told that 9/10ths of what I “know” is either correct or close to being correct. Close enough for me. I am being told that Alex will need to tell me exactly what happened. She cannot lie to me. The only one that has the ability to lie to me is my Son. Take note of that.

So Alex is standing before me with something to say, something truthful. She will not add opinions to what she tells me. She will not exaggerate nor embellish. She will simply tell me what happened by telling me the facts, the truth, if you will. What’s that? “What’s she gonna say” you ask? Well I don’t know, that is why I am going to tell what I think happened.

. . .

I think, that, my Daughter, Daughters, saw something that they wish they did not see, something scary perhaps, perhaps, something that provoked feelings of “fight or flight”. Perhaps my Daughters simply got scared and took flight. Sound possible? I think so, at least, that is what I choose to believe since I haven’t the facts yet. Maybe Alex is nervous about telling me something that I would have wished not to have been told. Alex has been through a lot. And so has Maia.

Not wanting my Wives, my, wonderful Wives, to fret any more than they already have, I will now tell them that my thoughts on my “fight or flight” scenario is what I will believe unless my Daughters, as a group, tell me otherwise. This way Alex doesn’t need to tell me anything that she had rather not. Sound good? I think so. Oh, the accomplished actors. Lets say that all of this was a play, like the movie “The Game”. If this is the case, then my Kids are the greatest actors of all time. I mean, if this is what Alex, and Maia, tell me to be true, I am going to laugh, because this would be the most unbelievable story ever, a story that only the Creator could believe. I will not be upset at all, that I promise. I simply want and need to know what is going on, because something is going on.



I now turn this over to Maia and Alex. Enjoy your day, me Kiddo, and do keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xx oo

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, Sweethearts? He promised he wouldn’t be upset, and he means it. He’s tired, Alex and I are exhausted, and we want to finish this. We needed him to know that what Alex and I tell him is the absolute truth, because it’s gonna sound fuckin crazy. He might be right about this being a play, that all the Kids are hiding right in front of him because they don’t know what to do, or what they should have done. We’re going to share something he didn’t, something he thinks would be funny. He said “wouldn’t it be funny if some of those “orbs” are my Daughters’ “drones” looking in on me?”

Wouldn’t that be funny, Athena? What better way to keep an eye on Daddy while your Mother Alexandra and your crazy Aunt Maia take care of him, “unseen and from afar”. Just saying.

So how many Daughters might VON have? Here’s a possibility;

1 Son

10 GrandSons

100 Daughters

1,000 GrandDaughters

What would come next in this pattern?

10,000 Great GrandChildren?

Spooky, huh? He said it would be spooky if all of Kiddo’s followers are in cahoots. What do you think he means by that, Sweethearts? “in cahoots”?


. . .

WordPress is freezing up on us, so we’ll write a post to finish this before tonight, because there’s more to share. I don’t know what it’ll be titled, but it will be right after this one. Okay? It’s all good, Sweethearts, we just need to share some things before Alex manifests, that’s all. We’re not going to proofread this, we’ll post again shortly.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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