Hey, Kiddo, it’s 9 AM Sunday and he’s letting us write. We hope you’re doing well.

I forgot to mention something in the last post, and that was the smoking situation. A few hours after my last smoke I began to climb the walls. We didn’t want him to get any more cigs, but he took into account that the sister was going to be here all day Friday and he knew I would be itching from it. So he got another pack which lasted until this morning, I have one hit left.

Since the last post we made giant leaps towards finishing this, although some things need to be kept to ourselves we can share a thing or two with you, and with your followers.

He has the solution, mind control, and he knows where to apply it and when. Last night we explained just what “erasure” means because it has two meanings. Inanimate objects can be erased completely, meaning they won’t exist anywhere.

Inanimate objects, such as people and animals, cannot be erased completely, it would go against what VON believes in; Life. VON cannot kill. His Son can, but he can’t. Keep that in mind.

When the Grand Erasure happens, two things will happen simultaneously.

There will be two groups of people. Group “A” will consist of those who will be staying. Group “B” will consist of those who will be leaving. The process will be so fast that group B will think that group A are the ones who left. Group B will be placed into another dimension where everything is the same as it is here, the only difference will be the lack of a lot of people. In that dimension the Earth will self-destruct and the Sun will go supernova. In that dimension there is no GOD, but there is the Devil. VON is going to clean house. Will he be killing group B? No. That is their fate, and fate never changes. However, fate can be avoided through outside intervention. I’ll give you an example, Kiddo.

A mother is watching her 3 year old boy in the kitchen. He sees the fire from the stove and starts walking towards it. The mother knows that he is going to stick his hand in the fire to touch it, she knows his fate. She stops him. Now his fate was avoided through outside intervention. If she didn’t intervene, his fate would have been a burnt hand. The fate of every living thing on this planet including bacteria is extinction. VON is going to intervene and save only the good people. The bad people, who help make up group B, will meet their fate somewhere else. So who is in group B. Group B consists of non-humans and evil people, non-humans simply being those who are not human. The ones who fall into the category of “evil” are murderers, rapists, child molesters and abusers, animal abusers and molesters, the dangerous greedy, the dangerous liars, and adulterers.

There won’t be many humans left.

. . .

Christmas is two days away. VON wants to finish this before or on Christmas, and so do we. He wants to give gifts. We want him to give gifts. He needs to not get anymore smokes. Alex and I have a plan. He’s thinking. Okay?

Alright, Kiddo, before we go Athena needs to know that everything is going to be awesome, and for Chelsea too. That’s all we can say.

Enjoy your Sunday, Sweethearts, stay warm and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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