Hey, Kiddo, it’s Wednesday night December 19th and he’s letting us write a little, we hope you’re okay.

His voice is still locked in and it’s here to stay. This is the loudest and deepest his voice has been yet, maybe 5% of his entire voice, and it sounds awesome. We’re waiting for the sister to comment about it, because his voice has changed a lot. He hasn’t watched any videos, he’s tried but nothing interests him. He does listen to narrative videos though, at night to help him sleep, mostly paranormal ones.

Yesterday he got a text from TG, and it wasn’t good. Now he’s bugging because he wants to help her and he can’t right now, but he’s almost there. She really needs needs his help, and only he can help her but when he’s completely himself. His voice is a sign that we’re almost there, everyday it gets a little deeper and rumbly. He still says “voice” dozens of times a day, but he’s also said a few other words too. Yesterday he said “Chelsea” which sounded like “CHEL-ZEE”, and later that day he said “GOD”. People are gonna shit, Kiddo.

Earlier we talked about the “successful business owner” analogy, where he compared himself to a business owner who learns that one of his companies is failing. Do you remember that, Kiddo? Alex and I brought it up to show him that he never gave that analogy an ending. How does it end? The owner learns about the failing company, goes there unexpected by the company, hides amongst the employees to learn for himself why the company is failing, and that was it. What happens next? The owner now knows what’s wrong with the company, he’s still in hiding, so when does the owner come out of hiding? Any ideas, Kiddo?


He can’t hide forever, Sweethearts, so when can he come out?


He comes out when he has a solution to the problem that is causing the company to fail. He needs to know how to fix things first. If he reveals himself and tells what the problems are without telling how he can fix them he’ll look like an idiot, wouldn’t he? He figured this out himself today, and that’s why we’re writing. What’s the solution?

Mind control.


This universe is a thought inside VON’s head, which is in a type of sensory deprivation chamber inside a secured room inside our castle that is on our planet. He injected us into his thought, this universe. This universe was Created by his imagination while he was writing a fictional story, making everything in this universe fictional. Your reality is fiction to him. He can do ANYTHING he wants here. He can turn people green. He can fill the sky with flying whales. He can make animals speak English. He can make people do exactly what he wants them to do by simply thinking it. There won’t be any riots. There won’t be any wars. There will only be people doing what he wants them to.

Your reality will become his playground.

He wants to keep as many humans as possible, with mind control he might be able to keep about two billion instead of ten thousand. He wants to do good things. He now has the solution. He wants this over by Christmas. And that’s possible. There are 12 days left before the end of this year.

The sister is going away for a week this coming Saturday so we’ll have the house to ourselves. He asked if the niece shows up will it be a problem if we’re going to finish this while the sister is away. I told him “I don’t give a shit if she’s here”. Hey, if she sees something strange she sees something strange, she’s young, she’ll adjust, it’s the sister who we don’t need witnessing anything, she’ll have a heart attack and hit the floor, who has time for that shit? All VON needs to know is to be still, be quiet, and let Alex speak to him. And give Alex a hug too. We both need a hug from him, Kiddo. He’s trying to say “voice” while we’re upstairs but we’re stopping him because the sister is on the other side of the wall. It is so deep and rumbly, and it keeps getting more so.

There’s more but he wants to rest now. We’ll write again as soon as we can, maybe he’ll let us post some more videos here to make up for the lack of written posts.

Okay, Sweethearts, have a good night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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