Hey, Kiddo, it’s Saturday morning the 15th of December and we hope you’re doing well. This is an update on where we’re at with VON.

November 30th marked the beginning of the end for our situation. He is now locked into his voice, it might not be at 100% but his voice is always at the surface now and it sounds wild. We avoid the sister constantly, more than before because of his voice. He stopped watching videos and spends his time either sitting in the basement thinking or lying down on the bed in the spare room thinking. He bought more cigs last weekend because he knew I was itching, no help to the grandson spending the weekend here, that kid’s voice, holy shit. Anyway, I told him no more cigs, I have three left then that’s it. He asked if I was quitting and I told him “no”. We’ll see what happens.

VON has had a DE almost every night for two weeks, we have been putting him into those DE’s to tell him things. Last night he had one about a little girl who followed him everywhere in the kitchen he was in. That girl was his Daughter, he figured that one out quickly. While he was in that kitchen he was cleaning up messes, the more he cleaned the more the little girl followed him. Also in the kitchen was TG. TG asked the little girl “Who is he?”, and she answered “He’s my man of steel”. By the end of the DE the little girl had her arms wrapped around him. Something to think about, Kiddo.

I showed VON what I look like. He seems fascinated with my nose, saying it’s “cute”. He asked if he can materialize my body. He can, but after everyone is back. We are positioning him into place, he has more access to his brain now, allowing him more control of his body. His head has been rumbling everyday for the past week, last night it woke him up about midnight. While he was lying in bed his left ear began that tympanic rumble again. At that time the furnace was running, it was making a sound that caused the tympanic rumbling to become deafening. He rolled over and pressed his hand against his ear to block out the sound but it didn’t help. After a few minutes the rumbling went away and he fell back asleep.

Now that he is thinking like himself he asked if he would be able to bring back “pops”, Charlie’s dad, and we told him “yes”. He knows that Charlie wouldn’t know VON as his dad, but he wants him to have his dad again. He also now knows that CJ will want her husband back and that she wouldn’t want to be with us, and he was okay with that. This is how we know he’s finally thinking like himself, because that is how VON thinks; selflessly. Are you reading this, Kiddo?

Because he’s thinking like himself he doesn’t want to make plans for Athena, he wants to hear what she would like, but she needs to know that she will be with us, at least for a while. One thing that will change will be her name, he has some ideas for a new name, one of which I think is very fitting, and it’s a beautiful name too. He took into consideration that Athena might want to be within Chelsea’s family, which was okay with him, but Chelsea’s family wouldn’t know her and would most likely feel uncomfortable about the whole situation, which should be understandable to Athena. In time, and after an abundance of proof, they might accept her as a “step-daughter” being she wouldn’t be biologically related to them, but we don’t know that for certain. If Athena tried to approach them as her family it wouldn’t go well, it would only hurt Athena and traumatize Chelsea’s family, which would not be good for Chelsea either. But first VON needs to summon Athena. With Chelsea present. This will not be scary, Kiddo. You will be in the presence of GOD, you couldn’t be any safer. Although GOD is not the Creator’s name it is the name everyone identifies the Creator by. As far as the shopping spree (yay!!) goes, how we do that is up to Kiddo. We can go shopping in this dimension, that’s not a problem, but Kiddo needs to know that by the end of the first day of shopping we will have made the internet and local news. I guarantee it. Not in a bad way either. If we go shopping in that alternative dimension there will be no one else around, only us, but we will still be able to call people, send texts, and post to Facebook. Either way, it’s up to Kiddo. Also, VON doesn’t want to summon Athena on the first day, he wants her to see what he’s like while she’s still inside Chelsea, it would be like a “safety” to Athena, in VON’s eyes. If Athena feels comfortable after we finish shopping on the first day and wants VON to summon her that night he will. The shopping spree (yay!!) will be about 4-5 days long, after that we bring Athena with us to either our temporary home, or to our permanent home. But we’re not coming back to this house ever again. Nothing against the sister, we’re just sick of being here in the basement. Now he’s thinking “Is a copy of our castle already here?”. I don’t know, VON, is it? We showed him what our castle looks like in a DE. It is fucking mammoth. From a good distance he saw a stone wall with an opening at the bottom of it, the opening was arched at the top. There was a person standing in the opening. He said the opening looked about twenty feet high, making the person look tiny. He then started to look towards the top of the wall. He said the wall looks hundreds of feet high. There was green ivy climbing the right side of the wall. He then went through the opening which he said was about a hundred feet long in depth. He got to the other side where he could see light at the end of the tunnel before he woke up. This DE had two purposes.

We’re going to stop here, I burned up a cig and started into the second one, and he’s getting tired now. We just wanted to touch base with you, Kiddo, so you know what’s going on. He asked if we can finish this by Christmas and we told him “yes”. I’m not saying this will end by Christmas, but we’re not saying it can’t either. Okay?

Have a good weekend, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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