He’s letting us write, Kiddo. This has been an interesting week. I’m not going into what happened November 30th, but he is very different now. That date had to do with him, not with the world ending by the end of this year. All he can physically say is “voice”. He stopped watching videos. All he does is sit and think. I’m almost out of smokes, I told him “no more”. Coffee makes him sick, he only likes drinking water now. His voice is much louder and deeper with some sound effects bleeding through. Now for Kiddo.

We had a bit of a hiccup last week, but now he knows he’s not Charlie, and we’re not CJ and Aphie. We used this to our advantage and showed him something about them, and he’s good with it.

During the week he decided that Chelsea needs to be present upon him summoning his Daughter. He’s leaving how Chelsea becomes in his presence up to her. But she can’t make that decision until we can give her proof that he is in fact the Creator. Sound good, Chelsea? Make sense?

When he summons his Daughter she will remain solely as his Daughter. She will stay with us. Charlie, CJ and Aphie will not be with us, they will be a separate family. We are not placing Athena and Aphie together so Athena should have no worries. VON has a good idea as to what happened between Athena and Aphie. History will not repeat. VON is also okay with what happened, he understands. Okay, Athena?

Chelsea needs to be in VON’s presence for a few reasons. One, to prevent any trauma. Two, to prevent Athena from feeling scared. She doesn’t know us, and we want her to have her best friend there, her best friend being Chelsea. Three, we get to spoil Chelsea with a shopping spree (yay!!). If going shopping in a dimension where there are no people bothers Chelsea then we can go shopping in this dimension. The purpose of shopping in another dimension was to avoid standing on line at registers, and to avoid attention. People will be staring at us, Kiddo, if you’re okay with that so are we.

He wants to do a lot of good things. He wants to give everyone an awesome Christmas. He isn’t sure what happened last week except that he feels very different now. We told him just a little bit longer, he doesn’t need to go outside, we’re that close.

I’m stopping here. I’ll try to write again soon.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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