Hey, Kiddo, it’s Wednesday night, the 28th of November, and we hope you’re doing well. Today was a busy day between DSS, Charlie’s niece, and TG. After meeting with DSS our phone was tied up from the niece and TG texting VON for most of the day, which gave VON a break from watching videos that would piss him off.

Oh yes, Kiddo, I am quite disturbed from what I have seen oh yes I am tis true tis oh so true from me to you.

. . .

He’s coming, Kiddo, it just took some. He has his mind set on another date, and we told him “Yes”. He’s not going to die, he’s not going to “float”, and he’s not going to sleep while we take over his body, besides, he slept long enough. What has him determined to finish this is all the bad things we’ve shown him, especially the California fires. We showed him a video about the fires that made his blood boil, we’ll try to post that same video here later or tomorrow. I can’t even talk about that video he’s so enraged from it. Has anyone watched the music videos we posted? “Halo” is one of my favorites.

Last night VON was curious about Twitter, some of the videos we showed him talked about Twitter accounts, so we opened an account. He wrote one thing and decided not to write anything more until he’s himself. We told him that this is a good thing because the account can be viewed by anyone unlike Facebook, which will remain private. We also added the link to this site at Twitter. The Twitter account is;


He didn’t understand why the numbers were added to “VON”, I told him that someone else might already have “VON” as an account name and he didn’t like that.

How dare they, me Kiddo, how dare they indeed.

. . .

He’s playing, Kiddo. He just said “No I’m not”. He’s such an ass. One good thing about having those numbers after his name is that he blends in and doesn’t look arrogant. And those numbers have a digit sum of 1. What a coincidence. He’s been seeing digit sums of 1 and 9 everywhere, right now it’s 7:03 PM. That’s a very good thing, Sweethearts. You can look at the Twitter account but I wouldn’t post anything there yet, wait for him to become. We’ll still post the big things here and at Facebook afterwards, but post the incidentals at Twitter.

My sister still wants to go on that shopping spree (yay!!) but there’s a couple of things we need to do first ( 😦 ). My sister is also an ass, no wonder VON and Alex get along so good. She knows what we need to do first, she’s just having fun ( 😋 ). We’ll probably go on our shopping spree (yay!!) a few days after, and we can do a little shopping on our trip to do what needs to be done. **Alex-nod** We can’t tell you what we’re going to do and where we’re going, Kiddo, but you can come with us if you like, it’ll be like a “road trip”. We’ll leave that up to you when the time comes. But it will be fun, and we’ll make worldwide news while doing good things. Where could we be going, Kiddo? And how will we get there?

Oh my, Kiddo, such questions, such questions. As much as I would love to give answers my Wives, my, wonderful Wives, know how I feel about feeling uncertain, meaning, “Are these plans real?”. They say “Yes”.


I think, that, there is a possibility that someone has read all that has been written by us, CJ, my Son, Aphie, and all those past life spirits, and believes it all to be true, in regards to death. If that possibility is indeed a fact, that someone is terribly frightened. If that is the case, their feelings are valid. They should be frightened. This is terrifying, Kiddo. No one knows what happens when they die. We know what happens. We take this matter most seriously. No one likes to think about dying. I am most empathic, I can feel what someone feels simply by using my imagination. I myself will admit that I am a little nervous about what I am going to do. If I am wrong, I will float forever. Maia and Alexandra tell me that will not happen. Alright. That brings me to my second concern. If I am not wrong, meaning, I do not die then float forever, will Alexandra self-materialize. Maia and Alexandra say “Yes”.


You are aware that the 30th of November is a day away, yes? I mean, tomorrow is between now and then, that constitutes for one day, at least I think it does. They are both nodding my head “You can do this”. Who will I be doing this for? Everyone.

With that being said I will turn the keypad over to my Wives, my, wonderful Wives, to allow them to finish their say. Have a good night, Kiddo, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON


. . .

. . .

. . .

He hasn’t spoken in a while. He won’t let us tell you where and how, but we can say our means of transportation will defy all scientific explanations. We want this done with so bad. The only thing that was holding him back was Alex because he doesn’t know exactly what she’ll look like. So we told him the woman he sees will be his wife Alex, and he said “okay”. He has an idea of what she might look like, and he might be right.

So that’s about it, Kiddo, we’ll try to post some “random” videos tonight and tomorrow, and maybe the one that burns him up.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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