Hey, Sweethearts, VON’s letting us write while our other phone charges, it’s Monday the 19th of November. You girls doing okay? The weather outside is cold and rainy, but it’s better than shoveling a foot of wet snow like we did last week.

VON has been “sober” now for two weeks. In that time we showed him videos from YouTube about recent events, which didn’t make him happy to say the least. Did anyone watch the videos we posted before this post? We’ll add a couple more this week. We are also going to delete the written posts after Daddio’s last post except for this one, we figured we’d give the readers a heads up before we do. We’ll probably delete them a day after we post this.

VON learned how to do a “screenshot” on this phone, so we spent some time collecting things that he wants to share. Here are the screenshots;

We’ve been busy, Kiddo. Those screenshots are to show your followers that the things we’ve talked about have validity and that we didn’t make them up, in case no one took it upon themselves to research that information.

There’s a YouTube channel called “Naughty Beaver”, it’s a man from Canada with a different take on current events. He cross references Revelations with Nostradamus’ quatrains and shows how some things coincide. It’s a pretty good channel. In one video he said that Jesus Christ will not come back until “things are right”. He also said that Satan will be here before Jesus returns.

“Satan” comes from Saturnus.

Saturnus comes from Zeus.

Iesous is Phoenician, it means “I Zeus”.

Iesous was going to be Zeus again, ability-wise. But that never happened did it?

The Christians are waiting for Jesus to return. That will never happen. There never was a “Jesus”. But there was an Iesous. If Iesous wasn’t murdered he would have had the abilities of Zeus, the “king of gods”.

If what Naughty Beaver said is true, the only way for the “Son of GOD” to return is for his Father to be here to resurrect him. Make sense? Common sense would say that the Father will not bring his Son back until things are right. Why would he bring him back to a shit hole? He wouldn’t. But he would bring him back if this shit hole was in the process of being cleaned up and not wait until it was finished, that could take years.

The sister is leaving the state for a few days soon. There are 10 days left before November 30th. VON has picked a day to finish this. He is not going to die, he is not going to “float”, he is not going to go to sleep, and he is not going back home, Kiddo.

. . .

We told him how he can make his presence known worldwide at once. He won’t use any technology. He won’t be seen either. So how’s he going to do this?

. . .

That’s about it for now, Kiddo, we’re about to have dinner. I might post a video later tonight, if not, then tomorrow.

Have good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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