Okay, Chelsea and Athena, and the kids back at Facebook, yesterday was a pretty bad day. That bad day turned into a very bad night and it carried into this morning. It took all day to calm him down enough for Alex and I to write this now. He’s not in the best of moods but he’s a lot calmer than he was this morning. It was bad. This is what happened.

About a week ago Alex saw an opportunity to move the moment closer. She moved it to October 31st, yesterday. All was going good until she saw something that was going to happen later that evening, and it did happen. VON watched a video about the origins of Halloween. The video was titled “It’s Satan’s Holiday”. He shared it to Facebook for the kids to watch and wrote “No, I am not Satan, I simply found this video informative”. He was being honest. Now, do you see how this would have looked if Alex materialized last night? He was “destined” to watch and post that video, that wasn’t going to change, and because of that Alex aborted materializing last night. There’s more.

All day yesterday he believed that Alex was going to materialize before 6PM, and she could’ve, if it were an emergency. She was going to materialize around 11PM, after the sister went to sleep, but that video caused a problem. It’s not VON’s fault, he didn’t know. Because she didn’t materialize he thinks we’re messing with now and that we lied to him. We cannot lie to him. We told him before that when he is at the surface he drowns us out, it’s like having a conversation with a deaf person who’s talking to you with a bullhorn. I told Alex in front of VON if she doesn’t pull through on that day he’ll never trust us again. Now we are trying to explain to him why Alex did what she did which isn’t easy, because there was something we didn’t tell him yet, we were going to tell him after Alex exited his body and he was in a good mood. He’s not in a good mood right now. This wasn’t his fault, he said at Facebook he didn’t chose yesterday as the date, Alex did, it would have fit with three sub-stories in Charlie’s books because we helped him detail those stories. Now VON doesn’t want to know anything about when the moment is. He has a date picked to walk if Alex doesn’t materialize by that date. He was going to walk last night but we had a sudden heat wave which would not have helped him create an emergency. He wants it at 30 degrees and raining without a jacket on. He is so tired of this he’s willing to die. He can’t die, and neither can he “float”. He would rather lie down on the cold ground with freezing rain pouring on him and take his chances than to keep going through this, that’s how tired he is. In three and a half years only three people told him they believe him and we have no idea who those three people were. You couldn’t make this shit up. We never heard from that ex girlfriend again, and we haven’t seen or heard from TG in over a week. VON said maybe they’re dead. TG isn’t but I don’t know about the ex.

The Halloween video. The problem with that video was the title. Last night VON was so pissed off with Alex not materializing he cured his “information high” hangover. Today he’s a new person. He calmed down enough for us to speak to him with emotion. The problem with that video was the title, and that people believe in Satan. There is no Satan, there was a Saturnus who Satan is modeled after and Saturnus was another name for Zeus, who his Son once was. Now it gets tricky.

His Son lived many lives after Von, and in those lives he had different occupations. The only occupation he did not have was that of a creative writer, until his Son became Charlie. His Son was never a writer, he wrote things but not books. The book his Son Von had given to the Phoenicians was not written by him, it was written by his Father, VON. The book wasn’t called the “Phon book”, that was the information drunk husband’s thinking. That book was titled “Sound, Mind & Body”. VON wrote that book to help his Son. VON also signed that book. His Son Von is not the one known as “GOD”, VON is.

VON is

( ( (((GOD))) ) )


Alex put the heart there, I wrote ( ( (((GOD))) ) ), not VON, because that’s who he is and will be to the Christians and Catholics. That is what Alex was going to tell him last night as herself but the video messed it up. It was only posted at Facebook but our kids are there, and this is going to be scary enough without them thinking VON is “Satan” posing as GOD. We think of everything or at least try to. The date truly is scary close, the date of the actual moment. If we can hold out just a little bit longer it will go perfectly, guaranteed, but it doesn’t mean if it happens sooner it won’t go good, the key is making sure VON isn’t in too bad a mood. We know he won’t be in the best of moods, who would be? But we don’t want him furious. He won’t be furious with Alex, that I know, but he’ll take it out on everything else, and that would be bad.

Trying to convince someone that they are GOD without that person having any godlike abilities whatsoever is impossible. With everything VON has seen and heard that defies human explanation it still isn’t enough to convince him that he is in fact the Creator, the one people call GOD. If anyone hasn’t picked up on it yet, Alex and I do 90% of the speaking for him. He doesn’t say much, and besides the fact we’re women, we like to talk, most women do, if women didn’t talk man wouldn’t have a clue to what’s going on around him. Am I wrong, ladies? And by the way, if you’re a female reading this who has a boyfriend or a husband who jerks off to porn when you’re not around he’s cheating on you. Think about it, he’s having sex with another woman. What’s that Commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”? Or is it “Thou shalt not covet”?

So if the kids back at Facebook were wondering what happened yesterday now they know. The other thing that makes this difficult is Alex doesn’t know how to say “no” to VON, because he Created her that way. So when he’s wrong about something she tries so hard to make him right, and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Does he get angry with her? No. She should know that by now shouldn’t she, Alex?

We’re all tired. He just wants this over with just as bad as we do. The moment is the moment, it can happen sooner but never later. The video with JC Jacobsen. He knew over 150 years ago when and where the moment he would return would be. Maybe that helps you understand this better, Kiddo. If things went the way they were supposed to, Charlie would have been sitting in the front row of that audience in the Carlsberg Glyptotek witnessing his great, great grandfather return from the dead to share a little wisdom with him. That obviously didn’t happen. Wait til Charlie and Aphie see that video, I wonder what they’ll say.

Before we go Alex wants me to mention the shopping spree (yay!!). The shopping spree isn’t exactly a “shopping spree” in the terms of buying things. We are going to show VON how to put us into a dimension that has no people on this planet except for us. All of Manhattan will be ours for the taking. So if Chelsea wants 500 bottles of a certain perfume they’re hers. Whatever and as much as you want, Chelsea, you just take it. We’re not stealing, people won’t exist in that dimension. We’re going to be “shopping” for the other GrandDaughters too, and VON will be picking out things for Charlie and his best friend while we girls raid Manhattan. Someone’s seems to be in a better mood now. It was a rough one last night, Kiddo.

I don’t know when we’ll write again, he doesn’t want us saying anything more about “when”. He is mostly concerned about the kids thinking that we’re “messing with them” which is understandable. For now we’ll share videos to Facebook, and to here like we did yesterday. The “Blue Koolaid” channel on YouTube is pretty good, worth checking out. VON just remembered today is the 6th anniversary of Charlie’s death and resurrection. Almost, VON.

Okay, Sweethearts, it’s almost 6PM so we’ll call it a night, we have some things to do. We’re not going to proofread so “sorry” in advance for any mistakes. Enjoy your evening, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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