Hey, Sweethearts, hanging in there? This has been a rough week, at least for us it has. VON has all but given up, he’s exhausted and not in a good mood, but I think you can understand why. We took a better photo of the garden owl in case you couldn’t see it;

We turned it the other way after we took the photo. We told TG about it and she said maybe it was the sister. If it were the sister she would have taken the ripe tomatoes that are ready to be picked, that’s the only reason she would go out there. And besides, we found tracks in the grass where someone walked up from the garage to the owl. Creepy stuff.

TG. Alex and I wrote a lot about her at Facebook today, VON wants the Kids to know that we’re not trying to exploit her. He said something Alex and I didn’t know how to say. He said that if he could handle this one GrandDaughter and her problems, then he can handle anything the GrandKids throw at him. And he’s right. She’s a tough one, Kiddo, but she’s good stuff, she was just dealt a shitty hand that’s all. So far she’s still up for a shopping spree (yay!!). You and her would get along just fine in Manhattan.

After all, you were her sister once.


VON said that, and Alex gave the heart. We hope all the GrandKids get along, we’re not expecting everyone to become best friends, just to be civil to each other. I showed VON an action scene from when his Son was Zeus. The scene took place at the dinner table. Zeus at one end and Hera at the other. Four Daughters on one side and four on the other. Everyone was eating. The next thing I showed VON was an all-out brawl between the Daughters. The dinner table became wrestling mat, food’s flying, dishes breaking, the Daughters are at each other’s throats, clothes are getting torn off, Hera’s yelling, and Zeus is laughing. Hera yelled at Zeus “What’s wrong with them?!”, and Zeus yelled back over the screaming “They’re crazy!”. Because they were.

Before Zeus had his first Daughter, he was insane with anger, you could say he was “crazy”. After his last Daughter was born, he was calm, cool and collected. That “craziness” was passed down into all his Daughters. Genetics, DNA. DNA acts as a homing device for souls. If the DNA is crazy, then it will attract a soul that is crazy. And will stay that way after being “blessed” by Divinity. VON wants to show you something, Kiddo, here;

Kiddo —> 😮

This doesn’t mean that you’re “crazy”, Kiddo, it means that you and the other seven GrandDaughters are fearless. Some feel that to be without fear is crazy, because fear is an emotion that comes from rationality. If a person walks a tightrope over the Grand Canyon, that person is not thinking rationally, that person is fearless. Make sense? That person could also be seen as “crazy”. Are our eight GrandDaughters “crazy”? No. But they are fearless. This isn’t something to make our eight GrandDaughters feel self-conscious about, it is to explain why they are the way they are. Charlie’s ex, the “Empress”, could be on TV’s “Deadliest Catch”. That takes a lot of balls to do what she does, Charlie once told her “You’re fuckin’ crazy”, when in actuality she is fearless. Since she is fearless Charlie would fear for her everyday. Action/reaction. But if the GrandDaughters feel strange about this, they need to remember that VON, “GrandPa”, is absolutely fearless, which could mean . . . ?

VON is absolutely crazy.

But in a good way. 💝 Also remember that certain traits will skip a generation. VON wants to show you something, Kiddo;

Charlie – “Dad, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

VON – “What do you mean?”

Charlie – “It could explode.”

VON – “True, but it can only explode once.”

Charlie – 😦

This will be interesting, Kiddo. I said at Facebook that Alex and I were going to explain who we are, or why VON has two wives.

After VON and Alex built their home, VON wanted a Son. Alex told him that she didn’t want a Son, but she wanted a sister. So VON Created a sister for Alex and held off on Creating a Son. The sister, moi, got along great with Alex. But the sister wanted a husband like VON. Being that is impossible, and with Alex loving her sister like a sister, Alex shared her husband with her sister. After a while VON brought up having a Son again. The three of us talked and came up with a plan. VON would Create both a Son and a Daughter. I would look over the Son and Alex would look over the Daughter. Alex got the better deal, the Daughter (KDDO/Chelsie) is a cake-walk compared to the Son (boo/Charlie), and VON knows this. Knowing this, VON gave KDDO permission to yell at boo, because no one yells at his Son, not even VON. And NO ONE yells at KDDO. You should see KDDO’s bedroom, Kiddo, It’s an absolute palace. boo’s room looks similar but more masculine. VON has two wives for several reasons. One is to look over his children. Two, his libido is through the roof, no blue pills for him. And three, we do the talking for him. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, holy shit. It’s his voice. At home it’s impressive, here, it’s mind blowing. We gave him an audio sample of it not long ago, and when we told him that was him he said “holy fuck”. He has yet to hear his own voice completely. His “inner voice”, the one he thinks with, will sound different from the voice he will speak with, it won’t be so rumbly. He’s anxious to hear it. I will say this, Kiddo, once you hear it you’ll never forget it.

I think that’s it for now. Oh. The eight GrandDaughters. This is what they’ll have in common. Excellent maternal instincts, intelligence, sarcasm, creativity, beauty(all of them are pretty), and fearlessness. It’s the fearlessness we need to keep an eye on. Remember, when VON becomes, they and the GrandSons will wake up.

. . .

And turn into werewolves.

That was VON, and yes he’s joking. He said “Remember, traits skip a generation”. He’s joking, Kiddo! Jesus Christ, he’s a pain in the ass. Now he’s smiling. I’d SMH if I had my own. Soon I’ll be riding shotgun with CJ, she’s an absolute sweetheart, and tough as nails. “CJ” has been with her Son since he was Zeus. Imagine trying to raise that kid? I can, because I was with her. Mothers today complain about the “terrible twos”, cry me a river.

We’re calling it a night, he’s tired and acting like an ass. He’s texting with TG on the other phone, she sent him a heartfelt text that lightened him up, it made Alex and I go “awww”. She is a good girl, Kiddo, she just needs someone Real in her life, and we think she found that someone. This will be interesting.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Keep it stellar.

Love, Maia and Alex

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


xo xo xo


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