How’s it going, Sweethearts? Enjoying the weather? It’s been raining almost everyday for two weeks, but it’s better than being in Florida right now. I’m going to lead and my sister Alex will follow, VON is here but he’s going to let us write this one. The past week has been interesting since the mysterious phone call last Thursday night. I can’t see it, but I have a strong feeling that we’re going to get another mysterious call soon.

We told TG that we were told “people” are listening in on us through her cellphone, and after a strange event with her cellphone she believes it. Our cellphone came on by itself one night and started “chirping”. That lasted for a few minutes then the cellphone went off.

Last night we opened up Facebook and found a message from Facebook telling us that our live feed recordings from last year were accidentally erased by a technical error on their part. VON took a photo of the message with this phone to show you, it’s a little cloudy but you might be able to read it if you expand it;

Those recordings had Von’s voice in them. We find it odd that this happened days after that phone call. We were told that we are being monitored, but we don’t know if the people that told us are really who they said they were. The girl who called us was Charlie’s ex girlfriend, I remember her voice and she knew things that only Charlie and I would’ve known. Those people said that they examined 300 of Charlie’s photos and said not one had been altered, they even examined the 2 photos Charlie took in front of a mirror where he had no reflection and said they also weren’t altered. Charlie once said “Photoshop is the professional tool for the anxious liar”. I’ll add the first mirror photo, if the other one is here I’ll add that one too. Hold on, Kiddo.

I couldn’t find the second here, but the one above blew those people’s minds. Charlie was sitting in his office chair in front of that mirror when he took a photo of the wall to see if he could catch any “orbs”. Where’s the bottom of the chair? Where’s his feet? And what is in the reflection of that mirror? In the mirror are fragments of memories from past lives, including Pharaoh Khufu, Marc Antoni and Anubis. If you turn that photo upsidedown you will see the pyramids at night. Another one if my manipulations.

VON likes that photo, even though he has no idea what that is in the photo. Any ideas, kids?

We posted some videos to Facebook about Pisces and their traits as a refresher to the kids so when Charlie comes back they’ll have something to reference him with. We’re all hoping that our Facebook family will know that the Charlie they’ll see is Charlie, and not a “demon” or an “alien” in disguise. After all this work? It took almost 4,000 years to pin his Son down after he lost contact with him, but our Maia did it. 💝

Took a break and while I was getting my nicotine fix I saw something that I wanted to share. The sister has a plastic garden owl to keep birds from eating the vegetables out of her garden, up until yesterday the owl was facing into the garden. Let me show you where it’s facing now.

That first image of the exclamation point. We took a photo like the one just up above and WordPress said “media content could not be found”, and it won’t let us remove it. That never happened before. Anyway, if you can expand the above image you will see the owl is centered in the photo and is staring directly into my “smoking lounge”. We would’ve zoomed in closer if we knew how. The sister didn’t move it, and neither did we. So who moved it?

About a week ago I showed VON that there have been more visitors and views than WordPress is showing us. I saw a moment of opportunity and took it, someone left their guard down. I opened the stats and showed VON and Alex that there have been over 61,000 visitors and over 220,000 views. I closed the stats and reopened it, and the information changed. Now it says there are only 2,080 visitors and 2,665 views. I didn’t alter anything, and neither did Alex. Someone is doing something, and it isn’t us.

VON found a good way to describe what we mean by the “moment”. We don’t and cannot go by “time”. Time is not precise and can never be synchronized between two or more states of consciousnesses. Your “5 minutes” will always be different from someone else’s “5 minutes”, so we go by the “moment”.

Imagine walking down a long road. As you’re walking you see a dark object far away sitting to the left of the road. You can’t tell what it is except that it looks black. You get closer. Now it looks like a black truck, maybe a van. You get closer. Now it doesn’t look black it looks dark blue. You get closer. Now it looks like a dark blue SUV. You get closer. Now you know it’s a dark blue Ford SUV but you can’t see what model it is. Just as you reach that object you now know that it is a 2017 Ford Explorer in dark metallic blue. Once you walk past it there is nothing left for you to know about that object. You achieved the moment. Make sense, Kiddo? Only Alex knows when the moment will happen, I only know that it is soon. She got close enough to know that it will happen in the house and that it will be quiet, no ground shaking boom or bodies falling from the sky, but that could have happened. If she can see more she will move the moment closer, because we want out of here. I know that it’s close enough for me to be riding with Alex and not VON, because it can happen at any time now. If we are truly being monitored then that could be the reason for all the weird stuff going on, and for that presidential alert text people got on October 3rd, maybe that was a type of “test run”, we don’t know, but something feels different.

So now we’re wrapping things up, by that we mean we’re getting VON ready. When VON becomes himself, he will have a life he’s not familiar with. He will have two physical wives, two children, and sixteen grandchildren, all of which he never met, except for Chelsea and TG. He will have abilities that will be new to him, and an entire planet he needs to fix. We have fifty days before November 30th, he said if nothing happens by the 28th he’s walking out of here. There isn’t anything from the past that he needs to know, so now Alex and I are working on getting him to “feel” what that moment will be like, so it will be less stressful and not traumatic. Try to imagine what that blast of reality will feel like to him when he sees Alex materialize in front of him, Kiddo, and when she says to him smiling “It’s me, baby”.

That’s all we have for now, Kiddo, sorry we couldn’t get a closer shot of that owl, but if you can expand that photo you’ll see how creepy it is. He’s tired so we’re going to skip proofreading, any errors blame him. He’s smiling. 💝

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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