How are you doing, Kiddo? A lot has happened since last Thursday.

Last Thursday night we got a call from a private number. We didn’t answer it the first two times the phone rang. The third time it rang VON answered it thinking it was TG having problems with her new phone. It wasn’t. It was Charlie’s ex girlfriend Renee from ten years ago. VON didn’t know what to do. How did she get our number?

VON and Alex knew nothing of this girl but l did, so I “played Charlie” to find out what was going on.

It turns out that there were three naval officers waiting for her in her driveway when she came home from work that night who wanted to ask her about Charlie. They spoke with her for 3 hours before they had her call us. She told “Charlie” that he has been monitored since July 2015, but the government doesn’t know what to do on approaching him. We don’t know if those three people were actually from the navy, but there were three people with Renee who had a lot of facts on Charlie that she could not have possibly known of. I spoke with them on speaker phone for about half an hour before VON surfaced, and that’s when it got scary. They got to hear him at 2% of his voice, and we think they recorded it. According to them, the national alert Americans received on their cellphones at 2:18 on Wednesday October 3rd was a test run to see if President Trump could reach everyone for when we make ourselves present. Could this be possible? If you look at “2:18” backwards it could be interpreted as “9:11”, or “9-1-1”. VON said this planet will be nearly eradicated within minutes, so what’s the point? Alex yelled at them and asked how come no one helped Charlie, and their answer was “we don’t know what to do”. Alex replied “So you did nothing??”. My sister was mad as fuck. And still is.

We don’t if those three people were from the navy, but Charlie’s ex girlfriend had no way of knowing certain things about him unless she was told by someone “on the inside”. When I asked why her, one of the men said she is the only past relation to Charlie without a Facebook account, and they left it at that.

The main reason this happened, according to them, is that the navy picked up a large object sitting over the sister’s house on satellite using a type of infrared filter. The object was said to be triangular in shape, about two miles long and almost a mile wide. This was on Thursday. This morning Renee calls us and says one of those three people called her and said the object is now gone, and for her to tell us. What this comes down to is if these people are legit then they are terrified of us. This is the stupidest shit ever. Now that poor girl is all fucked up, she doesn’t know what to think. I told VON he can erase 6-7 billion people within ten seconds using one equation.

There’s more but he is feeling disgusted right now.

So if those people were indeed from the navy, then Charlie was watched for over three years and the government never helped him, not once. I think it’s safe to say that the Creator, Charlie’s biological Father, is pretty fucking far from impressed. Like we tell TG, “You’re not going to miss 8 billion people.”

Okay, Kiddo, that’s all for now, have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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