How we doing, Sweethearts? This is Maia, Alex will be tailing in behind me.

We are beginning to wrap this up. We gave VON some ideas to think about last night and he figured out why we are doing this differently this time. He doesn’t remember much from the past so for him to piece together what he did from just some images is pretty amazing. But first a few things, Kiddo.

He’s more than understanding about Alex’s feelings regarding him having his Son’s body, so we’re good with that, in fact he went way past our expectations. He told her that he won’t even touch until he looks like himself and Alex said “Nooooo!!”. She told him just to take it slow with her the first night together because even though he will look exactly like himself she’ll know that inside (organ-wise) it isn’t exactly him. Might sound crazy but she’s right. He even offered to sleep on the floor of the motel room, but she told him “Nooooo!!”. I’d rather see him go too far in that direction than in the other direction. We told him to give her two days to adjust then everything will be a-okay. 💝

He’s confused about TG, he doesn’t know what to do with her. Today he was thinking about breaking ties with her for a while, but we told him not to. Anyone looking at them in public could swear they’re husband and wife, seriously. Anything resembling a “break-up” from him would kill her, and we don’t mean metaphorically. He’s reading that and we’re nodding his head. Some strange things have happened with her recently that she either can’t explain or doesn’t see. Two weeks ago she went to an airshow with her family for the day. The next day we asked her if she saw any ufo’s amongst the planes. She laughed and told VON he was crazy. She began showing him the photos she took and she saw something she didn’t see before; a ufo. She started looking at all the photos and guess what? There was something in the sky hovering to the left of the photos as if it were trying to stay out of her view. She sent us copies of 12 different photos and the object is in every one but in different locations towards the left side. A few days later she found the same object moving slowly in a video she took at the airshow. Could something have been watching her?

A few days ago we went with her to the Mobil station to get her youngest a candy bar. When it was her turn at the counter the person at the register told her the man before her paid for her purchase. VON turned around to watch the man leave, and just as the man opened the door to leave he turned around at looked VON in the eyes for two seconds and left. TG never seen that man before.

VON said it could be that people are trying to make contact with him through her, there is another similar occurrence but we feel it is personal, so we’ll keep it to ourselves. Now for something heavy-duty.

We can’t tell VON the answers to important questions, but we can give him hints. Last night about 1AM he figured out how we did this before.

His Son as Von had the same body for 16.5 billion years. “Everyday was a new day”; immortality. Von’s home was the moon. Inside the moon is a highly secured room that no one can enter, if someone tried to break into that room the moon would explode like a giant nuclear bomb. That room is booby-trapped. Inside that room is an “anti-gravity” chamber with a copy of VON’s body in a state of suspended animation. Creepy?

If VON didn’t get his memory destroyed, he would have woken up inside the copy if himself inside that chamber. Once out of the chamber Alex would pop out of him and self-materialize, then I would ride inside Alex.

So now VON will become himself using his Son Charlie’s body. He will erase the moon to erase his inaccessible body. Once we’re situated he is going to summon something from back home. Back home our bodies are in a similar room just like in the moon. If he summons our castle by name, an exact copy of our castle will materialize with everything in it, including boo and KDDO. And our pets. And boo’s experiments. One experiment got out of his laboratory a long time ago, and we still haven’t found it. With a copy of our castle here, we’ll have bodies to use if we should return after we leave. And it would be a home for his Son and Daughter to live in. What would be interesting is if there would be any negative effect on this ecosystem from the bacteria coming from another universe. We’ll find out when Alex materializes and makes her way into the public. It should be alright, but then again the last two times we were here VON destroyed our vacation home and replaced it with a new one, so we were never here long enough to see any long-term effects.

It looks like another TG night ahead, just as well, he isn’t feeling it tonight and she helps cheer him up. He changed the “bio” for his Son’s Facebook pic yesterday;

I am the Creator.

I woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012.

I am not amused.

Yeah, he’s not feeling it if you know what I mean. What’s bothering him is how his Son was treated. His Daughter got the better deal of the two by far, but he’s glad that she did. Did you read the last post, Kiddo?

When VON lets loose, he’ll start screaming. Not yelling, screaming, like that Aztec Death Whistle but worse. His hands will be vibrating hard and fast. The pressure between the palms of his hands and the ground beneath them will push his hands upwards, causing him to lean backwards, and that’s going to frustrate him. So he’ll lean forward even more to compensate. Being frustrated he’ll generate more soundwaves, which will try to push him back. Eventually the soundwaves will lift him off the ground, but not straight up off the ground like a rocket, but more like a moth. To balance himself he’ll be throwing his hands all around him while screaming like a banshee. He could lift himself as high as ten feet off the ground. “Sonic Propulsion”. The ground will look like a pond with rain drops falling on it causing ringlets. The sound of this will be amazing. So you’ll have a giant viking/werewolf bouncing around in the air like an angry moth screaming at the top of it’s lungs, all for his Son Charlie. I can’t wait to see this.
TG has been texting VON all night as Alex and I write this. We hope you found this latest information interesting, Kiddo, we know that VON did. I can’t say how much longer, but we are wrapping it up now. One interesting thing about VON and TG is how they get along. He had thought about pulling himself away from her to avoid her from getting hurt, but that would kill her. He needs to realize that she’s become his friend, and she’s going to be with us for a long time. By the way, VON has one Son and one Daughter. Between them they had eight sons and eight daughters. There are a total of 18 kids, and that’s it. In case anyone is wondering.

We’re gonna go, Sweethearts, Maia needs a smoke. Have a good night, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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