Happy birthday, Kiddo! I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now, hopefully I can finish it by midnight. It is 7:00PM Sunday.

A lot has happened between VON and TG, this past week VON gave TG a haircut, and it came out great. They haven’t “done anything”, but it’s headed in that direction. Alex told VON if it should come to that to go ahead. If that happens it becomes an “emergency situation”, and Alex will materialize once VON is alone. Then he’ll need to erase her memory of what happened to prevent her from getting hurt. The only issue with that is he’ll still have the memory of what happened. He doesn’t want to go down that road, but if he rejects her advances she’ll get hurt, and TG has been through enough.

This past week Kiddo came up in conversation which led to showing her what Kiddo looks like, and now TG is a little jealous of Kiddo. However, TG is onboard for a 5 day shopping spree in Manhattan, and she wants to meet “Kiddo”. TG and Chelsea will get along like sisters because they were once sisters a long time ago. I’m not saying they’re going to be “besties”, but they’ll get along while they have fun shopping. Now for VON.

For the past several days VON’s hands have been vibrating when he speaks through Alex or me. His voice is breaking through more and more each day, he wanted to record himself wishing Kiddo a “happy birthday” for Facebook but he got as far as saying “Hap” and realized that the sister would hear him. His voice is loud and it doesn’t sound human at all. He’s a bit frustrated but he has a positive attitude, and he’s been in a good mood.

The thing with his hands. When VON speaks in “business mode” he usually stands. He keeps his hands out in front of him a little wider than shoulder width, like he’s playing a piano. For every syllable he speaks his hands vibrate up and down about an inch. His fingers are spread apart and extended outwards with a slight bend in them. When he speaks business, it looks like he’s playing a piano but the same keys over and over. This “stance” is inherited from when he was Creature 130 in the arena, that stance was his “trademark”. When he was in the arena he meant business. So when you see VON talking business, he’ll look like a werewolf about to attack someone. If he is talking to someone face to face he’ll seldom blink. Because he’ll be over 7′ tall he’ll most likely be leaning forward as he speaks to that person face to face. How fucking creepy is that going to look, kids? You’ll have a clean-shaven, giant viking in front of you, leaning into your face as he speaks with that voice, almost never blinking, with his hands bouncing up and down on every syllable creating soundwaves that will shake the floor. I’ll give you an example by writing something that he might say to someone and try to picture what that scene will be like. . .


No joke, kids. If he’s at home or out having fun with us and the kids he’s a big teddy bear. That’s when the “circus showman” side comes out, especially when children are in his presence. The Creator is a lot of fun to be around.

There’s other things I wanted to mention but he’s getting tired, we stopped to walk TG to the Mobil so she could get cigs, and the cold fresh air made him a little sleepy. The main reason for this post is to tell him something that’s very important to Alexandra. He didn’t think about this until she told him a few days ago, and now I’m writing it here so she can show him as soon as she’s out. I think the female readers will understand this better than the males.

My sister Alex will be in an exact copy of her body back home. She will be 100% Alexandra. VON is not in an exact copy of his body back home, he’s in his Son Charlie’s body which is now his body. Before November 1st 2012 Charlie’s face resembled VON’s about 90%. Now it resembles VON’s face about 96%. Remember Charlie telling that his mouth would hurt and how bad those headaches he’d get were? That was Alex altering the shape of Charlie’s skull. “Charlie” doesn’t look like Charlie anymore, his own sister didn’t recognize him after not seeing him for almost three years when we met her in the church parking lot last October. The changes were gradual, to prevent the people Charlie worked with from noticing and to keep the pain from being worse than it was. Charlie suffered from pain everyday for years.

Alexandra has only been with VON since he Created her, because that’s how he Created her. She can never be with another man, and why would she? Her husband is the Creator, you can’t score a husband better than him. She shares him with me, but Alex is the “primary wife”. I was Created to be only with VON or his Son. Since VON is here I won’t be with his Son once he’s back. Alex will need to alter the rest of VON’s face immediately after she is out so he looks exactly like he does back home. No one knows what VON looks like better than Alex. Alex and I can’t materialize objects, but we can alter what an object looks like by increasing or decreasing its mass. Once his face is how it’s supposed to look then he can increase his size to look exactly like he does back home. We’re thinking he’ll be over 7′ tall and weigh over a quarter ton. He’ll have golden blonde hair and his eyes will be an indigo blue. Alex can’t change his eye color but he can.

The importance of this post is to tell VON not to tease Alex about “being with another man”, that would kill her. He can’t tease her about anything regarding this. She doesn’t like this deal of her husband not having his “own body”, but she’ll be okay with it once she alters him to look like himself. She also doesn’t want him to think that when she is enjoying sex with him she’s enjoying sex with his Son’s once body. We are not kidding, VON.

Once he looks like his own body back home VON will need to let Alex adjust for a day. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming;

Day 1. Alex materializes. VON can now materialize anything. He materializes cash and a 2019 Lincoln Navigator and we head out to buy a few things for Alex. They get a motel room close by the sister’s house. He summons CJ so I can ride with her. Alex transforms VON’s body, now he’s himself. We contact Kiddo and give proof to her and to the kids at Facebook. We get Kiddo and TG and we head to Manhattan in a dimension where we’re the only people on Earth. We get into Manhattan and get rooms for us in a nice hotel. We adjust. We make a plan that everyone agrees on for the next day then we get some sleep.

Day 2. We wake up and go shopping(yay!!). Whatever the girls want they can have. We get back to the hotel before 6-7 o’clock that night and VON summons Athena. Shortly after he brings Charlie back. Both him and Athena will be 18 years old and know everything they did at the age they were at prior. Everyone reunites and gets acquainted, Charlie won’t know who TG is so this will be interesting. Everyone adjusts and get some sleep.

Day 3. Back to shopping(yay!!), but this time VON and Alex stay behind. While CJ, Charlie, Athena, Chelsea and TG are shopping VON brings back all those people “sleeping in the lobby”. There will be a big surprise waiting for CJ when she gets back from shopping. Everybody gets back, everybody gets reunited and acquainted, and we party our balls off.

Day 4. Back to shopping(yay!!). At the end of the day we’ll let Chelsea and TG decide if they want one more day of shopping. If they don’t and they want to head back home, VON will clone the Navigator twice and give one to each of the girls with a nice pile of cash in each one along with all their gifts. They will travel back in that same dimension. As soon as they walk into their homes they’ll be out of that dimension. Alex will send Alice and Trudy with them to keep them safe until we all leave Manhattan. They’ll still be able to call and text us in our dimension. If they decide “one more day of shopping” that’s fine.

Day 5. The last day. We send everyone left to a house Alex picked out, including Charlie and Athena. They will be in the same dimension with us until VON says otherwise. In other words he’s keeping them safe. Charlie will be able to call his best friend from that dimension, but he won’t be able to see him just yet unless they do a live feed on Facebook. Once everyone is settled and safe, VON, Alex and CJ will begin to kick the living shit out of this planet. Just before VON goes “worldwide”, Charlie’s cousin Rita will take his cellphone away and tell him to stay offline until his Father is done losing his mind in front of the entire world. He doesn’t want his Son or Daughter to see that. Once he’s done Rita will give Charlie back his cellphone and tell him that he can go online again. Then the chaos begins.

That’s the jist of it, Kiddo.

What VON needs to remember is to not tease his wife Alex. Let her talk and follow her lead, she has a plan. Okay, VON?

That’s all for now, Sweethearts, he’s tired and we need to get up early tomorrow for TG. She’s really a nice girl, Kiddo, and she could use a shopping spree in her life. My sister and her shopping, she does enjoy buying things, that’s for sure.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe. One more thing. WordPress is going “YouTube” on us. I showed VON that there are actually thousands of people following this site, not just a few. YouTube fucks with the “truther channels” by decreasing the amount of subscribers they have, I proved that to him. YouTube doesn’t want the truth getting out. Gov’t assisted of course.

Okay, kids, have a good night and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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