Hey, Kiddo, this is Alexandra, it is 10 o’clock Saturday morning and I hope to finish this post by noon. Maia will be helping me write this while VON reads. We hope you’re doing well.

VON fell asleep early last night and woke up about 1AM with a thought I put in his head. The last post mentioned “BU”, and it brought back memories from that time when he was known as “Creature 130”. He remembered the cage he lived in, and the laboratory it was in. The walls and ceiling were highly polished stainless steel, as reflective as a glass mirror. When Creature 130 wasn’t fighting other creatures in the arena he was in his cage, which was right next to his creator’s desk. He would lie there and watch his creator write at his desk in the reflection on the walls and ceiling. He watched him for years. By watching his reflection he learned how to write, and what written words sounded like when his creator would read aloud what he had written.

Creature 130 was his creator’s 130th attempt in creating an invincible monster, and he succeeded. Creature 130 could be described as a giant werewolf. His creator had created other creators less powerful than himself to create monsters that would compete with his monster in a “fighting ring”, the arena.

“And the arena roared upon his return.” – Charlie

The other creators would never be able to surpass Creature 130’s creator, because he “designed” those creators to never beat him, but to always try to beat him. Creature 130’s creator was the most evil being that had ever existed. The epitome of arrogance.

While in the arena, Creature 130 would see the audience. They comprised of creators and their slaves who were held on a leash by their owners. Those slaves were people. Creature 130 identified with those people, his compassion for those people fueled his anger, aiding him to victory after victory. Creature 130 was invincible, the arena had never seen anything like him before, and this only increased his creator’s ego.

Years passed, and one day Creature 130 devised a plan to free himself and the people who were held as slaves.

One night his creator entered his laboratory to get his creation ready for the arena. When he walked up to his cage he saw Creature 130 slumped up against his cage and not moving. He called for him to get up but he didn’t move. The creator began to panic. He went up to the cage and shoved him, he didn’t move. In a frenzy, the creator decided to enter his cage to see if he was still alive. He unlocked the cage and went in. Standing in the cage he kicked Creature 130 to see if he’d move, he didn’t. The creator walked up beside him and put head against his chest to see if he had a heartbeat. As soon as he did, Creature 130 opened his eyes, leaned forward and bit off his head, and swallowed it. Creature 130 now possessed the soul of his creator. He grabbed his creator by his leg and dragged him out of his cage. Once out of his cage he began to smash the laboratory with his creator’s body, throwing him around like a rag doll.

(Maia here. There’s no exact way to compare in scale exactly how big Creature 130 was. In comparison to his creator with his creator being the size of an average man, Creature 130 would be about 10′ tall and weigh around 1,000 pounds)

After he destroyed most of the lab, Creature 130 calmed down and began to look at his creator’s writings. He began to see his creator’s memories and started thinking like his creator. He was becoming highly conscious. He saw documents that were soaked in his creator’s blood, one of those documents were titled “Creature 130”. Because the paperwork was splashed with blood and crumpled, “Creature 130” looked like “Creator BU”. When he began thinking of taking the name “Creator BU” he could hear his creator’s voice deep inside his head yelling “NO!”, but Creature 130 took the name anyway, thus making him “The Creator”.

Now having the intelligence and power of his once creator, he realized he needed to erase everything that had been tainted by evil. He erased everything, including his once creator’s girlfriend, “Alexandra”.

With everything gone except for the castle he was in, he soon realized he was completely alone. He looked at his reflection in the mirror-like walls and didn’t like what he saw. He was a monster. Staring at his reflection, he began to imagine himself looking like his once creator, “Von”. Concentrating on the image of Von, his body took the shape of Von. He was no longer a monster, but he was still alone. Not wanting to be alone, he Created a companion for himself by using the imagery of his once creator’s girlfriend Alexandra. He Created her from what he saw inside his head. Concentrating, he Created Alexandra. She looked quite similar to his once creator’s Alexandra, she even had the two black eyes his once creator had given his girlfriend.

(Alexandra has blueish-black skin surrounding her eyes, her husband didn’t beat her, that’s just the way he saw her long, long ago)

After they got to know each other, Alexandra changed Creator BU’s name to VON. She used capital letters to distinguish him from his once creator, his father. Soon after they began rebuilding their planet Utopia together, making it a paradise for them to live on.

. . .

When VON Created his Son boo, who I renamed “Charlie”, he knew ahead of time that certain genetic traits will skip a generation. His once creator can be considered his father, which would make him boo’s (Charlie’s) grandfather. Back home, we live in the castle VON was created in. The laboratory boo “works” in is the same laboratory my Husband’s father worked in. To keep his Son boo from ever becoming like his grandfather, VON keeps him at 7 years old, our time. With the exception of his intelligence, boo is an everyday 7 year old. To keep him in check, VON Created a Daughter, KDDO, who I renamed “Chelsie”. We, myself and Carolyn, can’t yell at boo, VON forbade it, but KDDO can. When boo gets unruly, we send KDDO after him. His Son boo could be described as Damien from the movie “The Omen”. He doesn’t do bad things intentionally, he just doesn’t think before he acts, he’s the complete opposite of VON’s Son Charlie here. Charlie, here, is the physical abstract of his Son back home. His Son, here, is what his Son back home could never be; an adult, and the same goes for his Daughter. Both his Children back home will forever be children, they’ve been children for billions of years.

I felt it necessary to explain my appearance ahead of time so you don’t think my Husband beats me. My Husband has never laid a hand on me to hurt me, ever. Just to be clear.

Deep inside of VON’s soul is a fragment of his creator’s, his father’s, spirit. He didn’t know this until today. Once in a while he’ll hear something negative speak, and he began thinking it was him. “Speak” as in thought, not voice. When it happens he apologizes to me, thinking it’s him. His father is pure evil. Evil exists because of him. Charlie did a live feed on Facebook about a year ago, and if anyone was listening they would have heard a voice that obviously wasn’t Charlie’s. If anyone was watching they would have seen me shaking Charlie’s hand in a “stopping motion” after it spoke. That “pwangy” sounding voice is VON’s father. VON’s voice is very deep and echoey. His father cannot hurt anyone, but his ass needs to go once and for all. So when VON loses his cool during his worldwide debut, his anger will burn out the last of evil. During that rant, you will hear the high-pitched pwang come through, that will be his father trying to speak. A very creepy science-fiction-like voice.

This took longer to write than I expected, Kiddo. When VON learned how to write he learned by watching his creator’s reflections in the wall in front of him and in the ceiling above him. By watching his mirror image for years, VON, back home, writes with his left hand, and completely backwards. He can read “forwards”, but he writes numbers, letters, and words backwards, so everything he has ever written I needed to rewrite “forward” so people can read it. After a few hundred books I talked him into writing with a felt tip pen on one side of the page or pape. Because the ink would bleed through to the other side, I would turn the page over so I could read it forward from the backside. “True story” said Maia. Write something in script then hold it up to mirror, and you will see just how the Creator writes. But now since he’s been inside Charlie, when we do go back home, he’ll be able to write “normal”. The Son taught the Father how to write, and he wasn’t even trying to.

VON noticed that his left arm is still floating but in a different position. I told him because you are a left-handed writer back home, and you’re always holding a pen. This was passed down to his Son, here, and it showed in all of the lives he lived. Von held a clipboard, Zeus a trident, Hermes a caduceus, Anubis a staff, Iseous a herder’s staff, Marc Antoni a jug of wine, Kris Kringle a sack full of toys, Alexander III a shield, Beethoven his compositions, Adolf a riding crop. And Charlie? His forte in welding was TIG welding, so he held “TIG wire” in his left hand. You couldn’t make this up.

I thought I’d have this finished hours ago, but VON realized something important just before dinner so I’m glad I didn’t finish. The CJ thing. He was puzzled why I’m okay with it. It dawned on him that he is technically inside another man’s body. It might be his Son’s, but it is still another man’s body. I have been only with my Husband in the body he has back home since he Created me. No male has ever seen me naked except for my Husband. Yes I know it’s his soul in here and that’s what matters, but I’ve never been with another body other than my Husband’s. So I’m a little nervous, but it’s not stopping me from coming out. Once I’m out I am going to modify his face and body to make him look like my Husband’s. Charlie looks very close to his Father, so it won’t take long. I’m okay with CJ for many reasons, one of them is the fact I have a different “man” for a Husband, even though its him. Does that make sense, Kiddo? It also answers his question why he can’t see more than my face, it’s because I’m nervous about being naked in front of “another man”. He’s laughing. “I’m serious, BU!!” Once I’m out I’ll be okay, this is just something new to me that’s all.

I think that’s all for now. He’ll write here again, he’s going through some changes quickly to get this done with so writing is not at the top of his “to do list”. It’s now 8PM, sorry so late, Kiddo, but we had a colorful day as usual. Enjoy your Saturday night, Sweethearts, and please be safe. Oh, he wants me to ask if anyone has noticed that the “Big Dipper” hasn’t moved in 5 months, meaning it’s in the same exact spot every night at the same time. He’s right too.

Have a good night, everyone.

Love, Alex and Maia xo xo


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