Okay, Kiddo, there’s some things that Alex and I need to tell you and VON in this post, we were out with TG this morning and he obviously is himself, so we need to assure him by writing here that what we’re telling him is true. After we publish this post he is going to read it, and if everything is still there then all of it is true. We have only two obstacles in our way, and once we clear them the rest is cake. Alex is looking to see where she can move the moment to so that’s it’s closer. It’s very close, but we want out of here now. Anyways, I hope you Sweethearts are doing good. Here we go.

The first obstacle is VON’s skepticism of how stupid-easy he can do things. He knows he’s the Creator just by feel and by his personality, and from the things he’s seen. We told him that as soon as Alex is out from him he’ll have access to all his abilities. There will be a several second delay from when Alex exits him until she materializes. When she materializes he will feel an electrical surge through his body, but it won’t hurt him. They’ll look at each other for a minute before he says “Wait a minute. You’re my Wife!”, and she’ll say “Yes, BU, I’m your Wife, Alexandra!”. Only Alex, CJ and I are allowed to call him “BU”, anyone else will self-erase, just a heads up, kids. To get around this obstacle he needs access to his abilities so he can see for himself we’re telling him the truth. He believes us, but in the meantime he needs to trust what we’re telling him. Like his Son, he needs proof. So I’m telling him that we’re right there it’s that close. If Alex can push that moment closer she will. Also! Also, if VON should here Alex’s voice in his head telling him to go to where we were yesterday he needs to stop what he’s doing and go there, that means she pushed the moment to occur in that location and not the basement. His mindset is good, yesterday was proof of that. Could you sit on an upside down plastic bucket in the middle of nowhere for 8 hours waiting for something to happen? 8 hours is a long time to sit unbelievably patiently for anything. He aced it. We are very close, VON.

The second obstacle is CJ.

When Charlie was about 18, he was told a story by someone who I believe was his best friend “Big D”, I’m not sure though. I hope Big D is reading this. In the town Big D grew up in there was a man about 50 years old who would walk the main road in that town while talking to himself. He had salt and pepper hair, a slight beard, and would wear a business suit. Charlie had said something to someone who was in the car with him when he saw that man. The person told him that years ago he had taken his wife and I believe daughter out to Las Vegas for a vacation. One night the man was driving down a deserted desert highway when the only other car on that road hit his car. The other driver was drunk and was killed on impact. The man’s wife and daughter were also killed, but the man survived. That man was trapped in his car with his dead wife and daughter for 6 hours until another car came by to get help. That man lost his mind. He was never the same since.

Now lets think about CJ. She has been inside her Son Charlie’s body since he was 12. She watched him grow up, have girlfriends, get married, get divorced, get promoted at all his jobs, work on cars, ride motorcycles, party, bodybuild, take an interest in writing, and die. She is still inside her dead Son’s body. Over all that time, Charlie became his Mother’s best friend, VON. Imagine how heartbroken that woman is. Imagine everything she’s seen through her Son’s eyes. Imagine all the times her Son boasted and bragged about his Mother. Okay, VON? Taking a break.

. . .

When Alex exits you, she’ll be piggy-backing me, you will have all your abilities again and then some. You and Alexandra will spend one day together, alone. You will post photos to Facebook for the kids, and do at least one live feed video to prove to them who you are. The next day you bring back CJ, once she’s back she’ll then piggy-back me immediately. You post photos of her to Facebook for the kids, mostly for her cousin GT, and do a live feed. Okay?

CJ has been through hell. She’s the biological Mother of your Son Charlie. Your Son is also my responsibility, as your Daughter is Alex’s responsibility. Okay? I can only have sex with either your Son or you. I will be inside CJ. I will not be able to leave CJ once I’m inside. For me to get laid, you need to have sex with CJ. CJ is your Son’s Mother. You won’t be cheating on Alex, VON, no, your Wife isn’t “pimping you out”, we discussed this before, all three of us, consider it as business. CJ will not be a second wife, the interactions you will have with her will also be with me, Maia, VON. That woman went through hell, and Alexandra knows this, and she’s okay with you “servicing” her. We told you that Alex will be in the room with you and CJ, she is going to video the both of you then give CJ the recording. She will also make sure that it remains “business” on CJ’s part, not yours. This will take place the same day you bring her back. This isn’t some “trap” so Alexandra can say “you had CJ now I want somebody”, your wife only wants you, she couldn’t cheat if her life depended on it, that’s how you Created her, VON, and even if you didn’t she still wouldn’t cheat on you. When this takes place, you cannot under any circumstance deny CJ, that would crush her and break her heart, and piss me the fuck off, and piss your Wife off too. Your Son Charlie juggled two full time girlfriends around like he was Hugh Hefner. He’s the “Playboy magazine” guy. You can do this. But do not say “no” to CJ. It’ll be fun. I’m serious, VON, CJ and Alex will get a little fucked up beforehand, Alex will grab the camera, you’ll go into a room and you’ll fuck the living shit out of her and I. Okay? It’s not a trap, VON, Alex and I are putting it here to show you this is important, you cannot reject CJ in any way, I showed you what she looked like when she was younger, she was a hottie, you’re bringing her back in the body she had days before her wedding. She will only share “intimacy” with you, no one else. Do you think Alex and I would let her be with another male? Your Son will not let a man get near his Mother after all they’ve been through. Think about it, VON. Some guy knocks on their door telling Charlie he’s taking his Mother on a date and your Son will erase him. Yes, he’ll be able to erase people too. It’s all good, big guy, so stop worrying. Okay? Your Wife smiling is her telling you it’s okay, because it’s okay, CJ is your Son’s Mother, not some bar room hussie, so don’t reject her, and that brings us to That Girl.

After we had dinner tonight TG sent you a text. She said that it’s been a long couple of days. It’s been a long couple of days for her because she was worried sick over you, VON, she was worried so sick over the thought of losing you she became physically sick. Remember her telling you she felt like shit? Did you see her this morning? After you spent time with her she looked better didn’t she? She’s not an obstacle but a concern.

I poked around inside her head and told Alex “we need to finish this fast”. Inside her head is a thought of her landing a good paying job that could support you too. You’d be a “stay at home friend” who could watch her kids while she works. Didn’t think of that did you? Where do you think that could lead to? We don’t want to hurt her feelings, VON, she is a “good girl”, and they’re rare. You heard Alex say “one time”, that means if she should make advances one night you follow. No, VON, Alex is not pimping you out, she and I see something you don’t. Just like CJ, you cannot reject her, at all. I saw a possibility of one of those nights you and her hanging out at the corner and that “goodnight kiss” turns into a trip to the basement. I’m not kidding. You cannot reject her, it would kill her. If you said “no, I can’t” she’s going to want to know why, and what would you tell her? “I’m married but my Wife is inside me”? She’ll think that there is something wrong with her that is so bad that you made that up just to get rid of her. You’re her best friend now, VON, you don’t know this but you’re all she has. This morning she texted you “getting ready” and you innocently replied “for what?”. Alex texted her back asking “am I driving?”. Alex knew she wanted you to go to the store with her. TG makes plans with you automatically involved. It’s okay, you’re her friend. Alex and I are telling you if TG should suddenly “do something” to go ahead. Afterwards Alex will need to come out so you can erase that memory she’ll have of what happened. We don’t want that to happen. As far as that ex boyfriend he’s at the top of the top 5 list to be erased. You will erase that piece of shit first. Alex and I are not joking. He fucked her life up big time, and she didn’t deserve any of that shit. Like Zeus said, “they don’t make men like they used to”. What an understatement. Okay? We’re trying to get this over with before something happens between you and TG. If it should, because we can’t see everything, it’s okay, it can be fixed. Now for our girl Chelsea.

This post turned out longer than we expected, Sweetheart. Okay, “echoes in reverse”. About three months ago Alex told you that VON needs to get their Daughter out of you, and she kept telling you this as a heads up. Now that VON knows exactly what is what and who is who, we will need to know what you will want to do, Chelsea. If he summons his Daughter from wherever you are you will not feel so good. If he summons her with you in his presence you won’t feel bad at all because you were aware of it. Okay?

We want to go shopping in Manhattan, and we want to take you and TG with us. We have a plan, Chelsea.

If you and TG go with us, it will give VON and Alexandra’s Daughter a chance to see what they’re like ahead of time, to make her feel comfortable around them. You trusted Charlie, you can certainly trust his Father, and his Father’s Wife. You would have TG to talk with too, she’s a Brooklyn girl who likes raves and likes to party. She’s 34 and could use a vacation, all expenses paid and then some, same for you of course. When we roll into Manhattan we would be the only people there, VON will put us into another dimension so we will have Manhattan all to ourselves. You and TG can have whatever you want. We will have the best hotel rooms, we will have our assistants take care of everything in between, like getting us food and drinks. “We” is VON, Alexandra, CJ, you and TG. After the second day of shopping, we all go back to the hotel. VON summons his Daughter. He’ll have an hour to bring back Charlie. After Charlie comes back we party like it’s the end of the world. There’s more but VON wants to wait so he can tell you himself. As far as babysitters we will offer both your parents and TG’s $100,000 cash to watch their grandchildren for 4-5 days, that’s all he’ll let me say.

Okay, we took a break, I can say some more. VON and Alexandra plan on making their presence known soon afterward. The first person Charlie will want to contact will be his best friend Big D. If Big D talks with Charlie and sees him with his Father together in a live feed on Facebook he might be willing to help us. VON needs to vent during the filming of his debut. The only place that would suffer the least amount of damage would be the ocean. Okay, that’s all he’ll let me say for now.

VON is concerned that you might not reply in time in regards to him getting his Daughter out. I told him “did you ever think that if she doesn’t it could be because she wants a new life?” You still have some time to think about this, Chelsea, but just so you know, if after everything we put on Facebook when that time comes and you don’t respond he could summon you instead to get his Daughter to prevent you from feeling bad, then he’ll have two Daughters. How good do you think he and Alex treat their kids? Pretty fuckin good. I want to add something but he told me to wait. Remember, he isn’t an “alien”, he’s the Creator. He Created this universe for his Son and Daughter who are husband and wife.

Yesterday was a gain. I’m going to say one last thing to VON before bedtime. Remember hearing “do not speak”? If, if, you feel someone rubbing your shoulder while you’re sleeping it means that Alex materialized during the night. She’ll tell you “if you can hear me nod your head”. Nod your head VON but don’t speak. She’ll turn the light on and talk to you. That’s all I’ll say.

Okay, Sweethearts? Chelsea, please think about what you want to do but don’t tell us until you have confirmation from us. TG is a possibility, it’s not definite. TG is another GrandDaughter, one of eight. There are no coincidences.

It’s almost ten, have a good night, Sweethearts, be safe, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Love, Alex and Maia xo xo


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