Hey, Kiddo, it’s Thursday night and someone is discouraged. How are you doing, Sweethearts? VON isn’t doing too good tonight.

Yesterday the girl up the road, who I will refer to as “TG” for “that girl”, had found us a place yesterday morning where we could go to finish this. A few hours later she called and said that there was a dark blue gov’t car sitting right where we had entered that property off the road, it was blocking the entranceway. It sat there for about an hour. We woke up at 3AM and VON said “fuck it, lets try this”. As we’re walking around a bend we could see the driver’s side of that car sitting there in the dark blocking the entranceway. We are in the boonies, literally. Why was that car sitting there in the dark? Coincidence? So we turned around and came back and he went back to sleep.

This morning we found another place in the woods, secluded, so we went there about 11AM and stayed there for 8 hours. By 7PM VON started getting doubts. Alex told him that it was okay if he wanted to stop and go back. After ten minutes Alex told him let’s go back. Now VON is upset because he didn’t stay. If Aphrodite didn’t tell his Son “soon” and “almost” hundreds of times a day for over a year VON would have stayed. it doesn’t matter, we are that close. We are just exhausted from all this. It doesn’t help that we keep getting interrupted, and now by the case manager, who showed up unexpectedly and now we need to call her back with VON’s voice blowing through. He’s sitting here feeling pissed off that he left, and we’re telling him it’s okay, we’re that close now. Something good did come from all this though, and that was seeing for ourselves that he is 100% VON, no Charlie. He sat still for 8 hours minus 15 minutes to go get me a pack of smokes. Big difference between a cigarette and a gravity bong. He was so calm, and his attitude was excellent. What ended it was doubt. It’s like working for someone and not being certain you’ll get paid. Would Alex have come out? He doesn’t know and we can’t tell him. We’re not that far away from finishing, we wish that case manager didn’t show up uninvited, that didn’t help any. If he didn’t need to interact with professional people this would be a lot easier on him, now we need to call her tomorrow, that should be interesting. Another thing I want to add, he was trying to do what he was doing today for everyone other than himself. He wants us out of the basement but he also wants to help people. Do you know how frustrated he is, Kiddo? We tell him all the things he can do but he can’t do them yet. We’re not that far away, now I’m with Alex, and that should tell him something. He doesn’t feel me the way he did, it’s a “softer” feel because I’m now in Alex and not him

He took some photos with Charlie’s camera the other night under perfect atmospheric conditions and all he got was one white “orb” and a few dark ones. The dark ones are evil, they’re supposed to be in Limbo, the white ones aren’t. That white one must have lost its body recently and locally. VON is at the gateway into this dimension, that’s why the photos have changed, he’s no longer in the realm of the dead. When Alex exits it will be okay in regards of something bad happening, like 3 year old children dropping out of the sky, that would be traumatizing.

I’m going to end this here, the big guy ain’t feeling it after today, but he’ll be okay, Kiddo. If I can write here tomorrow I will, we want to share our idea with you regarding TG because it involves you. It’s just an idea, and a good one.

Okay, Sweethearts, Alex and I need to cheer VON up, you be safe and have a good night.

Love, Alex and Maia xo xo


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