Hey, Kiddo, we’re still in the basement, but not for long. How’re you doing, Sweethearts, hanging in there? Alex just had a panic attack because the case manager from DSS showed up unexpectedly, so she ran VON into the stairwell of the basement to hide. This has gotten stupid. He wanted to talk to them but there’s no Charlie left, personality-wise, so that would have been a disaster. Alex told him “we’re done”, the girl up the road brought us to a location to finish this, it’s “perfect”. We were talking to her last night through text, we asked if she knew a place. She suggested the Adirondacks and we told her that we’ll Google it to see what it looks like. When she figured out what VON was asking she replied; “am I supposed to bring you there and just drop you off? No”. VON has become her best friend, she doesn’t want to lose him, and she doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to him. Nothing bad is going to happen to him, he’s just going to take a long walk into nowhere, sit down and wait. He will not leave that location until Alex exits him, and that’s when the party starts. Okay, Kiddo?

My sister Alex and I do not like “camping”. She’s not keen on being outdoors at night in the woods, she’s a housewife, she does wifey-poo stuff, she likes nice things, she likes to be pampered by her Husband, do you see what I’m saying? VON doesn’t care if he needs to sit out in the woods for a day or two to finish this, but she does.

There are three 3’s regarding sustainability. You can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. Those are extreme limits. The body VON is in won’t last 2 days without water, or any type of hydration. Alex won’t let him die. That’s part of the emergency. The other part is that he needs to know before he loses his mind. “All talk and no action” doesn’t fly with him, he needs to see something soon. On top of that, we’re about to lose the little state benefits that we have, “temporary assistance” is just that, temporary. He remembers the feeling of Alex exiting and entering his head, so he knows what to expect. There’ll be a several second delay after she exits him, but she’ll be right there, real soon after she exits him. We’re going into the woods only with Charlie’s “man-bag” containing the camera, cellphone, and a battery pack in case we need to charge the cellphone. He’ll have no jacket or rain gear, so if it rains he’s drenched. The only one who’ll know where he is will be the girl up the road, he needs to reassure her that he’ll be okay, and that he’ll text her while we’re away to let her know that he’s okay. She called him one night when she was upset and made him promise her that he would always be her friend and that he would never leave her. VON promised her.

We can’t finish this after the moment because it would have happened, it would be like looking for your car keys after you found them. Since we can’t finish after the moment we can finish before the moment. Kiddo, we are so done with this it ain’t funny. All he needs to do is to trust us, that’s all. No more than two days out. VON’s body needs hydration every day, but because he needs to know the truth he won’t budge until Alex exits him. Because she loves him, she won’t let anything bad happen to him, and that’s a promise. 💝 We’re not leaving those woods until we’re finished, Kiddo.

We took a break so he could think about what we’re saying. Alex doesn’t want to spend days in the woods, I myself don’t give a shit as long as this happens. VON needs to know the truth, telling and showing are two different things, he’s seen a lot of things since May 3rd of 2015, including the woman that I threw into another dimension that day in the grocery store. I tapped into his “bank account” to show his Son Charlie “yes, this is real”. The look on his face was priceless.

So I’m thinking in a few days we take a walk. Alex and I both know that he is more than ready, the part he is having trouble with is how stupid-easy it is for him to do things. If you were told what he was told you’d be thinking “bullshit” just like he is, but we’re going to prove him wrong real soon. Every day is torture for us, we thought about what he said about everything needs to go wrong before the moment, being out in the woods to finish means everything went wrong right up until the end. This was supposed to end in the basement, but as close as that moment is it isn’t close enough for us. It won’t take that long, Kiddo, we don’t want to be outside, especially at night.

It took almost ten hours to finish this post, we’ve been working on him a lot today because we want out. If anything comes up we’ll post. Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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