So much for today, Kiddo, our plans were thwarted by the sister. VON put his foot down and said that we’re going into the woods. He got another pack of cigs, but Alex told him it was okay, at least they were cheap, $5.41, not bad, and the numbers are good.

He’s going to talk to the girl up the road later to see if she knows a wooded place where we can hide for a bit without being interrupted by anyone or anything. I already know she’s going to bug on this, but we’ll still keep in touch via text, if we have a signal. VON’s become her “bestie”, I’m pretty sure that she’ll help him, us. The place doesn’t need to be far away, it needs to be private and out of sight of people. We can hear traffic noise as long as no one sees us. VON said that he doesn’t give a fuck if he floats he’s so done with this. VON will never float, if his body dies the three of us will wake up back home and this entire universe goes away, along with everything and everyone in it, and that includes his Daughter, which is Alex’s little girl too. She’s more her Daughter than VON’s.

We were not supposed to be here, Kiddo, we were supposed to be at Charlie’s apartment, alone without interruptions. Nothing went right. VON said that we need to keep it going that way right up to the moment, and the way it’s been going that shouldn’t be hard to do. He says that if everything goes wrong right up to the moment, then everything after the moment will go right. Reversibility. Make sense? The thing is the moment is closer than he thinks, but after all those “almosts” and the fact we’re sick of this basement he’s willing to finish this the hard way just to get us the fuck outta here. Alex is borderline tears, I’m almost a boon-goose looney, and he simply needs to know the truth; does he “still have it”, and the answer is “yes” and then some by a trillion times. But he needs to see it and not be told it, common sense. And he will.

Sorry to disappoint, kids, we were hoping for today but that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe he’s right, maybe it does need to go wrong or with difficulty right to the moment, meaning when Alex exits him. We can’t do this after the moment, but we can do this before the moment, all Alex needs is a reason to exit early, an emergency. Being in the middle of nowhere knowing her Husband will not leave until she exits him and me without nicotine at the same time is call for an emergency. VON got a taste of what I’m like without nicotine, it’s not pretty. I can’t leave him now because we’re that close, so I can’t sneak into the girl up the road to get a smoke.

He is actually doing this for us more than himself, Kiddo. He doesn’t care if he’s under a bridge, he doesn’t want us in this situation anymore. On top of everything DSS called and he doesn’t know what to tell them, he’s 100% him now, he is not Charlie at all anymore. This really sucks, Kiddo.

So I think that’s all for tonight, he wants to go back and work on that story for that girl. One more thing. My exact words were “The world will end by the end of this year”, not “this world”, that could mean something else. I moved the date up a month to November 30th once I could see more. So we have about 70 days left before something very bad happens. I am right 99.99% of the time. I told VON 5,000-10,000 humans will be left. We’ll see if he proves me wrong.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, be safe, and if anything comes up between tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll let you know.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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