So, Sweethearts, I’m down to one cigarette, and VON is nervous, but not that nervous. What will happen when that cigarette is gone? We’re telling him NO MORE, but if he doesn’t see something happen soon after it’s gone he’s walking to the Mobil station to get another pack. We don’t want that, we want out of him and out of here. Actually I have a half a cig left, and that’s making him think. He really wants to write that story to that girl, she’s a sweetheart who could use some help. VON carries the phone with him wherever we go in case she needs him. He really wants to write her that story, Chelsea. He wants to write a lot of stories for a lot of people, after all, I am a Creative Writer. That last part was him, Kiddo, this is Maia and Alex writing this. No more cigs, baby. What he needs to do is trust his Wife, she has a plan, and a good one too. He wants to do alot of good things for good people, and spoil the GrandChildren. Alex is not trapped, she can come out, and when she does VON can be himself with ALL HIS ABILITIES AS SOON AS SHE IS OUT. You’re gonna shit, Kiddo. The hardest part is getting him believing how easy it is for him to use his abilities, it’s stupid-easy. Like Father like Son, he needs physical proof of what we’re telling him, he doesn’t think we’re lying, he thinks we’re wrong, but we’re not wrong. He thinks because he lost most of his memory he lost his abilities too and that we’re afraid to tell him. NO, VON, you’re good to go as soon as Alex exits you, we showed you how to do those things. Don’t feel stupid you are pretty fucking far from stupid, VON, who wouldn’t doubt this? Anyone with common sense would feel the same way, “pics or it didn’t happen”. Oh we’ll give them pics, and videos. There’s nothing left now, Charlie is back to being 100% Charlie sound asleep inside his Father, we needed to trick VON to get the little bit of “Charlie residue” that was left, a type of ectoplasmic gel. Now he doesn’t know where to write that story. He could write it here and hope that girl doesn’t read any other posts, she’s not ready for this quite yet, and we don’t want to spook her. Maybe the other site, it would be the first post there, but it would be out of character for the site. Write it here and save it to drafts, she’ll eventually see this site. Or write it here and post it for Kiddo and her followers, and the kids back at Facebook to read, they’ll love it. It’s a good story. He needs to write, and to be himself. I’ll stop here and let him write, plus I need a smoke. NO MORE, VON. Charlie wasn’t kidding when he said this isn’t easy, Kiddo. Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, stay dry and stay safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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