Hey, Kiddo, we made a lot of progress yesterday, he figured out the real reason why this is different this time beside the fact his Son was stuck with Aphrodite. This is Maia, Sweethearts, Alex will tail in behind me.

The moon was his Son Von’s home and work station. That’s where him and his family lived while the Earth was stabilizing, and where we would meet Von when we came to visit him. Because his Son’s body as Von is no more so is that knowledge, his Son as Charlie knew nothing of this, but he knew how this planet is made and what this solar system is built as; a giant clock. Charlie knew this subconsciously. With VON’s memory damaged and with Von no longer here do you have any idea how difficult this has been? Holy shit. Alex told VON to erase that moon once he’s himself because those from the moon know we’re here, as in exact location and they haven’t done shit to help us. They put all that gasoline in that lawn tractor. What were they trying to do? They know that’s were I smoke, were they trying to blow us up? That whole shed was filled with fumes, did they think he wouldn’t smell it? So Alex and I say fuck that moon and fuck those moon people, when VON erases that moon he’s leaving the people inside to float in a cluster in Space, what til the moon observers see that. And we’ll film it.

He’s thinking about asking the girl up the road if she knows any private woods where he could go and wait, he found out that she knows the area quite well. We’re telling him that we’re closer than he thinks, but he heard “almost” too many times. If he goes deep in the woods where no one can see him he’ll find a spot, sit down and wait for Alex to exit him, she’ll have no choice. We’re sick of being in this basement, Kiddo, and now he’s himself personality-wise, which is very hard to hide from people. That personality broke out just a little when we were out with that girl yesterday, and it was obvious that it wasn’t his Son’s. She looked at him funny for a second before Alex throttled his voice. He is dying to be himself but he can’t because Alex needs to exit him. He is so frustrated, and that girl is making it worse because he knows that he can help her easily and he can’t right now. I’m down to less than 2 cigs and Alex is telling him NO MORE CIGS. It’s pouring outside but it won’t stop him from walking to the Mobil station to get me another pack. I need that nicotine, Kiddo, anyone who smokes knows what I’m talking about. When his Son was in AMC for 6 days I was able to get a smoke through one of the girls that worked there, but now I can’t leave him at all because we’re that close. We’re not going to let him go through my withdrawals, he needs to know that.

This really sucks, Kiddo, all because of that little asshole at Charlie’s last job. VON figured out that Alex tapping his feet is a countdown timer. We want to finish this indoors not outdoors, nothing bad will happen, no “orbs”, no falling bodies, no dinosaurs, no zombies, nothing. We couldn’t see close enough at the time but now we can see that it will be okay. But if you did see those orbs you couldn’t look at them, because they would know that you could now see them, and they would chase you to get into your body. No joke.

I’m down to one and a half cigs. Alex is telling him NO MORE!! I want to write more but he’s buggin. We have a plan to get his Daughter out of you, Chelsea, and it’s a good, but he needs to trust us. This is a win-win for all if us, Kiddo, so no worries. He wants to write a story just for that girl but he can’t focus because of us, we want out of here. If I can write later I will. Be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, Maia xo


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