Hey, Kiddo, this is Alex, I hope you’re doing well. There’s a few things I need to tell VON while I explain some things to you and your followers, so get ready for a post full of answers.

About 3 this morning VON was dreaming and heard a male voice say something in his dream. He doesn’t remember what the dream was about but the voice woke him up. He thought if there was someone else hiding in his head but I told him “no”. He then asked “was that my voice?” and when I told him “yes” he said “holy fuck”. If I can show him an image I can play him a sound. Maia just said “they’re gonna shit”, and they will. It’s that voice, Kiddo, you’ll never forget once you hear it.

My Husband still feels bad about the CJ thing, thinking that I was returning as a young CJ. He forgot about Reversibility. If I can be there then I can be here. Since two objects can’t occupy the same place then one object can occupy two places. Plus, I can self materialize. I want out so bad but Maia pointed out that there are a few things we need to do first, but they won’t take long, maybe a day. Some of those things we’re doing right now. (psst . . . hey Kiddo, Maia needs the fuck outta here)

Maia started telling about the “Mom” post but it was getting to us so she stopped. If you’re wondering how did Charlie wake up he didn’t. We didn’t want VON to know that there was still some residue of his Son left because it could’ve become an issue. He understands and appreciates what we did. We needed him to believe that he was Charlie so that we could extract that residue. VON is like a “spirit magnet”, so once he soaked up the rest of Charlie we rung him out and put every last drop of his Son back. Charlie’s spirit is 100% again. This is so when he brings his spirit back in a new body Charlie will be himself again, with all his spirit and memories. It wasn’t pretty, Kiddo, but it needed to be done. This is the same thing as keeping VON from knowing when the moment will be. If he knew that we were going to do what we did he wouldn’t know what we were expecting from him, and it most likely would not have been the success that it was. If he knew the exact time of the moment then it would no longer be a moment, it would be a “time”. At a specific time, I would exit his body and he becomes himself. If the time was September 20th at 8:15Am, which time zone? By what clock does he go by? If the clock he is using is 2 minutes fast, what would his state of mind be in after those 2 minutes? Would he be pissed at me and think that I lied to him because his clock wasn’t synchronized to my . . . moment? Does that make sense, Kiddo? Followers, do you see what I’m saying? It is impossible for me to give my Husband an exact time because there is no exact time.

I could come out due to an emergency, and that’s what we’re working on. The moment isn’t that far away, but he’s been hearing “almost” for over a year, thanks to Aphrodite. He heard her tell Charlie “almost” about 300 times in one day. Little did she know. His Son went through hell the last year of his “life”, between her nonsense and all that physical pain he endured. Remember Charlie complaining about his mouth hurting and those phenomenal migraines? Sometimes he would get nose bleeds and his eyes would burn for hours. That was because his Father’s soul was inadvertently altering the shape of Charlie’s head. “Charlie” doesn’t quite look the same.

The moment isn’t that far away. If we can do this sooner we will, we are not having a good time, Kiddo. He wants to spoil the kids big time, and he will. I’m going to let Maia write after we get her a smoke. Have a good night, Honey. xo

Sweethearts, how we doing? We’re having an interesting night but not a bad one. VON is figuring out oodles of things, like epiphanies, when he does we smile through him to tell him he’s right. Before we used to emotion through him by crying but we’ve done enough crying. Although the other day he was thinking about his voice and the abilities he’s soon to have and Alexandra shot to the surface and cried “baby these people have no idea”. She’s right, Kiddo, these people have no idea what’s coming. VON is sitting on the bed thinking “neither do I”. He will. We keep telling him that it’s coming and nothing has happened yet, the main reason why we are hurrying to get to the moment or have an emergency. A year of hearing “almost” and all the abilities that he has waiting for him is driving him crazy. He’s thinking about asking the girl up the road if she would be willing to drive him into the middle if god’s country and drop him off if he gives her money for gas. We’re telling him “absolutely not, just wait”. How long does he need to wait? If something doesn’t happen soon we’ll be taking a long ride to nowhere, I know that girl would do it for him, he’s become her best friend, she loves him, she has a male friend who isn’t trying to wiggle his way into her pants and gives her the best advice possible, how many females out there would like to have him for a friend? She would do it, but she be afraid for him. Fucking Aphie put that idea into his head, to go deep into the woods, find a spot to sit down and wait. We can’t let him die, so Alex would need to come out. Alex just said “yes”, she would need to, which probably wasn’t a good thing to say because now he knows he has a back-up plan. I’m telling you, Kiddo, the basement life is not for us. We are sick of this shit, all because some little asshole just had to run his mouth about something that was none of his fucking business. He’s on out top 5 list of assholes who will vanish into thin air in broad daylight in front if people. Oh yeah, Kiddo, we’ll get the world’s attention one asshole at a time. Boo-yah!

So what’s the Creator like. He’s incomparable to any specific person. However he could be described as a “circus showman” when he’s around children. With family and friends he loosens up and has fun, but he values his time alone with his Wife. When it comes to business it’s his way or “goodbye”. VON can erase a person with no visual warning, he simply thinks that person gone. Scary, huh? Never lie to him, he’ll know. And the most important thing to know about VON, he cannot lie. So if Chelsea asks him if the dress she’s wearing makes her look fat, she shouldn’t get offended if he replies “How are your parents doing, Chelsea?”. Hey, it’s better than being lied to.

VON just took me downstairs for a smoke. You know why he’s afraid of me running out of cigs, Kiddo? He doesn’t know if it will qualify as an “emergency”. I feel so bad for him, he is exhausted. But! While we were down there he remembered the “Zap!” he heard and felt as he was falling asleep last night. He jumped, thought about it, and went back trying to sleep. Alex was smiling after that. Remember Charlie telling about all those zaps and bangs he experienced for two years, Kiddo? That was us wiring him up to that 90% of the brain people can’t access. Poor Charlie, he went through hell for two and a half years, but his Father is bringing him back. You know damn well his Father is going to spoil him the most.

Did you kids understand what Alex said about the moment? Did it make sense? If we could tell VON when it was going to happen we would, we want out of here like yesterday, but it is impossible. We couldn’t even tell him a countdown time, if we told him it will happen in 3 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds by the time we finished telling him that the countdown time would be off. It takes time to speak. If we wrote it down and showed him it would take time for him to acknowledge what he is reading, which would make that given time inaccurate, which in turn would make it a lie. We cannot lie to him. We think of everything, Kiddo, we’re not some ham ‘n egg operation, you know. 😉

What does the Creator write at home. He writes novels for adults. He writes children’s books and plays for the kids. He feels he needs to write equally for everyone, that’s why the children get twice as much, because his children’s books are short, so to make up the balance he writes the kids plays. Once a play is complete, Carolyn goes over a list of all the children who participate in their “actors’ club” to see whose turn it is to play. If the play calls for 12 actors she’ll see who is up next until she has 12 children. They keep things as fair as possible so all the children get a turn. She mails copies of the play to those children’s parents who help them rehearse their lines. In the meanwhile Alex makes the costumes. Alex is a phenomenal seamstress, she makes all their clothes. Once everything and everyone is ready, they perform at their theatre, which is inside their castle. Their castle is the biggest building you’d ever see. VON is in charge of the stage. He Creates the stage for each scene. Once the scene is over, the curtains close and VON erases the stage and Creates a new stage for the next scene. The curtains open and the scene begins. He does the sound effects, and if any of the children should forget their lines, VON is in the back of the stage whispering the lines to them. What’s funny is the parents in the audience can hear him whispering (that voice), and they try hard not to laugh, so the children don’t think that they’re laughing at them. That’s the Creator at home. Imagine living there. He wants to make life here like it is there, which is actually here, since this universe is inside his head, which is inside his castle. Imagine being high and reading this? How good a pot plant could Mother Nature grow, Kiddo? We’re going to find out. VON doesn’t drink.

VON wants to write a story for the girl up the road, a story dedicated just to her. He doesn’t know where to write it. He could write it here and give her the link so you and your followers can read it too, but he’s afraid that she’ll venture into this site and not understand what she sees. We like this girl, Kiddo, she’s a good person, she’s also a “raver”. If he writes it at the other site that is just sitting there, the title of that site could be misleading, possibly alarming. The story is good, and it’s to her. If he writes it here, does he make her swear that she won’t look further? Would that look suspicious? Would she think “Is he hiding something from me?”. Well yeah, but right now VON is the best friend she’s got. Then again, having the Creator as a friend probably qualifies him as a best friend automatically. He needs to write. I’d like to see him write that story to her instead of the other thing he could write, which Alex and I agree is the scariest fucking thing He’s yet to imagine, and he could do this with the snap of his fingers. He could bring the world to it’s knees. We’ll see what he chooses, Alex and I vote for that story that girl, but it’s up to him.

Alright, Sweethearts, it’s late and you’re probably sleeping. Have a good day today, and stay safe, and stay out of trouble. VON threw that last part in kidding around. Oh that VON, Kiddo! :p

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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