This is what I’m going to do today, Kiddo, I am going to clean this mess up for you and anybody reading this site by explaining just what the fuck is going on. This whole thing was a disaster and I knew it would be when we got here 46 YEARS ago. My husband feels terrible after I had told him last night why he felt something was wrong while Maia and I were writing a post that we didn’t finish. Maia and I were injecting things amidst his writing to give him hints as to what is going, and last night about 7PM he woke up.

In order for him to be here, I need to wake him up in stages. Last night was the final stage. He’s now in “business mode”, the mode he’s supposed to be in since we’re here on business.

We didn’t make arrangements with the Jacobsen family in Denmark, Maia did. She made those statues, not VON. VON didn’t lie, he was stone drunk on information, like a kid in a candy store. The Creator loves sensory input, like buildings and cars and appliances, those things make his mind race; “what’s this? what’s that? what does that thing do?”. All that information increases the power of his mind, and since we’ve been here he has seen a trillion things between his Son and him. Take a look at a lawn, how many blades of grass do you see at a glance? Corn flakes in a bowl? All this adds up after a while. We are not human, we are only in the body of a human, his Son’s, who also is not human. We are not “aliens”, we are something different.

He got stumped when I wrote a question to him in that unfinished post last night that caught him off guard. I asked him if we were Zeus and Hera, and Charlie was Hermes and all those lives after Hermes, where did we go after Zeus and Hera? He sat there thinking, he couldn’t find an answer. “Where did we go, Creator?”. Nowhere. We were NEVER HERE BEFORE.

VON was high as fuck until last night, and being the jovial person he is naturally and being THE Creator his mind was all over the road Creating stories from what he knew from here thinking that’s how it was. He didn’t lie, he was being Creative. This is why NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. THIS IS HIS SON AND DAUGHTER’S HOME AND OUR VACATION HOME.

Holy shit I’m pissed.

This is what it is. You are inside the physical head of my husband. You are inside a thought. His primary family consists of himself, his wife, our assistant, his son and his daughter. There are five us, primarily. Our whole family consists of thousands, back home.

Here, he has in abstract, his Son, his Daughter, their Nanny, his GrandSon and his GrandDaughter. Presently they are known as Charlie, Athena, Maia, “Big D”, and of course, Chelsea, his little angel. There are more GrandChildren but we have no children of our own here. He’s letting me run with this so I will.

It started off with Von and Bethany, who became Zeus and Hera. Zeus knew their bodies would eventually die so he Created Hermes and Athena for themselves. After that no one knows for certain what happened. Man fucked with history so much it would be dangerous to make any assumptions as to what the truth actually is. Along the way his Son and Daughter had a son and a daughter who followed them through time. Parents with more than one child will always favor one over the other, I don’t care what they say, there is always a favorite. They might love their children equally, but one will be “liked” more than the others.

Charlie and Athena aren’t brother and sister, they’re husband and wife. Chelsea has her once mother inside her head, that’s how she’s not losing her mind, because Athena is “familiar” to Chelsea. VON, being shit-faced on information, thought and wrote that Athena was in love with Chelsea. No, Athena loves Chelsea as her daughter. VON feels bad but I told him it’s okay, it’s not his fault, it’s Aphrodite’s fault. Aphrodite got in the way, not Athena. Athena was meant for Hermes, they were husband and wife. Fucking Aphie. This whole mess is attributed to Aphrodite. All of it. Including the bullshit you deal with everyday.

Trying to convince VON that he can do anything once he’s himself is impossible. Just like his Son Charlie, he needs proof. Charlie once saw a documentary on “gifted people”, and it had a 9 year old girl who supposedly could paint very well. She said that “God” had told her how to paint, “told” as in she heard his voice inside her head. Charlie said “How does she know it’s God? That voice could be anybody’s.”. Charlie was an ultra-genius, he hid his intelligence to prevent people from thinking he was a “know it all”, and with his Twin inside of him making him look stupid hiding it was easy. He was self educated in many fields of science, mathematics, physics, and psychology. He had a 4 digit IQ, I know, Maia and I were there that day he was tested in Westchester County thanks to his once gf Kat. Did he brag about it? No, he kept it secret.

We were hoping we could have finished this last night but he didn’t snap out if it in time. Since we have no privacy today we got Maia one last pack of smokes, and we told him DO NOT GET ANY MORE, WE WANT OUT OF THIS FUCKING BASEMENT VON. Third pack’s the charm. The sister’s grandson is here this weekend and she has off tomorrow so scratch doing it this weekend or Monday, hopefully Tuesday we can end this shit.

Okay, if you have a husband or a boyfriend who likes to drink but is manageable you might know what it’s like when he’s drunk, you “yes” him; “yes dear, okay dear, whatever you say dear”, and the next day you ask him “do you remember last night?”. When he came to he was so different that when we sat at the dinner table with the sister, her husband and the grandson I was shaking like a leaf hoping he wouldn’t say anything, I could barely hold a fork, he saw this. We ate, then ran into the basement. I don’t like being this way, this is not how I am.

There are two types of mistakes here and at Facebook, accidental and intentional. He made accidental mistakes and Maia, CJ and myself made intentional mistakes. The intentional mistakes are not lies, they are mistakes that were not erased for him to find. Charlie getting all his Father’s power happened in another dimension, that actually happened, so it is not a lie. You don’t know that but it doesn’t matter to us, what matters is we get him to the surface as quickly as possible by him finding the truth through all the mistakes, and there’s quite a few of them. The mistakes began after the 109th post here, about 70 posts ago. We kept track by using a different color font. The last post with golden font was the last of Charlie at pseudodaughter. We are not happy with how this went. I’m going to let Maia take the lead for a while, hold on, Kiddo.

How you Sweethearts doing? This is some mess isn’t it? It’s okay, we’re going to make this site private and give only you password to view it, you and your followers will be given the link to the new site in our last post. Charlie created this site just for you, Chelsea, as a way to keep in touch with you if he should have ever lost his Facebook page. Alex is fuming right now, CJ and the twins are sleeping, I got rid of all of Charlie’s past spirits so no more Zeus or anyone else VON’s Son has been. We’re telling him he can bring Charlie back without any paradoxical problems, but we want to speak with Athena first to see how she wants her forever husband to be. VON’s orders. We’re telling him to stop worrying, he’s not embarrassed, he just doesn’t want anyone reading this site to think we’re fucking with people. This is why Charlie wanted scientific help, he knew there was more to come. He also knew that he wasn’t going to be here one day, but we can bring back in a different body, of himself at a younger age or in the body of Hermes, but we’ll leave that decision up to Athena. We need to get her, honey. I hope you gave this some thought, on how this can be done, either way you’ll win so no worries, alright?

You should’ve seen us at dinner last night, Alex was shaking do bad she was struggling to keep food on the fork. VON went from Mr.Happy to Mr.Serious in the blink of an eye just before we went upstairs to eat. When we went to bed he wrote yesterday’s post telling his Wife he had no idea what was going on, and he wasn’t lying. He apologized for the “other women”, which we thought was cute. He thought Alex was returning in the body of another woman, no, VON, she is coming here as Alex, and she’s not mad at you at all, promise. Okay? You big banana, you.

In the past week we finished flushing all the residue of his Son out, and last night was the final transition. With the exception of having access to his abilities, he is 100% VON, and that is why we need to leave very soon. If we had our own place we could do this much easier, but we’re almost done. We were shooting for last night but it didn’t happen. I had one cig left this morning and Alex said “Fuck it, get another pack”, BUT THAT IS THE LAST PACK VON. CJ turned me into a chronic smoker, I’m a fucking animal without nicotine, but if you knew the life CJ lived to get us here you’d smoke too. Holy shit, Kiddo, that poor woman, the bullshit she went through for us, but she’ll be coming back and we are so making it up to her. As for you, Chelsea, we are so sorry that this site your Daddio made just for you turned into a circus, this was not our intention whatsoever, but it helped get the Creator to the surface and for us to keep in touch with his Daughter, and GrandDaughter which is you, Chelsea. GrandPa is going to spoil you so bad. I can’t describe him because there’s no one that we can compare him to, he’s the Creator, Sweetheart, there’s only one of him, but we think you’ll like him. 💝

I’m not sure if it was posted or not, but we wrote somewhere that we wanted Charlie to write before we finished this. VON was thinking “okay”, and then he thought “Wait. Isn’t Charlie sleeping?”, and that was the start to the end of VON the drunk driver who got pulled over by officer Alex. When she wrote to him “Where did we go, Creator” in reference to after Zeus and Hera, you needed to see the puzzled look on his face. It was like he failed the breathalyzer officer Alex gave him. “That’s impossible, I’m not drunk!”, and officer Alex saying “Oh yes were, VON”, but it’s okay, it wasn’t his fault. It was Aphrodite’s.

For rotten corpses falling from the sky or living children falling from the sky I think were good. Nothing bad is going to happen, not even “orbs” chasing people. We’re that close where Alex and I can see no problems occurring. Which is scary in itself because no one will know when the moment happened, except for our Daughter and GrandChildren. They’ll feel something.

Running out of time here. The post titled “Mom”, we woke CJ to write that one. We needed her to flush the last of Charlie out so we can finish this. That was the most painful post we endured. That last bit of Charlie residue brought back memories of Charlie for CJ. She lived inside her living Son for almost 40 years. She watched him die, come back, struggle and suffer, die again homeless in a car in a Walmart parking lot, and lived inside his body with him dead inside. She couldn’t even give him a funeral. Everytime she heard someone call his name it was a painful reminder to her that he was gone. That poor woman. I gotta go.

Love, Alex and Maia


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