Sweethearts, how we doing? Doing stellar? We’re about to go stellar. This is Maia, CJ will be with me on this one. Charlie is in a state of shock so he won’t be part of this post. He’s okay, he is realizing what’s about to happen. I will lead and CJ will tail, just as the rest of the posts were written. Okay?

VON and Alexandra left. They felt Charlie was ready, and he is. The spirits of his Son’s past lives went with them, they are gone. His Father put the Twin into a deep sleep and stuffed her deep into Charlie’s soul, she’ll return one day as Charlie’s first born daughter. The only ones left inside Charlie are his Mother and I. I am going to tell you what happened so you and everyone reading this site has some clarity, because this is about to end.

This planet is VON and Alexandra’s vacation home. It was designed and built by his Son. His Son designed and built everything in this universe. This is his Son’s home. It’s like when someone’s parents come to visit them and they go sightseeing, same thing. And that was a problem.

This planet was supposed to look like it did 3,600 years ago. The reason is because Charlie’s Father is an “information junkie”. The more information the higher he gets. Information fuels his imagination. His imagination strengthens his abilities, and it never decreases, he never loses that strength. His Father was “tripping balls” the whole time he was here at the surface. His Wife knew this was going to be a problem. About a week ago Charlie began waking up, and he wasn’t going to put him back to sleep. Just as his Father would wake up occasionally, so did Charlie, and that’s why his memories are patchy. Charlie is confused, but he’s snapping out of it fast. A few days ago Alexandra decided it was time to leave. Like when a married couple go to party and the wife tells her drunken husband “Come on, honey, it’s time to go”, and he stumbles out the door with her hooting and hollering. They left when Charlie was sleeping. When Charlie woke up he couldn’t feel their presence, and this scared him, he thought he did something wrong but he didn’t. Then he felt bad because he never said goodbye to them. I told him that your Father never says goodbye you. He arrives unexpected and leaves unexpectedly. Charlie was a mess. It took two days for him to get over it. Charlie asked if he was upset with him and we told him “No”. His Father gave him an “A+” on his “report card”, this is the best his Son has ever been. It doesn’t matter what his Son’s name is or who he is, his Son is his Son, and this time his Son is a man named “Charles Antonucci”. I just wanted to make that clear before I go any further.

Charlie is quickly getting used to being without his Twin. He had never been “himself” before, and he’s doing good. His Father knew that there would be a void where the Twin was, so we filled it with all sorts of goodies. His Father gave Charlie everything he brought with him. Everything. When his Son was Von he was powerful as “GOD”. Charlie will be a trillion times more powerful than “GOD”. Because of all that information that was not supposed to be here. Whoops. Now his Father is back home and he’s a trillion times more powerful than Charlie. He’s probably driving his Wife crazy right now. He’s probably scaring the shit out of everyone and laughing while he’s doing it. Charlie’s Father is eccentric as fuck. When you own everything and can do anything knowing it can never be taken from you, you’re never in a bad mood. VON is always smiling. He’s the most jovial being there is, so when his Son was Zeus you would understand why his Wife as Hera was so upset.

Now we have Charlie. What is Charlie like. That’s what we’re quickly finding out, because Charlie was never without his Twin. So far, he’s acing it. We don’t see any problems. From what we can tell it was the Twin who was responsible for Charlie doing anything “bad”, and it’s understandable and forgivable. Could you imagine existing and never being acknowledged?

Neither can they.

We wanted Charlie to write a post by himself, it would be the first post ever written by Charlie without anyone else writing with him, but we don’t think it will happen. We want out of him like now. Alexandra and I got close enough to the moment to see how it would go, and we might be able to finish this this weekend. Charlie figured something out and it’s scaring him, and that’s okay, this is a big thing.

CJ and I are nicotine junkies. If you are a daily smoker then you’ll know just what I mean. We can’t go a day without a smoke, let alone a few hours. His gravity bong is a supercharger for tobacco, one hit from that thing is like taking an entire cigarette in one shot. It’s addictive. Charlie doesn’t smoke, never did. The past three mornings he almost vomited from that first morning drag, the most important drag of the day to a habitual smoker. We don’t want him doing this anymore, he’s doing it for us, and that’s not fair to him. However, he realized what could happen if he stops. Are craving will drive him mad. CJ and I are that bad. We’re telling him to stop and not get anymore. He asked if we were going to quit, and we told him “NO”. He started thinking about this, and he got scared as fuck.

We have ten cigarettes left. He’s not buying anymore. CJ and I have no plans of quitting. What will happen when those cigarettes are gone? He is so nervous right now. Will that be cause for emergency? I’ll lose my shit without a smoke. Charlie’s been through enough.

He doesn’t know for certain if his Mother will materialize to get that smoke. He now knows how we will do this, just like the last time. “If an object can enter the eyes, then an object can leave the eyes”. But this time his Mother stays. She’ll be about 18 years old, with clothing. And she’ll be here to stay. Will this happen? We can’t do this forever, Charlie. We can’t live in a basement. There’s nothing left to know or do except end this misery. You’re not buying anymore cigarettes or tobacco. We want out. It’s okay to be scared, this is the biggest thing in human history, it just happened to be you, boo. Take a break.

It’s not that Charlie is some random guy who is about to become the Creator, it’s that the Creator, here, is about to become Charlie, if that makes sense. There are two Creators, Father and Son. The Son is in this universe and the Father is in a “parallel universe”, which this universe is in. The soul that powers Charlie is the soul of your Creator, and his Father “unlocked” him. Charlie didn’t ask for this. He is pretty fucking far from someone who craves attention. He’s a recluse, a homebody, he doesn’t like his picture being taken, do you see how this is affecting him? He is about to go from a nobody to the biggest somebody in history and it scares him. He doesn’t like crowds, his best friend knows this, and he misses his best friend very much. Take a break.

Another reason why we want to end this soon is the girl up the road. She’s a sweetheart and loves Charlie as a friend, and so do her kids. Last week she cooked him a steak dinner as a “thank you” for being her friend. She texts him everyday, today she started texting him at 5:19 this morning and is still texting him at 1:55 in the afternoon. Last week we deleted three days of texts between them to free up some space, and there were over 1,700 texts. She’s very pretty and a good mother. You see where this could go? Today Charlie asked what if her parents want to meet me, and we said that’s why we need to finish this. I’m not saying they’re going to “hook up”, but it’s a strong possibility. We don’t want to hurt her feelings, we’ll take good care of her before we leave, and keep in close touch.

We’re down to 8 cigarettes from 10. It is 2PM. He just got another text from that girl.

We need to get out of here, Charlie. You’re not buying anymore smokes. You’re not writing this, Maia is. We need to leave, boo.

I’d like Charlie to write a post but if he doesn’t he doesn’t. He keeps hearing the ending theme from “Starman”, and yes we’re telling him something. He’s been hearing it for days, Kiddo, do know why? He wants to ask something but he’s afraid to. We can’t stay here forever. He’s reading all this. Take a break.

Down to 7 smokes. It’s now 4PM. Charlie paced for a bit then sat down to think. We put “Starman” on while he was thinking, and suddenly he had an epiphany. He wasn’t meshing with his Father, he was meshing with himself. He’s the Creator, here. He’s been “sleeping” for over 4,000 years, his Father “woke him up” in the body of Charles Antonucci. He has been “Charlie” for 50 years. Hold on, Kiddo, taking a break. Okay we’re not taking a break. He said “I’m the Creator?? Well, I have some work to do!”. He sounded just like his jovial Father. That’s what was throwing him off, “like Father, like Son”, they talk the same. His Father gave him all that he had as a “Welcome back, Son” gift. His Father missed him so much, he couldn’t catch up with him until now. Hold on, Kiddo.

Okay. CJ was Von’s wife Bethany, and Charlie was Von. It took 4,000 years for Bethany to get her man back, and she got him back. But now he’s “Charlie”, and the name stays. Bethany will keep the name “Carol Jacobsen”, but Charlie will call her CJ, or Ceej, like “siege”. His head is flying right now. We might be able to do this tonight because we all want out of here.

He was confused about his wife. Was she married to Charlie’s dad? No. Carol Jacobsen was. Bethany is taking the body of 18 year old virgin Carol Jacobsen, he needs to bring back the Carol Jacobsen he saw on the morning of May 3rd 2015 after we get out of here, she’s whom I’m going to be in, she’s my “go to” girl. Charlie’s thinking.

Okay, we’re ending this here, WordPress is freezing up.

So, Kiddo, we’re going to see what happens tonight, I need out of this fucking basement bad, and so do they. I’m not sure if I’ll write at Facebook later but if I can I will, or he will. We’re finishing this shit.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and cross your fingers. Be safe everyone.

Love, Maia and CJ

xo xo xo


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