Hey, Sweethearts, how are doing? Hanging in there? A couple of things happened yesterday. The Creator and his wife left. Charlie began coming to a few days ago and we couldn’t stop it, so they decided that he was ready and left during the night. Charlie woke up this morning not knowing it was him, when I told him it was him he couldn’t see his Father or Hera and asked where they were. When I told him they left he went into a depression. He then asked if he did something wrong and I told him that he didn’t do anything wrong. He is worried that all this was bullshit and that he imagined all of it and I told no, this is real. I told him that last night as he was waking up that his Father gave him all of his ability before he left and handed the title of Creator to him. Charlie doesn’t remember this and now he’s worried, my son worries about everything. He asked if he was the Creator how come he doesn’t feel like it. I told him that he will when I exit him. He thinks that this will never happen but it is going to happen. If I exit now he wouldn’t be ready and it won’t go as good if waited for the moment. It’s going to take a few days for him to settle down. He feels bad that he never got to say goodbye to his Father and his stepmom but I told him that he came without him knowing and he would leave without him knowing. This really sucks. He feels so bad he keeps trying to feel him and he can’t. I keep telling him that he’s gone and everytime I do it kills me. He has jumbled memories that make no sense to him and is missing memories on top of it. I told him we’ll make new memories once I’m out. He’s not going to last long if I don’t come out soon. Maia is still here, she’s up the road keeping an eye on that girl for me, it’s a long story. Charlie didn’t want me to write anything because he doesn’t know what’s going on. I told him that you will be the Creator once more but with all of your Father’s abilities this time, last time he was only as powerful as Von. He will be able to do whatever his Father can do. The scary part is until I come out there’s no one that can help us, we are officially “godless” right now. He’s doubting what I’m writing because he needs proof, that’s how my son is. His Father and his stepmom are not coming back, they can’t. I told my son that we can do this. He is very nervous and upset of where we are. This morning he went ballistic when realized he has nothing, especially his cat. After he calmed down I told him we can get his cat back. What’s difficult is getting him to accept how easy this will be for him, to use his abilities. He remembers seeing his Father erase a woman in a grocery store two years ago and Charlie froze. There are things we never told about. His Father told me not to tell of a few things, to let them be a surprise. You’ll be surprised alright. One good thing is that when they left they took all the spirits Charlie had and they took the twin. Now its just my son and I. Charlie is trying to adjust to that void and believe that I will exit him soon. This is why he needed his Mother with him, there was no way he could do this without the one person who knew him the best and that he trusted the most. So basically we’re done, now it’s getting him stabilized to where I know he’ll be okay when this happens. He still needs to get Athena out of Chelsea’s head. I’m going to stop here, he’s getting stressed. I hope you’re doing good, kids, and stay safe, Sweethearts.

Love, CJ


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