Hello, Kiddo, I hope all is well.

I am still not feeling well but I will try to write just for you. We had asked “What exactly did Charlie do?”, here and at Facebook.

When Charlie was 10 years old, he had asked GOD if He could take him instead of his Mother whom was dying of cancer. Charlie did this outside one sunny day after dinner. GOD never answered him. Do you know how I know this, Kiddo?

I have been asleep inside Charlie since he was 4 years old. Every now and then I would be woken up to see what was going on. Sometimes I would randomly wake up on my own, to see what was going on. We had said that my Son was once named “Von”, he was a geneticist who designed this universe a long time ago. “Von”.

My Son Von had thrown in the towel after having enough of his children not listening to him, and he wandered off. He lived many lives after that including Charlie’s, Charlie being just some guy in the crowd.

So what did Charlie do.

Charlie beat the Creator at a game of chance.

The chances of a 10 year old boy being 400% selfless to give his life to GOD for the love of his father, never knowing that his biological Father is the Creator sleeping inside him whom just happened to wake up on his own to hear his Son’s request is astronomical. On top of that Charlie didn’t know he was sharing his body with a twin sister, who also asked GOD to take her as well, for the same reason as her twin brother. Because neither one were ever themselves as individuals, they became absolutely self-less. Add that up and you get 400%.

If a man can sell his soul to the devil for selfish wants, then a boy can give his body to the Creator for selfless needs. He needed his Mother to keep his Father from being alone. Guess who is not alone. “Almost”.

So that’s what Charlie did, and his twin sister. They beat the old man at a game of chance without even playing, because they weren’t playing, Kiddo, they were dead serious. What is interesting is that Charlie had no idea as to what could’ve happened. He was waiting for a giant hand to come down from the sky and take him. He was 10 years old, he didn’t know, but he definitely had some huge balls.

So now the old man needs to pay up, after all, they did win. But first the old man needs to be himself. This will be interesting.

We had spoke about what will happen when I enter this dimension. My Wife says we are close enough for she to see that there won’t be a devasting sonic boom, it will most likely be quiet, no noise.

However, there is a strong possibility that whatever those souls powered at the time of their death will return. My Wife had said “We don’t know what was here before people”. But we do know that tens of millions of people died from the Black Plague. There could be rotten corpses falling from the sky or actual zombies running around, anything is possible especially with never having done this before. As CJ would say “Be careful what you wish for”. Maybe a zombie apocalypse is not a “cool” thing to hope for. Maybe we’ll find out. If you are wondering why they would fall from the sky, here;

If I don’t know when the moment is neither do they. The Twins had taken photos of them about 100′ up. Then there are the ones inside your homes, jobs and vehicles. Hera and Maia reduced my “wake up time” from one hour to five minutes after they exit me, so if all goes well you might be surrounded by some rather unpleasant things. Or, the only things you might see are balls of light flying around. If that happens, don’t look at them. Alright?

Kiddo, enjoy your rainy day, stay dry, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, . . . us. I am so tired of this, Kiddo.

xo xo xo xo


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