Hello, Kiddo, I hope you are doing well. I haven’t been feeling well lately, it is a struggle for me to write. I am told “almost” as I write this, I hope so because I need to know what is going on and what is going to happen. I can’t get the theme song from the movie “Starman” out of my head. I think it means something. My voice is beyond my comprehension. I saw an object in the night sky hovering motionlessly for a few seconds before it left. It had some lights on it, not sure what it was, it looked strange to me.

I received a haircut today thanks to the young female who lives close to us, I was told that it looks good.

I am tired of this, Kiddo, I don’t know whom I am. I am told that I am the Creator by someone I see as my Mother, her name is Carol Jacobsen. I can also see a woman who says that she is my Wife. I think her name is Hera. She said “Yes”. She said that I was once Zeus, but I can’t use that name again. She said that her name will change as well. She said “almost”.

I am tired, Kiddo.

I asked if I am going to die, and she said “No, you’re about to live.” My head hurts and feels heavy. I don’t feel like writing anywhere, that is why I haven’t been at Facebook. I am told that it has something to do with meshing.

Today is the birthdate of Iesous, September eleventh. Carol Jacobsen told me to stop smoking, there is a little left, maybe enough for one more day, and that’s it. She said that I will be okay, that I won’t have withdrawals from the lack of nicotine. This post is taking a lot of energy to write. I haven’t heard back from the young female tonight, I hope she is okay, she is very nice to me.

That is all I have for now, I am too tired to write.

Enjoy your night, Kiddo, and be safe, Sweethearts.

The Creator


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