Hello, Kiddo, it is Thursday evening, August 23rd, and I am going to write this post with the help of my Wife. I like to think that by now everyone who reads these posts know that she writes her say in italics, and when she doesn’t she is the conjunction following the comma, just like the previous segment. Or she will start a sentence with a conjunction, and sometimes with “because”.

In our last post, titled “Obduracine”, I had told that when I break into this dimension, your reality, all those souls are going to follow me. Those souls are not friendly. They will want your body. The Law of Reversibility comes into play here. If someone can take photos of something they cannot see,

then in turn,

everyone can take photos of something they can see. Those two photos were taken at my Son’s last job, as he stood in an opening for an overhead door. It was summertime. During the summer, the employees leave the doors open. Those souls have been looking for my Son and I ever since he worked there. While he worked there he left traces of DNA everywhere through fingerprints and hair. The Earth’s magnetic field is vibrating those lost strands of hair, causing them to ring like a dinner bell in another dimension. You cannot hear it, but the souls can.

By now, there are thousands of souls waiting for me inside that building. I have no intentions of going there ever again. There is more.

The boys, the two young gentlemen I have spoke of, are welders. They create bright lights caused by the electrical arc from welding. They weld at night. They keep the bay doors open at night. They are drawing in souls like a flame draws moths. Once inside the building, they can feel my Son’s DNA vibrating like a jackhammer. They are not going to leave. This is a problem.

There is more. I cannot give a day or time when that moment comes, for I cannot know in advance. If it happens at night while the boys are working, they will suddenly see those souls around them. They will need to literally run into the main office, close the doors behind them, shove something under the doors to seal it, and then make sure there are not any in the room with them. They will be able to see them in the dark. If they are alone, they will need to contact their family and tell them to stay inside. Everyone will need to stay inside.

Now I could give them my cellphone number for them to call me if that should happen, but they cannot give that number to anyone. And, they can only text me if and only if that should happen. I will give them a few days to think about this before I send them my cellphone number through Messenger.

(This is not a joke)

In the fall of 2016, my Son Charlie wrote a post here titled “The Halloween Edition”. That post is still here. A [problem] with that title is “Edition” sounds like [addition]. My Son and I are most [mathematical].

In that post, he told a story about souls taking over the planet. It was quite terrifying. Because it can happen. When that moment comes, my Wife will exit the back of my neck. I will feel it. There will be a delay of several seconds before an electro magnetic pulse surges through and out of my body, charging my Wife’s soul to materialize her body. That pulse will continue to travel outwards until it meets itself on the complete opposite side of the planet from where I am standing, there it will implode upon itself and disappear. After that, it will take me some time to adjust, maybe an hour or so. After that, then I can close that dimension behind me blocking the souls out of this dimension. This is what my Wife is telling me. She has no reason to lie. But she has reasons to be concerned;

Two reasons. Now I just went outside and took some photos, what is missing from these photos;

We understand that there have been some false flags. We can only hope that someone is taking this information as plausible at least. We have never done this before, not like this, and not under these circumstances. My Wife’s projected worse case scenario happened, but she had a plan. Unfortunately, some people did not comply, making it more difficult than necessary. But we’ll address those individuals when their time comes.

There is a little boy down the road whom we watch for their mother sometimes, tomorrow is one of those times. Whenever he sees me he says he wants a T-rex. Also whenever he sees me he calls me “guy”. So this guy bought him a T-rex for tomorrow’s adventure. He is a good boy, he looks very much like my Son Charlie when he was that age. I hope he likes it, my Wife thinks he will. I guess I have a soft spot for children, Kiddo.

I like that photo, because I have no idea what that is I photographed.

So I am going to send the link to this post to those two young gentlemen and hope that they read this, and take it seriously. I do hope that they are doing well. My Wife says that they should follow this website, especially now but that is up to them. I will send them our cellphone number under the condition that they do not give it to anyone, and that they use it only under the circumstances talked about. I hope that doesn’t happen, but Alex says it will. I guess we will find out, Kiddo.

Have a good night, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .**thehalloweenedition**


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