Hello, Kiddo, we hope all is well with you and yours on this peaceful Tuesday afternoon approaching evening. I spent the day feeling better by working with my Wife for what’s to come. This is not an easy process, Sweethearts, but we’re gaining ground.

Early this morning we received a reply from Carlsberg in regards to my comment on JC Jacobsen’s materialization video, which made me feel good. I might reply to their reply for I feel that would be the proper thing to do, after all, they were not obligated to reply to my comment.

I recently left comments for some videos from other YouTube channels, positive in context, though I am not expecting any positive replies, if any replies for that matter. Now that I think about it, I have posted many video comments over the past month and have received only two replies in return. One was from Carlsberg and the other one from whom I think was a government shill. They attempted a debate, but after I had presented to them the error in their interpretation of my words they suddenly ceased their attempt. Reminding them that they did not know whom they were communicating with might have played a part in their decision to keep their ignorance to themselves but I am not certain.

I experienced something different before falling asleep the other night. I began hearing and feeling that tympanic rumbling inside my head, the same rumbling that Daddio had mentioned several times in the past, but this was quite intense. At one point, it felt like my body was either sliding off the bed or sliding out of my skin. This experience lasted for several minutes. Alex says that it was a good thing. The visual focusing trick is a tricky one, not sure what is happening when it happens but Alex says that is a good thing too. Oh that Alex. What am I going to do with her, Kiddo?

. . .

The atmosphere around us has an eerie stillness to it. It has been like this for days. A few times walking to the Mobil station we noticed a lack of vehicles on the main road, peculiar, considering that it is a main road near the parkway. No, I am not thinking conspiracy, I simply find it peculiar and nothing more.

. . .

I took a look at the comment section for this site, to see if there were any comments that could be helpful but I did not see any. I am not expecting any help from above or from below. I was simply curious. Speaking of from above, my Wife told me “get rid of it”, in regards to the Moon. So I said “okay”. It will be near the top of my “Honey Do” list once we are together as two separate people. She would like to do a “live feed” for Facebook when I do, it will give the kids something to watch other than “The Walking Dead”, there will be plenty of that down the road, but instead of walking they’ll be running. I am serious, Kiddo.

I cannot help but notice this feeling that my writing has changed. It is as if something is missing or something. Odd.

. . .

We spent part of the day watching videos about recent global events, and we need to tell you, Sweethearts, it’s bad. Here is another channel worth investigating;


We like the format of the channel, rather avant-garde if you will. Today’s topic was the new Facebook social credit scoring, which most Facebook users are probably unaware of. From what we gathered, if you “dislike” certain advertisements or viewpoints on Facebook you receive a low score. However, you cannot see the score. So, if you are an avid Facebook user who enjoys voicing your opinion about what Facebook posts I think that you might want to simply be quiet, for I don’t know what or who the score is actually for. Just saying.

. . .

It is now 7:30AM Wednesday. Writing has become slightly difficult yet easier somehow. I think that my Wife is kneading me into whom I am, actually am to be precise.

My Wife has told me that once I am myself both physically and personally I will remember how to sign my name fluidly. My signature can be read 180° of itself, meaning, turn my signature upside down and it will look the same. Maybe not now, but it will.

I have been hearing my voice as I think, something that I have not been able to do for quite some time. My Wife and the girls have told many times about my voice to the kids. Once they hear it they will understand why they did. The two young gentlemen from my Son’s last job were privileged to hear my Son speak with Zeus’ voice several times. They had joked with him, calling him “Satan”. They were close, for Satan comes from Saturnus, the Romans’ name for Zeus. I miss those boys. My Wife tells me that we will see them again, for we will have gifts to bear.

. . .

Those photos that my Son and I were able to take, they were taken under optimal atmospheric conditions. Here;

For the past month or so, these next photos are the best I can take, under optimal atmospheric conditions. Here;

I captured these photos from the viewing screen of the camera that had taken the original photos, I used a slight angle to give a semi negative effect to show you their authenticity. Not many souls in the photos are there? They are still there, I simply am not there with them. To take those photos, like this one;

I would need to be in that dimension, the realm of the dead. Because my photos now look like this;

. . . it shows me that I am soon to leave that realm completely and enter into this dimension, the realm you are living in. When my Wife exits my body she will create an ethereal vacuum in her wake, drawing me into where I need to be to have my body to myself. I will be myself. Since all souls belong to me, they will follow me into this dimension. You will then be able to see them clearly without a camera. However, it will be wise of you to stay indoors or to get indoors once you see them, for they might see you. You have something that they want. Being all those souls are violently insane and now have an idea as to where they go inside the brain, I will advice once more to stay inside. The only three beings that we know will be safe will be my Wife, Chelsea, and myself. Chelsea will be safe because our Daughter is inside her head. Now isn’t Chelsea lucky. My Wife had said that we will need to work fast, now I have an idea as to why. Our kids. The only thing that might keep them safe is that “anti-you soul” my Son put in everyone’s head in June of 2015. Not certain as to why yet, just a feeling I have.

. . .

We took a break so I could collect my thoughts. It is now 2PM, same day.

I feel as if I had taken a few steps yet gained hundreds of feet this week. My Wife feels optimistic to me. I am trying. I watched a most recent video by RichieFromBoston earlier today and I left an encouraging comment, maybe he will see it. I still would like to reply to Carlsberg thanking them for acknowledging my comment, I will try to do so tonight.

I have more to tell but WordPress is freezing up again, so I will save it for the next post. I will add this before I go;

Someone you trust more than anyone else calls you and says “In one hour from now, President Donald Trump is going to meet with you to thank you for being an outstanding citizen and huge supporter, and he is going to give you a certified check for one hundred thousand dollars. This is going to happen one hour from now.”

The person who called is telling the truth. You believe them. The question that I have is, “What will you do in the time between that phone call and President Donald Trump’s arrival?”

Do you know, Kiddo?

I do.

You are going to panic. You will do things that you normally would not do. You will make mistakes. And that is why the Creator can’t know far in advance when that moment is, only a few minutes prior.

Simple as that.

There are now 100 days before November 30th. If the circumstances were not as they were when what was told to me as such I would have shrugged this off as a misfire. But Alexandra says that it is not a misfire. If you take into consideration all the catastrophic events taking place around the world simultaneously Maia’s claim does sound plausible. I will write another post this week.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Kiddo, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

The law of Reversibility. . .

If a wolf can wear sheep’s clothing then a sheep could wear wolf’s clothing. He’ll write another post soon and I’ll help him with it because there are a few things we need to explain. – Alex


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