Escape to Athena

Not certain where this post is going, but Alex insisted upon the title, Kiddo. It is Sunday, August 12th.

I have said several if not many times that we are done here, but now i think we are actually done here. I do not like to give misinformation by any means, meaning, i do not like to mislead, even by mistake on my behalf. Think, “Regarding Henry”, the movie where a man needs to be retrained by his devoted wife after losing his memory. I did not see this movie, only the movie’s trailer but it was enough for me to understand just how much my beloved wife has been through. I speak of myself quite often, it is not that i am a self-centered being, it is because i simply do not see my wife physically, “out of sight, out of mind”, so to speak. And the Creator wants to see his wife physically.

In order for me to see my wife physically we need a private location so she can exit my body as a soul. I have felt her do this before several times so that i will know what to expect when that moment comes. When that moment comes, there will be a delay of just a few seconds before i snap out of it. When that happens there is a possibility of a powerful Soundwave being emitted that could destroy the surrounding area, hence the reason for my wife showing me a scene from a Star Wars movie involving a “seismic charge”. We have never fully been ourselves before. The last time we were here we were on vacation. This time we are here on business. Also, the last time we were here my wife already had a body of her own waiting for her, and i had my memory intact. Things did not go as planned. Obviously.

Alexandra made use of this downtime by teaching me what i needed to know prior, and she did it by using emotion. Anyone can tell you anything. A person can lie to your face. A person can even lie to God. These liars will fake their feelings to tell you whatever you need to hear for them to get whatever they want. But you cannot fake feelings to someone when that someone can feel your emotional state of mind. It is impossible. When i think “this is going to happen?” to my wife and my wife begins to get upset and says “yes, baby” i know for a fact that it is going to happen. If you are thinking about the Zeus thing she never told me through feeling, she “told” what Zeus wanted to hear. I did not know that there was a piece of Zeus lingering around. Once she flushed the last of him out i immediately felt the difference. The difference between VON and Zeus is that Zeus would have been okay with more than one wife, VON would not have been. I want only one wife, my Alexandra. My wife cannot be here as herself as i cannot be here as myself, it would be impossible. So i will take my Son’s body and modify it, and Alex will take his Mother’s body and not modify it. If you are curious as to whom Maia is, Maia is my wife’s “Tinkerbell”, a free spirit who works for my wife. In abstract, Maia is Carolyn, our children’s Nanny back home. Right now Maia is sound asleep, along with Charlie, Aurem, their Mother, their GrandMother Elin, their cousin and guardian Rita, and a few others. Zeus and Hera are gone completely as individual souls.

No more Z-guy.

So where does this leave us now, Kiddo?

Now my wife and i need to think of how to get out of this dungeon. We do not want to stay here anymore. The purpose of coming here was to get rid of my Son’s car, and to keep what little he had safe. At least one thing went accordingly. By staying here, however, i learned for myself that religion does indeed not work. If religion is so good, then why is life so bad?

My wife keeps pointing southward in regards to our departure, meaning, southern New York. I am not certain as to when we will leave, but Alex wants out of here right now. We have only so much money left, and we have a set amount that when we reach that amount it will be time to leave. Maybe, this week? **shrugs**

I have made mistakes, that should be obvious. Neither i nor my wife lied to anyone. Once more, “Regarding Henry”. What were not mistakes were . . .



Alice & Trudie

Moon Children

Our Children

My Son was a T-rex

Pennies from heaven


Where human souls came from

Humans came from pigs

November 30th

Earth’s spherical engine

The universe is inside my head

How we got here

And the love for our Daughter

. . .

. . .

. . .

The longer we stay here the longer it will take Alexandra to become herself, when Alexandra becomes herself then i become myself. If you are questioning with “how”, a quick reminder;

If a physical object can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical object. – Neville Goddard

The Law of Reversibility

How many times did Daddio write that to you, Kiddo? If we were here before to play, then we can be here after to work. But it doesn’t mean my wife and the girls can’t go shopping before we get our hands dirty, Kiddo, oh no. 😉 Oh no. ☺

So that’s what we have for today, kids. This Friday we have an appointment to meet with someone from the state regarding my Son’s case, but i think we just might cancel it, and the benefits. I myself think that the last thing Alex wanted me to find out was the cannibalism of children taking place in this country, because that’s a tough one to swallow. Do you believe that? No? Okay, go to YouTube and search for “LA Cannibal Club”, and see for yourself what you will find. For myself, i don’t know what else there is for me to know with my wife still inside of me. She is shaking my head, meaning “nothing”. I have stopped pacing months ago. I only feel my wife stirring inside of me. Oh. My Son’s Twin woke up a little last weekend. She wrote at Facebook “God is waking up in the body of Charles Antonucci”.

She was close.

Have a good day, Kiddo, and please be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo


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