“Transaction Suspended”

Well, Kiddo, it is 5:49AM Saturday and i have been up for 3 hours investigating some things per Alex, because she won’t let that damn Moon go. Oh no, Kiddo, she had something that i needed to find out. And he did. Hanging in there, Sweethearts?

Yes, i am exhausted, so this might take a while to write.

Alright. “Missing 411”. If you haven’t watched any videos about this phenomenon i will explain the basis. Each year, for about 150 years, people have vanished without a trace from national parks in this country. The park services have no records of this. They rely on the memories of their employees as a means of keeping records. Doesn’t make sense, does it? The government owns the parks, and pays the park service their salaries.

Each year, since 2002, 8 million children under the age of 18 years go missing worldwide. Only 1 million are found either dead or alive. The rest are never found. This might have been going on before 2002, but that is the earliest statistic that i could find that correlates with other statistics. This is just missing children, not missing adults.

Keep this in mind for we need to switch tracks temporarily.

. . .

Imagination: the faculty of forming new ideas or images of external objects not present to the senses.

Knowledge: the practical understanding of a subject.

Technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Industrial revolution: the rapid industrial growth that began in England during the middle of the 18th century and then spread over the next 50 years to many other countries, including the United States.

Imps: childlike demons.

Demon: a supernatural being whose nature is intermediate between a god and a human being. Genius.

When you imagine something, you are simply altering something that already exists within the limits of your knowledge. If i were to say to you “Ever see a kevzor?”, you would have no idea what i was talking about, nor could you imagine what i was talking about. You could try, but you wouldn’t know where to begin; is it an animal, mineral, or vegetable? You wouldn’t know what a kevzor was unless i told you. Make sense, Kiddo?

When you were in grade school, did you ever have your parents help you with your homework? If so, did your teacher ask you if they did, because the teacher knew your knowledge capacity? Did you tell the teacher “No.”? Kiddo! Shame on you! **smh**

Back in 18th century England, man was plodding along, technology-wise, when all of a sudden his technology boomed! From out of nowhere! It’s like there was an unseen force at work, giving man technological secrets or something. I’m telling ya! Do you know why i say that, Kiddo?

Do you?

Because like that teacher you fibbed to about your homework, i know that man could not have possibly imagined that far with the knowledge he possessed at that time. And these jumps in technology seem to happen quite often, if you follow the timeline of technology. I mean, one day he’s riding a horse and the next day he’s driving a car. How did that happen? Man is dumb as a stump, just take a look around you. All i see are shiny, little devices everywhere, even children have them there are so many of them. Who gave man all these technological advances? Oh, I’m sorry.

Who SOLD man all these technological advances?

. . .

Hmm. You know, Kiddo, between you and me, i think that the IMP’s SOLD man these technological advances. **Alex-nod** I do, Kiddo. You know, the ones that are still hiding in the Moon, the imps, the demons. The ones who threw out their siblings because they knew God wasn’t coming back anytime soon. Mutiny, if you will. The Moon Children might be what is referred to as “Fallen Angels”.

“When God’s away the demons will play”

Oh, i am serious, Kiddo, i am as serious as KURU. Now the Moon Children, the good kids, have been stuck on this shit hole for a long time, while the imps, the bad kids, are in cahoots with the governments of this world. They trade technology for children to be used for food, and probably for sex too. After they play and filet them they simply cremate the leftovers and toss the ashes out onto the surface of the Moon. Ever see the photo of Neil Armstrong’s boot print on the Moon? It looks like he stepped in a pile of ash. The surface of the Moon looks like it is covered in white ash. Think about it, Kiddo, where would you hide 7 million children every year? 7 million children, that’s almost the population of Sweden. Every year. Eventually you would run out of hiding places.

Does this not make sense?

Does this at least sound plausible?

Why wouldn’t the national park service keep records of all their missing people? Because they were told not to, perhaps? What other reason could there be? Wouldn’t the government insist that they do? Those missing people don’t matter?

This would explain the Illuminati, skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, celebrities, the Rothschilds, pizzagate, pedophilia, Islam, purity balls, Hillary.

I need a break.


. . .

It is now 2PM same day.

So, i guess you can say that the imps made a deal with the devil. My Son once said that if there were people living inside the Moon they would cremate their dead and throw the ashes outside, to utilize interior space.

. . .

During the summer and fall of last year the Twins would make frequent stops at a nearby convenience store. They were in there at least once a day and once a night. One night at their apartment they were writing hard at Facebook, he had said something regarding Santa Claus, and he stopped to get Aphie a large fountain Coke, her favorite drink. They walked in and went to the counter to fetch Aphie her drink. Just as they got there my Son Charlie said that they heard sleighbells ringing, as if someone was in the backroom shaking them about. They returned home and told this to Facebook. About an hour later his Mother needed smokes, so they went back. As he walked up to the counter he saw a female attendant run into that backroom, and seconds later he heard sleighbells ringing again. He told this to Facebook. There was a young man with glasses working there that night whom my Son would talk with whenever the young man had time. My wife had given him the link to this website months before but the young man never said anything about it. The young man was most courteous and kind to my Son. What my Son did not realize was that the young man was helping him . . .

Transaction Suspended

Whenever Charlie used his bank card when the young man was there his purchase was for free. Why would that young man do that?

. . .

So this is what i will say to that kind young man. “Thank You”. If there is something that you would like to share with us then leave us a comment so we know that it is you without revealing your name, my wife will know who you are, she’s good like that. Once again, thank you for helping my Son.

This has been a long day.

Oh. I don’t know how to copy and paste, but i will leave a YouTube channel you might be interested in;


They have two videos that were published back in September 2017, they feature Carol Jacobsen’s deceased great grandfather, Jacob Christian Jacobsen, returning from the dead to give a TED Talk inside the Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark. One video is the trailer to this prestigious event and the second is the talk itself. I would be curious to know your feelings on these two videos, especially after knowing my Son Charlie had said that he had seen his deceased Mother Carol Jacobsen materialize 2-1/2 years earlier. What a coincidence, Kiddo! **smiling**

Anywho. Not sure what i wrote earlier but it is the most plausible explanation. Alex is nodding my head. Where are all the missing children and the missing national park visitors?

Nom. Nom. Nom.

Simple as that. Have yourself a not so dreary day, Kiddo, and be safe, Sweethearts. And stay away from national parks.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

One last thing. When the Twins were writing about Santa Claus on Facebook, how would that kind young man and the female attendant know that?

Maybe i will write at Facebook tonight.


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