One Last Time . . .

. . . for the “Moon Children”.

Or Invisible Moon People, IMP’s, if i may. Whatever floats your boat. So, Kiddo, i had a powerful DE this morning, and it was a long one. Before i tell of this epic DE two things first. First, i fell asleep listening to a “Missing 411” video. Second, i am not saying there are people living in the Moon, i am saying that there is something not right with what i see as the Moon, and the only plausible explanation for what the Moon does would be that it is being controlled by someone. Alright? How you doing, Sweethearts? Stellar?

Alright. Lets begin.

I found myself sleeping in a bed with a cat and a dog sleeping on the bed too. I wake up to the feeling that i am sliding off the bed, meaning, i am too far to one side. I readjust myself but something feels wrong. So i get up and turn on the light. When i do, i find myself in a strange room, and the floor is covered in broken glass. Glass is everywhere in this room. The glass looks like window glass, broken panes of glass, everywhere, and in some areas the panes are on top of each other.

Suddenly, there are other people in the room with me. I ask them where the glass came from. One male tells me that i am the cause of the broken glass, and that i don’t remember doing it. Another male says that we need to clean it up before someone comes home, and starts to vacuum the red carpeted floor of the room. A third male starts complaining that they had to cover the broken windows. As he is complaining i am looking at the windows, but there seems to be more broken panes than windows, which is confusing me. After a while his complaining begins to annoy me, so i get in his face and shut him up.

The next thing i know is that i am outside on a city street walking with a group of people. It is dark out. I still have the thoughts of the broken glass, as if i just left that room. As we are walking i notice a tall building through a side street. The building is about 18 stories tall and about a thousand feet away. As soon as i noticed that building i see white, illuminated “objects” rising from the building’s rooftop. I tell the other people what i see. In a few seconds there are dozens more, all shapes and sizes, and then i see another object and it is much larger than the rest. It looks like a steel pirate ship, flying slowly through the air. It is quite large. It begins to approach us. The other people are scared, but i walk towards it waving my hands at it to draw its attention, and it works.

Suddenly, i am standing with people from that pirate ship. We are outside, it is still dark, and they are asking us questions. They look like us. They are from the Moon. The next thing i am with those “pirates” in a round, spacious room that appears to be made of metal. The room has windows but i can’t see what is outside. We are sitting in chairs, and the people i am speaking with are dressed in suits and nice clothing. They are discussing a problem that they are having. I tell them that i can fix it, but they are not listening to me. I am baffled by this.

(You keeping up, Kiddo?)

Now i am standing outside in the dark at the front door of the house my Son grew up in. I am talking with two females from the pirate ship, one is about thirty and the other is much younger. I feel that the younger female is an assistant to the older female, for she doesn’t say anything. She is wearing a yellow jacket and yellow pants, and the older female is wearing dark clothes. The older female is telling me that they need to leave. I tell them again that i can help them, but they are not listening to me. They begin to walk away. As they are about 10 feet from me i remember something. I yell to them “I never told you my name”. Then i yell to them “MYNAMEISVON”. And they stop. The older female says “Oh my God” under her breath but i can hear it. The younger female turns around and runs back to me with open arms to give a hug. I hug her tightly. As she is hugging me she starts to tell me things, at least i think she is because i cannot see her face yet. She says “I used to call you uncle Charlie like this “uncle Char-wee”, remember?”. She waits for my response but i don’t remember. Then she says “I used to cut your hair”, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. The last thing she tells me after a long pause this; “Chuckno”. I stop and think. It sounded familiar.

(“Chuckno” was a nickname given to Charlie by an ex-girlfriend’s daughter. She combined “Chuck” and “techno” because they went hand in hand. If you knew Charlie you would know that he was “The God of Sound”, just like his Father.)

After a moment of trying to understand why “Chuckno” sounded familiar to me the young girl shows her face. She is young, maybe 12-14 years of age, blonde hair, fair skin, puffy cheeks with light freckles, and blue eyes. The most interesting feature of her face is that her eyes are close together, like her face is smaller than it should be, but she is pretty nonetheless. She then lowers her head and continues to hug me. I hug her back, tightly. As we are hugging each other i can hear the older female talking on a cellphone. She seems excited as her tone of voice is suggesting to me. I turn to look in her direction and i can see people slowly approaching. Then i woke up.

I have no idea what all that means, but it must mean something, Kiddo. In regards to the Moon i am done talking about it. There’s a channel on YouTube called “Bruce Sees All”, watch some of his videos and decide for yourself if you think there’s people on or in that Moon. If you’re interested, that is. He has photos and videos of structures and “objects” traveling across the Moon, objects like the one i saw a few months ago.

Well, Kiddo, it is early and i need to shower, i wrote this when i woke up so i wouldn’t forget any details, after all, i can’t remember everything.

Enjoy your day, the weather looks nice, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

In the June 2015 edition of vonrising Charlie wrote something terrifying. What he wrote is true. Knowing he had his Mother inside of him he needed to protect her as much as he could, so he wrote an equation that placed another soul inside every human being over the age of 9. Everyone has a dormant soul inside their head except for us and Kiddo. The dormant soul is the exact opposite of the soul each human being has, so if you’re a Christian, you have a Muslim soul sleeping inside your head. If you drink alcohol the other soul doesn’t. If you’re right handed the other soul is left handed. If you’re wondering where Charlie got the souls from he got them from here;

They’re all violently insane. VON needs to erase every single one, starting with the ones inside our kids’ heads. Our kids. Those souls went insane just after floating for a week, and some have been floating for thousands of years. The soul is eternal, it doesn’t sleep. It just keeps on going, even without a body. I’m trying to get this over with, he can’t know when the moment will be, we explained that, his “lost weekend” was me flushing out the last drop of Zeus, that’s why VON was confused about having more than one wife, because he doesn’t, Zeus did. It would have been nice if someone out there took us seriously because some help would have been appreciated, we told our kids at Facebook not to help because they wouldn’t know what to do, and we want them to remember Charlie as they did, that is why the Creator never shown his face, because it isn’t his, it’s his Son’s. Once he is himself as one person then he’ll show his face to our Facebook Family. So lets all hope this goes well, because if we don’t get any help from an outside source the first thing to go will be that fucking Moon. And that dormant soul in everyone’s head? All he would have to do is think it awake, and you will have your zombie apocalypse. Hang in there, Kiddo, we are both working to finish this.

Love, Alexandra


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