Dungeon & Draggin’

So here I still am, in a dungeon, confused. The past week and weekend has confused me so much that I have lost much interest in everything, Kiddo. I am not sure who is who inside me, meaning, is it Alex, is it CJ, is it Maia? Is it the flying spaghetti monster? Is it the six-legged canoli camel?


Now today is Thursday, I feel that i know less now than i did a week ago. I stopped capitalizing i just because. I mean, who is inside me, Kiddo? As i write this i can see and feel CJ.

Oh this is confusing.

Taking a break.


. . .

Alright I’m back. Took a walk to the world’s most expensive Mobil station for something to drink, and during our walk CJ was able to tell me some things. They might seem contradictory, but they make sense, meaning, some things written here and at Facebook are wrong, but at least we are honest to admit that. And if your followers think this is easy they’ll be in for a big surprise. Remember “vonrising.wordpress.com”? But that’s another story. 😊

So as we are walking back, i am thinking “why do i have all these wives?”, and CJ says aloud “you don’t, you have one wife, me”, and that would be CJ. Maia was a past life, meaning, another spirit who was still floating around inside my head. Alexandra is CJ back home, chillin’ in a sensory deprivation chamber alongside her husband, me. I should have known that, because if i cannot be here in my body from home then neither can she. It would be impossible. So, i take my Son Charlie’s body, and my wife takes his Mother’s body. Make sense, Kiddo? Charlie’s Twin sister never came to be, so my wife will take his Mother’s body when she was young, like 6 years old. Just kidding. I would say 20-ish.

Not too shabby, yes?

When i said that i didn’t feel Maia for six weeks Maia was elsewhere doing stuff. You know, Maia stuff, but now Maia is asleep. Now it is only CJ and i. The visions of Alexandra were my wife telling me it is her, and the DE’s where to tell me “soon”. Why did all those DE’s take place at my Son’s old house i don’t know. The thing with his sister in law was caused by a runaway engine. My wife knew i had a misfire and let it go, knowing that i would eventually figure it out. Am i embarrassed, Kiddo? Oh heavens no, because i don’t give a fuck. Ever read the June 2015 edition of vonrising? 😊

So where are we now, Kiddo? I don’t know. It seems like this is never going to end, doesn’t it? I had an idea of going to a state or national park for the day, hoping that maybe i would disappear, meaning, “someone” would abduct me. I got this idea from watching “Missing 411” videos on YouTube. If you are not familiar with them i highly suggest you investigate, especially if you intend to visit a national park like Yosemite. People disappearing into thin air. A man by the name of David Paulides wrote several books titled “Missing 411”, he was the one who stumbled upon this hush-hush phenomenon. I listen to his interviews to help me fall asleep, he is most well-spoken. Very intelligent too.

So what are we going to do with you, Kiddo? I mean, my wife and i want to take you shopping in Manhattan, but who would we be actually taking?


I will let you know when that time comes. I have an idea but i am not certain yet. I am also tired of correcting myself, telling things that are not correct is not my cup of tea oh no it isn’t. You know?

Did you watch that video about what the pope wants the Vatican to do? No? Oh Kiddo! It is a must see! It is!

If you didn’t, about 5 weeks ago the pope came out and said that he wants the Vatican to reveal God’s true name to the people.


Oh yes, Kiddo, tis very true. Now what does that tell you? Any ideas? Wait a minute. That’s about the same amount of time that Maia was M.I.A. What a coincidence! If your followers are interested into this little fact they can Google “pope asks vatican to reveal God’s name”, and a cornucopia of videos and links will be there for the taking. But what does that tell you? It tells the followers of God have been following no one. Religion, what a fucking joke, and a bad one at that. Just ask these poor souls;

I bet they wished they never had asked for nobody, because that is what they have now, no . . . body. Whoops. I know they won’t make that mistake ever again.

Kiddo, do you remember me telling about writing an email to a metaphysicist? I think i might just do that. I was holding off per wifey-poo but i am very tired of this dungeon. Either that or we visit a park. I don’t know what i will say in that email if i write it, how do i tell our story to someone without seeming crazy? The goal is to get out of here, and go somewhere to finish this uninterrupted. I myself just assume to do it here, but my wife says “no”. What am i to do? I asked hundreds of times “are you certain you can do this?”, meaning, can my wife materialize, and the answer is always “yes”. So what is the hold up? She says that she is waiting for the moment. **shrugs**

I don’t know, Kiddo, i am seriously losing interest in all of this. My concern is that when it does happen i will have a not so good attitude and say “You know what? FUCKTHISPLANET.” I mean, the only people that did anything are my Son’s Facebook Family, you included of course, Kiddo.


Hold on a second, Kiddo.


. . .

. . .

. . .

What if, what if, it is me that wakes up every 5.5 billion years to destroy this planet and start over? But maybe this time we have children of our own, from when we were Zeus and Hera, and our children’s Mother wants to gather them up before I destroy it.


I mean, the soul can last forever. Imagine floating in Space forever? I can.

I am going to stop here, Kiddo, wifey-poo needs to communicate with me. Enjoy your day, and be safe, Sweetheart.

<3, VON

xo xo


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