More Moon Children

Hey, Kiddo.

I have a few things that I didn’t share in yesterday’s post due to complicated conditions that I would like to share today. No, Maia is not back yet, I don’t know what to do about that except to leave here soon, maybe when we no longer have sanctuary then Alex will realize how serious I am about not wanting to be here anymore.

Yesterday I gave what I think is the most logical explanation as to why the Moon does what it does. I was not presenting my theory as fact, I was simply sharing what I think.

Yesterday was a “Blood Moon”, which still might be viewable today depending on location. The red of the Moon, if indeed a hologram, could be representing something of either importance or urgency. From what I have seen and read, people are experiencing more Blood Moons than ever before. Does this coincide with “Revelations”? I ask for I have not read Revelations, nor do I have any intentions of, but maybe someone reading this has. The only thing about Revelations that I do know is that all the signs are now being shown. In the past people have claimed “the end is here!” after seeing only a sign or two. Their false claims are caused by their anxiousness for physical proof to validate their time spent believing in something without any evidence supporting what what was told to them. A most foolish act on their behalf, and no one likes to be looked at as a fool. Little do they know.

Last summer, August 27th I believe, people across this country witnessed a solar eclipse, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The shadow casted from the Moon was measured at 70 miles in diameter. Now either the Moon is less than 70 miles in diameter, or something else had passed in front of the Sun.

The Moon is said to be about 250,000 miles from the Earth. If this was true, the Moon would look like a white dot in the sky, and you wouldn’t be able to see any details such as “craters” on its surface.

From what I was told by my wives, my Son’s “Moon Children” will have pale skin, white hair, and grey eyes. They would look human, but would not act human, meaning, they are not pigs, literally.

Not long ago I had a “dimensional experience”, a “DE”. It wasn’t a dream, so to speak, but an interactive encounter while I was asleep. In this DE I was at the house where my Son Charlie grew up. At that house I was standing outside on the front lawn. I looked up and saw a triangular shaped aircraft in the sky beginning to descend. When it landed on the property it looked like a small Space Shuttle. A man walked out of it and approached me. He had reddish skin, grey eyes, and white hair. He was dressed in a grey suit and looked well manicured. He had asked me if I was okay, and apologized for “their delay”. Other people resembling him exited the craft and followed him into the house my Son Charlie grew up in, with myself following them inside. Once inside, the house seemed much larger than its outside, mansion-like if you will. There were people inside who didn’t notice these intruders, as if they couldn’t see them. One of the people from the craft looked around and said to me “This will make a nice home for us.”. Shortly after I woke up.

Last night I had another DE involving that same house. I have had nearly a dozen involving that house over the past several weeks, and Alex says that’s a good thing. I was at the kitchen door of that house looking onto a red wooden deck, where a skunk was trying to get in. Outside with the skunk was a cat, also trying to get in. I am trying to get the cat inside without the skunk, but the skunk was persistent. Everytime I had opened the door to let the cat in the skunk would try to come in. I woke from this DE without knowing if I ever managed to get the cat inside without the skunk.

What did that DE mean? I am not sure. But the one thing that I noticed is that the kitchen door opened in the direction of my Son Charlie’s cousin’s house. Alex nodded my head when I asked if that detail is significant.

If I had a theory as to why the Moon Children are important to this story, it would be that not only do they miss their Father, and Mother, but they are waiting to come here to live. In order for that to happen I need to be myself, so I can clean house and weed my Son’s garden first, so our GrandChildren have a clean and safe place to call home, because where they live now is not a home, especially without their Parents. That is my theory.

If my theory is fact, and it could be, then I will say to those children who know where I am, come get your GrandParents, because GrandMa says you’ll be okay. And it doesn’t matter how either, GrandMa says you will know what she means.

As RichieFromBoston would say, “And that’s that. Like, share, subscribe . . . or don’t”

Enjoy your Sunday, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, VON

xo xo xo


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