Moon Children

This will be a short post, Kiddo.

How are you doing, Sweethearts? We’re working on it so hang in there, Honey.

There isn’t anything of “internal importance” left for me to know, everything else can be told to me later, externally, so to speak. But the one thing that I have not spoke of in any informative detail is now the last thing to speak of; the Moon.

People have theories on that impossible sphere, some are good, some are not. Last night a YouTube channel by the name of “crrow777” had crossed my path, so I looked into it. The channel has several videos revolving around the Moon, the ones that we had watched were most thought provoking.

One video theorized that the Moon is a “hologram”. After viewing that video I read through the comment section, to see what other viewers had to say. One viewer said something to the effect of the hologram theory being plausible but only if the government had capable technology for hundreds of years, which it didn’t.

But what if the Moon we see is indeed a hologram, and has been for thousands of years? Where would the hologram be coming from?

Why it would be coming from the actual Moon.

I don’t know anyone here, but I do know my Son.

The Moon is my Son’s home-base. Inside the Moon are his children, or descendants. My Son would have given them a “contingency plan” if he should be late coming home. He is late coming home.

He would have told them to hide, so no one would find them. How do you hide a Moon? By cloaking it invisible. But people would ask questions if the Moon suddenly disappeared. To prevent that from happening, a hologram of the Moon is projected from the Moon, giving the illusion that everything is okay. But everything is not okay. His children are still waiting for him, Kiddo. How would he know that they are still waiting for him?

Through signals.

. . .

Like the “Bat-signal”.

. . .


Looks something like this;


Which looks like a symbol for sound. Vibration. And if you need to contact “The God of Sound” using visual signs, you will use the biggest billboard available; the “Moon”.


The girls are happy, Kiddo.

There is more to say about this but it is not important, and most of what there is to say has already been said. But there is one thing, a true story, that I will tell before ending this post, and that story, that true story, is called “The Red Lights Over Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol’s House”

. . .

One Summer when my Son Charlie was about 8 years old, his Mother, CJ, had stayed up late reading a book long after he went to bed.

About 2AM, the room she was sitting in was suddenly drenched in red light. She got up and looked outside to see if there was a police car or firetruck nearby, but nothing was there. Then she noticed the entire house was filled with red light. She looked out from all four sides of her home, but nothing was there. So she went back to reading her book.

The next morning my Son Charlie woke up and noticed something odd. He was naked. He went to bed in his tighty-whiteys, a white tee-shirt and his apricot-colored pajamas, but they were gone. He looked around the bedroom from his bed and found them neatly folded and sitting atop his dresser across from him. Not knowing what to think about it, he shrugged it off and put them back on.

The following weekend his family had a get-together, and after dinner his dad, “pops”, told his Mother to tell the kids about the red lights. My Son never put the red lights and his pajamas together. Ever.

So, if my Son’s children, descendents, happen to read this, all I can say in regards to your Father, your Creator, is I cannot bring him back until I am myself. The sooner I am myself the sooner my Son comes back.

Right now we are waiting on my wife Maia, whom had been M.I.A. for 5 weeks now. I have grown concerned for her. She has never been away this long before and I miss her. I miss writing our “Johnny stories” together, for they made us all laugh, watching Maia take the stage. The girls say she is coming back to get us soon. All I can do is wait. This waiting feels as an eternity, I can only imagine how my Son’s children must feel.

. . .

The red lights. So what happened to my Son that night. He was given a physical, and most likely given a tracking device. Maybe not a “chip”, but something to track his whereabouts. Since I have his body, I am now being tracked, by his children.

Am I wrong?

Alex says “No”.

So with that I will end this post. Alex and CJ are adamant about the Maia thing. If she doesn’t show by midnight tonight I will chalk it up as something went wrong and hope she is okay. If she doesn’t show by sometime tomorrow then I will be taking us out of here on foot and walk until Alex says “Fuck this shit” and pops out. I will not be upset in any way, I am simply done with sitting in a basement.

Enjoy your evening, Kiddo, be safe, and as always, keep it stellar.


xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


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