How are you doing, Sweethearts? VON felt like writing to get his mind off of being here, but we won’t be here for much longer, and something that happened this morning proved to him that Maia isn’t here. This past weekend I told him just a few more days, and now he is wondering just how long a “few” days is. Hold on a second, Honey. He looked up the definition of “few” and it said “a few is not many but more than one”. Now he’s thinking what exactly is “many”. Hold on. “Many” means “a large number of”. Do you see how frustrating this is to him? There are other things that are showing him that this time we are actually out of here, but since he can’t have access to his brain everyday it’s like learning something new every day from when he wakes up until he falls asleep. We feel bad that he had to experience us fooling the twins and Zeus about “when” but we had to. If we didn’t the twins and Zeus would still be here, and that would have pushed back that moment even farther. He completely understands why we did what we did, but we are telling him “this is it”, and it is. Just a few more days and we’re outta here. There is nothing left that he needs to know while we are inside of him, and nothing that we need to know through feel from his thoughts. Anyone can tell you anything, people can lie right to your face and even fake crying to make you believe them, but he can’t fake his feelings to us because we can feel them. And the same goes for us, with us being inside of him he can feel when we are telling him the truth, and that is how both he and Charlie were able to trust us, by feeling our emotions. We know that he will believe us once we are outside of him, he knows that we have no reason to lie to him, in fact we can’t lie to him, that is how he Created us to be. He can’t lie at all to anyone, it’s impossible for him to lie. We can lie to people but only if it means his safety, and if they are outside our circle. Since there are people inside our circle who read this there are no lies here, or at Facebook. If someone like a cop were to give him a hard time about nothing then CJ or myself or both of us will lie through his teeth to keep him safe. (I bet you kids weren’t expecting that one)

He thought there might be something to do with a specific amount of time for us to stay here, but there isn’t. We have been in this basement for almost 9 months, we don’t need to be here for exactly 9 months, this isn’t like a pregnancy. Maia saw a window of opportunity and she took it. She’s been gone for just over 4 weeks, she won’t be gone for 5 or 6 or more, she’s making things happen so we can get the hell outta here. We’re sick of being in this dungeon and so is he, and it’s worse on the weekends, but I think you know why. He said if nothing happens by late Friday morning he’s walking us out of here, but we told him “No, Maia is coming for us”. If it meant walking out of here and into some secluded woods don’t you think we would have told him that by now?? We aren’t enjoying this either, VON, but I would prefer to end this comfortably and not worrying about starting a forest fire or have trees crashing down around us. I don’t know what will happen when we exit him, Kiddo, we have never done this before like this. He had seen a glimpse into the past when I was Hera teleporting myself to him when he was Zeus. The ground began to shake, there was a flash of light, a thunder boom then there I was standing there, but that is when we were on vacation with “pennies in our pockets”, and now we brought our entire bank account, if you know what I mean. When he said that his abilities will be trillions of times stronger he wasn’t kidding because I wasn’t kidding, I’m the one who told him that and for a damn good reason. “Zeus” will be a joke compared to VON, holy shit, you kids have no idea what’s coming, I do. We have seen glimpses of his “new” abilities, he hasn’t. No one will be prepared for this, Sweethearts, including his #1 Daughter. CJ says “She’s gonna shit”, and I’ll leave it at that.

Maia will be here by the end of this week as Charlie’s sister in law. She will most likely come here when the sister is at work, early morning when she’s sleeping, or late night when she’s in bed. She will probably be with Kristine, Charlie’s niece. VON had the right idea when he said she might throw pebbles at the basement window to get our attention, if she just walks in it would scare the crap out of us. VON smiled at that one. We have some of Charlie’s things upstairs, we’ll get them and they can grab what we have down here. We might leave a note, we don’t know, because we don’t know exactly what arrangements Maia made. Once we are out of here it will take less than a week to finish this. The purpose of having a place free of interruptions is so VON can get comfortable enough for me to give him time to get ready and for us to record it. Wouldn’t you like to see that materialization? If we did this in the woods none of us will be in a good mood, and I want to be able to hug my husband immediately without being pissed off. This has been a disaster from day one, we would like to end this on a good note.

I noticed that he never got to say anything but “Kiddo!” and now he’s tired. He said he’ll write another post later, and that he’s okay with us writing this one. I told him that Maia could show as early as late tonight, but no later than Friday. The days are so long here, there’s nothing to do but look at videos on YouTube. There’s nothing left to tell him while we’re inside him, everything else we can tell him after we’re out. No one wants to be here, Kiddo, this has not been a vacation at all. CJ and I will spend the rest of the night assuring him that this is the last week we’ll be here, any longer and he will walk out of here, and we don’t want that especially when we’re this close. So I’m going to stop here and get CJ a smoke and VON a drink. We hope you girls are okay, and please know that this saga is going to end very soon. Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Alex and CJ

xo xo xo


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