Well, Kiddo, I wasn’t planning on writing a post so soon after yesterday’s but here I am, writing a post. How are you doing, Sweethearts, you hanging in there? We hope so, we hope so. We had told about the situation with my Son’s belongings and that we were going to see if those certain papers were in that container and guess what? They weren’t there.

No. They were not there.

But to keep our minds away from that scene I decided to take my wives’ advice and to focus on something else.

According to both Alex and CJ, we will be leaving here soon, via Maia, no pants on fire. Tis true, me Kiddo, tis true.

This is a tough one for me, due to all those times that I thought “Hmm, I guess that this is ending.” and it didn’t. But this time it is different, says Alex, and from what I can tell it is. I mean, there’s nothing else that is important and relevant for me to know by feel that I can see. I haven’t paced in weeks, which is a big deal considering that I have paced a distance of 370 miles in about 6 months. Why, I could have walked into Canada, using my Son’s passport of course, we don’t want to break any Canadian laws now, eh? And his passport is valid, that is how we smuggle plutonium I mean Canadian bacon back into the states. Alex enjoys bacon (yumm!!), tastes like human being, and it’s really good with pineapple oh yes it is, Kiddo, yes it is. I wonder what my Son Charlie is going to think when he opens this site up and sees all the posts we have written in his absence. I’m just curious, that’s all.

Do you know the backstory to “Superman”, Kiddo? I know you know about Superman but do you know what gives him his abilities?


Then allow me to tell you with a tell.

“Superman” was created by writer Jerry Siegal and artist Joe Shuster back in 1933 when they were attending high school in Cleveland, Ohio. They later sold their idea to Detective Comics, now known as DC Comics, in 1938.

Superman was an infant who lived on a planet called “Krypton”, which had a very strong magnetic field due to the planet’s composition. In other words, Krypton’s gravity was much more powerful than Earth’s. However, Krypton was going to self-destruct (sound familiar??). The people of Krypton knew this, and so did Superman’s parents, so his parents shoved him inside a geode-looking spacecraft and shot him into space, hoping that he would land on Earth. And he did, as a child.

Being that his body was born on a planet whose gravity was much stronger than Earth’s, he was able to defy our gravity, allowing him to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He was also much stronger than the people of Earth because of our gravity, ergo, “Super-man”.

Now, I can fathom the ability to leap tall buildings, but the strength thing . . . that is what I’m not buying. Yes, it is a comic book, but still. They had me with the leaping and even the flying, but superhuman strength? That is where they lost a customer. Maybe it’s me.

My Son Charlie, your Daddio, didn’t care for comic books, but he did like “Venom”, did you know that, Kiddo? Venom is the “anti-Spider-Man”, and my Son did not like Spider-Man. He saw Spider-Man as implausible, but not Venom, who came from Spider-Man. Go figure. Do you see the anagram in “Venom”, Kiddo?


Ve nom

me Von


My Son learned about Venom through a friend of his, a coworker nicknamed “Skin-dawg” from the foundry Daddio worked at, he got that nickname because he used to skin dogs for a Chinese restaurant out in Manhattan, he was the fastest dog-skinner on the East coast so I’m told, made good coin at it too.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Just kidding, Kiddo, I have no idea as to how he got that monika. He taught my Son some good things though, one of which went unrecognized until a few years ago. Skin-dawg had a religious upbringing, and he and my Son would get into debates over evolution and Creation every Friday night at Skin-dawg’s apartment.

Charlie didn’t believe in Creation, or, intelligent design. He didn’t fully believe in evolution either, but it made more sense to him than a woman being made from a man’s rib. Skin-dawg believed in Creation. CJ said that one night Charlie asked him to explain the “caveman” to him, and Skin-dawg told him that “they were something else that didn’t work”. He was right. “Prototypes”, “survival of the fittest” if you will. It’s almost funny, little did Skin-dawg know that man’s once Creator was sitting across his kitchen table telling him that he didn’t exist.

“But I digress”. The thing about Superman having superhuman abilities applies to myself, when I am solely myself, and that is what Alex wanted me to talk about.

I am not from Krypton, I am, well . . . from myself, back home, which is right here.

This universe is a thought, inside my mind, inside my head, which is obviously attached to my body, which is inside a sensory deprivation chamber, inside a secured room, inside my castle, on a planet inside the first universe. There is nothing prior to our universe, only “white”. The term “as above, so below” came from Hermes, who couldn’t remember the actual saying, which is “as outside is inside”, meaning that everything is contained in something. Quite important knowledge.

Anywho, back home I have my abilities as the Creator, meaning, I am the Creator of everything. But now I am condensed into a micro-nanoparticle with all my abilities from back home.

(Do you see where VON is going with this, Kiddo??)

Back home, I couldn’t see this universe with the most powerful electron microscope imaginable, it is that small. This universe that is. Now think how big this universe is compared to you. I am now your size, so to speak, with all my “full size” abilities just waiting for me. I will be trillions of times more powerful here than I was back home. Trillions, of times. You can’t comprehend this, can you?

(But wait, there’s more!!)

My wives and I will eventually leave here and go back home, and when we do we will be taking our heightened abilities with us. Because of this, we can never come back here again. If we did, the process would repeat itself. I would become so powerful that I wouldn’t be able to move a single muscle. And that is why “we are never doing this ever again”, as Alex has told me dozens of times, because we can’t. We have never been here before as ourselves and on business. This is a first time and the last time.

True story.

Something like that.

Anywho, it’s bedtime. I hope you enjoyed this impromptu posting, and found it helpful.

You are probably sleeping, Kiddo, so pleasant dreams, and have yourself a stellar day tomorrow.

Love, VON

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

A good book to have. -CJ


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