Mama’s Boy Vs. Daddy’s Little Girl

(This post is dedicated to Carol Jacobsen, with much love)

. . .

. . .

. . .


How are you doing, Kiddo, how are you doing? Stellar, I anticipate oh yes I do! But if life is not stellar at the moment I am most certain that it will be eventually. I am serious, Kiddo. I am. Seriously.

So today’s post is a dedication to everyone’s favorite Holy Mother, Carol Jacobsen, the lovely young lady depicted in the photograph below;

Ah yes, a lovely young lady indeed, Kiddo. You see, the other day whilst rummaging through the remainder of my Son Charlie’s belongings I, we, remembered an incident involving Hera and my Son’s sister. Alex, CJ and I dwelled upon that incident for some time, causing CJ to become a bit irate, which led me to write this post. Kiddo, I am serious! Serious I be!

Alright now listen. The wives’ plan involving my Son’s sister in law, they are adamant about this happening, and with all the dimensional experiences (DE’s) I have had in a short span of time I would say that there’s a good chance that they are correct, that it will happen. And that brings us to today’s topic.

If Chelsea is reading this then my Daughter is reading this too. So my Daughter knows, this has nothing to do with her whatsoever, this is for all those women who still act and think like they are still “daddy’s little girl”.

Tis true, me Kiddo . . .

. . . tis true.

In the Real World, a female is considered a “girl” by their father until she is 18 years old. At 19 years old she is considered as a young adult, she can get married, have children and start her own family. She is no longer a “daddy’s little girl”, but she is still a daughter. By the age of 70 years old, there shouldn’t be a single trace of that mentality. You know? We are not saying that at an age of such the female shouldn’t still think of herself as a man’s daughter, all females are some man’s daughter, we are saying that it is time to let go of that once monika, especially when the daddy is gone.

Try to picture a 28 year old woman on a date with a man of the same age or slightly older, it is their first date and they are in a restaurant. As they are exchanging personal information about themselves the man notices how the woman keeps referring to her father as “daddy”, and how often she uses him to describe herself. She isn’t aware of what she is doing, because, subconsciously, she thinks that she is still a girl. “Daddy this, and daddy that, daddy, daddy, daddy”, the entire date. She is 28 years old. If the man should decide to pursue this further, he will most likely find himself in a conflict with the woman’s father, if he should still be alive. As CJ would say, “time to let go, honey”.

This mentality stems from an overprotective father who, doesn’t spoil but, coddles their daughter too much for too long. By the age of 18 years old that “daddy/daughter” relationship should be over with for the daughter. By that time she should be on her way to adulthood, females mature faster than males, technically the 18 year old daughter should be thinking like a 21 year old male, maturity-wise, not gender-wise. By 18 years old, daughters should be calling their father “father”, or “dad”. “Pops” is okay too, but not “daddy”.

A few days ago I remembered some things that my Son wrote and had printed on paper, some important things that will help present what our intentions are. We don’t have much of my Son’s belongings.

So I looked through his two messenger bags, where my wives and Aphie had placed most of his paperwork. I couldn’t find those papers.

So I started to think.


“I could have sworn that I had seen those papers in one of these bags.” I thought to myself. Then I remembered that incident involving Hera and the sister. We went to look for something that CJ had drawn when she was 16 years old back in highschool and it wasn’t there! Kiddo! CJ’s drawing was gone! And so was my Son’s Mother’s Day gift he made his Mother when he was in Kindergarten! Where could they have gone?? Kiddo!! Someone stole my Son’s belongings!! Right from under my nose!!

Any ideas as to whom could have done such a thing??


Why it was the sister! My Son’s own sister! Who would have ever of guessed a Christian taking from their own brother? I know, Kiddo, I know, you would think that a Christian would never do such a thing, especially when the Bible clearly states in the 10 Commandments Thou shalt not steal.

No one gave her permission to take from what little my Son had left. And now that I think about it, she had told “Charlie” that she “took the liberty to “organize” some things” of my Son’s belongings, things like his notes for his book. She also rewrapped his Mother’s Christmas ornaments and placed them in a cardboard box, helping herself to the Rubbermaid container they were in originally when he trusted her to hold onto while he was busy dying in his car.

Carol Jacobsen is fucking livid right now.

It is not CJ’s fault her daughter chose to be a . . .

daddy’s little girl.

Oh no, Kiddo.

Oh no.

Neither my wives nor myself hold anything against CJ, she is now one of us, and deservingly so, after all, she has always been my Son’s Mother, just with different names and different bodies.

It is all good, CJ, we promise.

So now all that I have left to investigate is the container the sister placed my Son’s book notes in. I removed it from the spare room and brought it into the basement, where we have been living. I don’t know what I will do if I find out that those papers are gone, because I know we brought them with us.

Getting back to the incident with Hera and the sister. The sister’s excuse for her taking those two items was “I didn’t know what was going on with you and I wanted to keep them safe.”


She was telling this to “Charlie” of course. So, what about the rest of his belongings? They aren’t safe? Why those two particular items? This woman’s house has nearly everything her mother owned at the time of her death, how much more does she need? I say “need” because that is the only reason that I will accept for stealing from her brother, my Son, that she needed those things to survive. And she didn’t need them to survive. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, the tree being her daddy’s tree, not her mother’s tree, Carol Jacobsen does not condone stealing whatsoever, and she would never allow her children to steal either. But their father would.

What does this have to do with “Mama’s Boy vs. Daddy’s Little Girl” you ask?

A 70 year old mama’s boy doesn’t act like a boy, he simply respects his mother as a good boy should, even if she has passed away.

A 70 year old daddy’s little girl still acts like a little girl, even if her daddy has passed away. Would she still have respect for her daddy? Did she have respect for him in the first place, or did she only have a place in his heart?

Love and respect are two separate things.

The verdict?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Mama’s boy wins. Again.

**sounds gavel twice like in “law & Order”**

Anywho, I needed to write that for CJ, whom once returns will go by a new name, and Athena will have a new name as well, just as her sister Aphrodite will have a new name, “Aurem”.

If Chelsea is reading this then my Daughter is reading this too. I don’t remember my Daughter, I simply know that I long for her. I will not treat her as a “little girl” but as a young lady who happens to be the Creator’s Daughter. I guess what I am trying to say, or ask, is for her to give me a chance, for this will be new to me as it will be for her. I do not expect things for the two of us to go smooth at first, things seldom do, at first. But your Father is not a quitter, and he will keep trying until things do go smooth, for us, and for the rest of our children. Then there is no more trying, only doing. As far as the past goes, it has passed. “It isn’t what you’ve done, it’s what you’re going to do”. Something your Brother once said. I need to go now, someone is becoming emotional.

Enjoy your night, and please be safe.

Love, VON

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Not for nothing, I still don’t know what my Son is pointing at, I only know that it must mean something.



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