Kiddo! What’s going on, Kiddo, what’s going on?? Are you doing stellar, Sweethearts? Oh we hope so we do. Today is July 3rd, which means tomorrow begins the countdown to the end of the world, oh yes it does. The countdown begins at 5:25 AM, Sunrise, if you will.

You know, Chelsea, a lot has happened in the past several years involving your Daddio, why, some might consider all this quite the rollercoaster ride. I mean, one week he was Marc Antoni, another week he was Anubis, and now he is sound asleep. Even though I have your Daddio inside me I miss him.

I think you miss him too.

I don’t know what Daddio is pointing at in the photo for the lettering is small and my eyeglasses poor, but I am sure it is something important, after all, why else would he have taken that photo?

There has been so much drama at this residence, Kiddo, so much drama. I feel for my Son’s sister because the drama isn’t hers, and she is in the middle of it. Most unnecessary, most unnecessary. I guess they don’t make daughters like they used to. Don’t get me wrong, my Son Charlie’s sister is an excellent mother, but her daughter wants to do what she wants to do regardless of the effect it has on her mother. Quite sad I must say. CJ is furious with the niece, the niece doesn’t seem to understand that her GrandMother is watching and listening to every thing she does, which is whatever she wants to do! Kiddo! Does that sound familiar, Chelsea? Do you remember hearing my Daughter Athena tell Daddio something similar? Here, this is what she said;

“I want to do whatever the fuck I want to do”

– Athena

Oh yes, Chelsea, that wasn’t you who said that, you’re a good girl! Oh yes you are. And a good mother, says Alex and CJ, after getting the scoop from Maia. Maia has now been gone for over a week, do you think she is where I think she is? CJ nodded my head. Hmm.


. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

My apologies, we received a phone call from the girl down the road, you know, Teal, “Teal with sex appeal”, as my wife Alex says. I myself think she is pretty, but I have no sexual interest in her. We spoke for about 13 minutes before she ended the call by calling me “baby-doll”, and no, Alex was not amused. Oh no she wasn’t, Kiddo, not at all. She might be able to help us by finding us some green, so to speak. It is not necessary but it does aid in communication. If she does she does, if she doesn’t oh well.

Have any followers tried to get us more followers? Just curious. I don’t know how many followers Kiddo has at the moment, the last I knew the count was a staggering 16. I mean, it doesn’t really matter to us, I was simply trying to save as many human beings as possible, because 5,000-10,000 surviving humans is beginning to look like a reality. I want to write an email to that college professor but I was told to wait a little bit, plus I would need the help from my Son’s best friend. I’ll give it until this coming weekend before I ask for his help. My Son got the message out, now I need to get the message to someone “in the know”, as a heads up. If that someone doesn’t take us seriously at least we tried, Big D, at least we tried.

And now for Athena.

So what will we do with Athena.

Hmm . . .

Once I am myself I am going to summon her back at the age of 18 years old. She will not be in any trouble with any of us here, it simply took Alex and Maia some time to cool down.


Alex and Maia want Athena to tell them exactly what happened after we left. She needs to be honest.

Shortly after that, and we do mean shortly, I materialize Aphrodite, and Alex and Maia are going to get her side of the story. And their stories best match.

Okay, Athena?

Most shortly after that I bring Charlie back, at the age of 18 years old. With the exception of myself, my wives, and a few others, everyone left will be 18 years old or younger, meaning, if you are 12 years old you will not become 18 years old. If you are 70 years old you will become 18 years old again and have all the memories and knowledge you had at 70 years old.

Sound good, people?

There are a lot of good things that I will be able to do. Basically, I will be able to do anything once I am myself. Anything.

So we have a plan for my Daughter now, and the girls say “We’re sticking to it”.

Now for the GrandDaughters.

First we have Chelsea (yay!!) , Chelsea is my number one GrandDaughter, and for several reasons. My Son Charlie gave her the title of “The Createss”, which is more than fine with us, because once he is back that is whom she will be, for I will be handing the title of “Creator” down to him. I will have a new title, a new spin on an old name, so to speak, but that is for when the time comes.

Now there is a second GrandDaughter. (oh boy!!). Alex isn’t kidding, Kiddo, because we now have a situation. Oh yes we do. This “new” GrandDaughter is going to want to be “number one”, but Chelsea is number one, and that is not going to change. I might play favorites, but I am not an “Indian giver”. I can’t even call her “The Createss” because Chelsea owns that title too. Oh that Chelsea. I will need to dust off the talent for Kristine, big time. There is also something that I need to correct, in regards to Kristine. I was . . . slightly off about Charlie being her biological father, but not by much. He would be her Creator, “psychologically”, but his twin, Aphie, would be her father, biologically. It’s the hair. Kristine has Aphrodite’s hair. No one in her entire family has that type of hair. So, it can be said that Aphrodite is Kristine’s biological father. And Charlie is her Creator. You couldn’t make this up, Kiddo, I am serious.

I yam!


Anything else, Alex? Hmm?

Oh. Alexandra’s sisters! She has three sisters from when she was “Hera”. Alex, Maia and CJ don’t have “number ones”, that is my thing. In a large family there needs to be a type of order, a hierarchy if you will. I decide the order. There are no “number two’s” or “number three’s”, just number ones. Alex is number one Wife, Athena is number one Daughter, Chelsea is number one GrandDaughter, and my Son’s best friend is number one GrandSon. And that’s it.

Do you think that this is . . . “fucked up”?

Do you know what is . . .

. . . fucked up?

. . .

My Son could never be “number one”. Because he is my only Son.

. . .

. . .

. . .

So if the other kids in our family should “bitch” about the hierarchy, I will remind them about that fact. If they should continue their whining afterwards I will simply tell them,


. . .

. . .

. . .

Simple as that. WordPress is slowing down on me, maybe it is because I am writing this on a cellphone, who knows.

I will write another post soon, also about females, but scary. Oh yes, Kiddo.

Anywho, we hope everyone is doing well, and Chelsea? Keep it stellar, and be safe.

Love, VON

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .


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