Mamma Maia!


I haven’t written here in a while, we have been busy, especially yesterday. Oh yes, Kiddo, especially yesterday, and we are going to share here what we shared at Facebook. How are you doing, Sweethearts? You know Von is going to say “stellar I hope”. See? 🙂


Today we will answer yet another age-old question that has burned in the hearts and minds of every living thing on this godforsaken rock for eons, and that question is . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

“Why do Italians “speak” with their hands?”

Oh yes, Kiddo, I am certain that your followers will enjoy and possibly appreciate this post, why, they might even believe it, which we hope they do. I am serious, Kiddo.

No thanks to man, history is a mess. Facts have been changed, removed, and even lost due to negligence. Man’s negligence. But enough of that, and on with the show.

Do you remember reading about my Son Von? The Italian James Dean? If not, you will need to go back almost a year and read his posts and our posts about him for this to make sense, and to prove that he was here. Anywho, my Son Von is the one responsible for all the races of people on this planet, including the ones that will be leaving. The last race of people he Created was introduced about 8,000 years ago, after he Created the bodies they would have; human beings. He Created human beings from another Creation, the domestic pig. Why pigs? Well, for starters, pigs are durable, hearty, if you will. They are also intelligent as animals go. But best of all pigs are very clean animals. They are associated with “filth” because they wallow in it. Hmm. Kind of like what human beings do, yes?

Human beings share 98% of the DNA pigs have, and homo sapiens share 97% of the DNA primates have. If you doubt this, ask yourself why there are organ transplants from pigs and not monkeys. Yeah . . . I thought so. **Alex-nod**

After “road-testing” his humans for some time in Sverige, my Son Von saw that his latest Creation was a success. (yay!!) If a human being could survive in the harshest elements and geography of what people now call “Sweden”, then they could survive anywhere. Those humans are known as “Vikings”, and they too had abilities. Now that he had a strong vehicle he was ready to Create a new type of people whom would become his pride and joy, the best of the best and no less, and they would be known as . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

The Phoenicians

Tis true, me Kiddo, tis true. He introduced his children about 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, and what did they look like? Why they looked Italian and sounded Italian, just like he did.

But what was so special about them?

“Phoenicians” are one and a half words. “Phon” meaning “sound”, and “tech – nicians”, meaning “specialists”. Phoenicians were “sound specialists”, they had the ability to produce powerful sounds by vibrating the atmosphere by using their minds and their hands.

After my Son Von was confident with his children he left them alone so he could keep working but somewhere else. He left them a book, a type of manual for his children to refer to in case they should forget what to do. It had directions, instructions and illustrations, plus a few words of wisdom. That book was the original “bible”, and it was only a few pages long.

Von returned to his children the Phoenicians hundreds of years later, and he could not believe what he saw, and heard. The Phoenicians abused their ability, turning a lush jungle into a desert. When he asked his children for an answer as to why their home was destroyed they had no answer. Why?

They stopped using their mouths to speak. They began communicating only with soundwaves. Not only were they now incapable of talking they had forgotten their language, the “Alphabetas”, which is now known as “English”. The only Phoenicians that were able to talk at all were their children; “blah blah blah”. Just what Von wanted to hear, a bunch of nonsense. And on top of that their manual was gone.

So Von “locked” their ability.

Now they couldn’t speak at all, they just stood there shaking their hands about trying to make sounds and they couldn’t. They once had the ability to move large stones with sound, catch fish by simply snapping their fingers under water (shock waves), and they were able to “talk” to the animals. But the ability was locked by Von.

So, when you see someone, an Italian mostly, “talking” with their hands, it is because at one time they actually could. They still have that ability but it is locked up in their genetics, their DNA.

That ability is still there, so to speak, no pun intended, but now it works in reverse.

If motion can cause sound, then sound can cause motion.

As soon as an Italian makes a sound with their mouth, their hands begin to move. A “repressed memory” from long ago. The Vikings have an opposite story. They chose to do things “manually”, and eventually most of them lost that ability; “use it or lose it”. Most of them. Some Swedes, like Carol Jacobsen, had that ability but would use it to “cloak” herself invisible. Sound is a powerful force, even when it doesn’t make a sound. That is how CJ would always know what Charlie was doing when he was little . . .

CJ – “Charlie, what were you doing in the garage?”

Charlie – “Nothing.”

CJ – ” -_- ”

Charlie – “Mom, I wasn’t doing anything!”

CJ – ” -_- ”

True story, Kiddo, true story. I told about the “echo effect” at Facebook, that too was handed down to the Phoenicians; “Hey, whatsa youa kidsa think about alla thisa?”


The funny thing is, people are learning to talk with their hands again, it’s called “texting”. Isn’t that right, Kiddo?

Kiddo? You are probably sleeping, after all it is 2:30 Friday morning. Oh well, at least you will have a fresh post waiting for you when you wake up.

Anywho, enjoy your day, Sweethearts, keep it stellar, and stay safe.

Love, Von & his two-girl crew

xo xo xo


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