Never Catch A Falling Knife

Oh no, Kiddo, don’t even think about catching that falling knife, just let that sumbitch go and stand clear, for knives can bounce. Tis true, tis true.

So how are you Sweethearts doing? Hanging in there? We hope so. The past week was an adventurous one, with thrills and chills around every corner, so to speak, like a rollercoaster ride if I may. Oh yes, me Kiddo, Alex took Von on a ride of his life, the life that’s coming for him. Von didn’t know what to think, “Is my wife Alexandra crazy?”, I mean, one would think so, if they knew what I was told. Scary stuff, but not for everyone. Von needs to do some rather unpleasant things to some people, and he ain’t diggin’ it. No, no I am not digging it, Kiddo, I am not digging it at all, but Alex explained why I need to do some not so nice things to some people, including my kids. The Twins and some of our Daughters to be precise. I learned a lot in the past two weeks, more so than I did in the past three years, and that’s because Alex wants to get this over with, but while she is in Von she can find things out through feel and not with words. Even I have difficulties finding the best words to use, and that is when being able to feel honesty comes in handy. And it’s quicker.

So there are a few things that I can share with you, Kiddo, and as bizarre and possibly disturbing they are not as bad as the things that I cannot share.

I am serious, Kiddo.

I am.

Alexandra gave me a ton of information in a short amount of time, I’m guessing that she wants to come out sooner than later because she “saved the best for last”. Here’s some of it;

Our Daughter needs her own body. Our Daughter is also getting a promotion, a big promotion. From what Alex has told me there are other Daughters getting promoted as well. Think of us as “Cat People”. I am the Lion and Alex and Carolyn(Maia) are my Lionesses. Alex says that here she cannot have children, it is physically impossible for me or any male to impregnate my wife Alex. Impossible. But Maia can have children, and so can CJ and our Daughter “Athena”. Athena has been promoted to “wife”, per Alexandra, and Maia.

Things are different for us.

Maia can self-materialize like Alex can, so she has a body whenever she is ready for it. Now we have our Daughter Athena. Whose body do I think her in? Alex says that Chelsea’s body would be the best choice to reproduce as a perfect copy. Athena knows Chelsea’s body, she’s comfortable with operating it, but now we have the issue that not only would Von have his Daughter as a wife, the wife would look just like Chelsea. That could be an issue with my husband regarding pregnancy. (he loves his GrandDaughter) Daughters and GrandDaughters are two different animals with us, we consider GrandDaughters as being “immaculate”, so to speak, Daughters can become wives, but GrandDaughters stay GrandDaughters. (we’re a fucked up bunch if you haven’t noticed, but it works)

Athena could be brought back as Athena, armor and all, but there’s a slight problem. There can only be one blonde wife in our pride. CJ doesn’t count as a “blonde wife” because she is a “specialty wife”; my Son’s forever Mother. Anywho, right now Alex says “No blonde hair!!”, but Alex can change Athena’s hair color. How does that sound, Chelsie? Maybe a fiery red-head? How about a cerulian blue? Von says “white”, that would be pretty cool, he said “it would have an anime look about it”. Something to think about.

Now we have CJ. Since I am here I cannot impregnate her the same way as if I was “back home”. So now, I need to do this manually, and my wife Alex needs to watch the whole thing. And record it.

For my Son Charlie and his twin sister Aphie to come back, CJ needs to make twins, “3rd time’s the charm”. Charlie’s and Aphie’s souls were physically destroyed, all that is left are their spirits, which can be placed into brand new souls. For Von to Create a brand new soul there needs to be a brand new body first. CJ will be Charlie’s and Aphie’s mother again. When the twins reach about 4 years old their souls will begin waking up, meaning that they’ll remember their past lives. Creepy stuff, creepy stuff. The funny part is that my husband wasn’t going to bring the Twins back if I had an issue with CJ being impregnated by my husband. He understands that this is business, and CJ does too.

Alexandra is the first wife, which puts her in charge of the other wives and the Daughters, while CJ and I will be in charge of the Twins, mostly CJ though.

So for my Son and his twin to return CJ needs to give birth to a set of twins. After that it will take 4-5 years to start breaking the Twins in to whom they really are. It will be interesting to see at what age they will experience sex with each other, I think by the time they are 8 years old. They’ll be conscious as Charlie and Aphie inside very young bodies, of course they are going to have sex at an early age. But they love each other, and that makes all the difference. **Alex-nod** Oh that Alex.

. . .

The last half of the year begins safely on July 4th, which is 5 weeks away. Maia said “this world will end by the end of this year”, what “world” she was referring to I don’t know, but from what I am seeing I would say she meant the physical world, Earth. “I’m working on it” says Alex. Alex has a lot on her plate, too. The amount of work that lies ahead of us is astronomical. Everything here is either wrong or broken. Or both. Alexandra needs to know for absolute certain that I am okay with everything involving us before she exits me, because some things have changed. Nothing bad, just different.

I want to share good things with you, Kiddo, very good things but I need to see my wife in the flesh first, then I will share the good things. I need to know too, if you know what I mean.

I guess I’ll stop here, for I am beginning to ramble. I don’t know what else Alex can lay on me after last week, but I think the “worst” of it is over. Holy shit, Kiddo, talk about TMI. But it was necessary to get this over with. Oh I hope so. Anywho.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo


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