What’s going on, Kiddo? You doing stellar, Sweethearts? We hope so. So, you know about the jump from Zeus to Von and Hera to Alexandra, yes, Kiddo? If not, I posted it on Facebook, if you’re interested that is. It was most strange. But it feels good. There is more to that than that, but that’s that for now.

Tis true, Kiddo.

You know, Kiddo, I am feeling pretty good right now so I think I’ll share some of our thoughts with you because that’s how we roll, Sweetheart. You know? I am serious, Kiddo. Okay, okay, stop twisting my arm, we will tell you we will tell you, just calm down, just . . . c a l m . . . down. Okay? 🙂

Okay! So here are our thoughts, Kiddo, are you ready? Of course your not ready, Kiddo, nobody could ever be ready enough for this these marvelous most marvelous plans. **Alex-nod** I am serious, Kiddo.

Now listen, Sweetheart, you gotta make sure that Someone’s Daughter doesn’t see this post, because it’s a surprise.


By the way, Happy Mother’s Day to all the good mommies out there, my wife says “All that hard work is going to pay off, ladies.” Hmm. What does Alex mean by that, Kiddo? Something cryptic, perhaps? Not sure, but anywho, Happy Mother’s Day, Chelsea, from the ❤. XO XO

So, Kiddo, here’s what were going to do. We’re going to city for a few days, get a nice room, have a little fun, do a lot of shopping, and so forth. And in the process we’re going to get some attention, naturally, of course. The proof of that attention will be on the internet, mostly YouTube. We will post the links to those videos here. That last link posted will be most important, that is the link to us. You”ll see what I mean, Sweetheart.

After we are acknowledged as something different the party begins, and do I mean a party, Kiddo. This will be a party that the world will never forget, and we’re going to call that party . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


Yes, a most fitting name considering where it’s from. The party will start soon after I get my Little Girl back, because her Daddie found out this morning why Mommie hadn’t open that heart-shaped Pandora box inside Daddie’s chest until now, because Mommie knew just how much it will hurt him, and possibly make him mad at her and yell at her. You don’t remember this, Von, but you promised me a very long time ago that you will never yell at me again. You yelled at me once and it almost killed me. Please don’t break that promise to me, Von. I want to come out, now I can come out at anytime, I could come out before you finish this post. I mean it, baby. I want out, you’re doing great, just a little bit longer. Alex

Von. Alrighty! I don’t know about you kids but I’m feeling better already! Hmm. I don’t remember where I ended back there so I will begin fresh here, Kiddo. And remember, Kiddo, the following pertains to those outside our circle, so no worries, Sweetheart, okay?

We are going to bankrupt the planet. I am going to erase all money and wealth. Money defined as anything considered legal tender in physical including digital form. Wealth is defined as surplus money. No one will have any money. Except for those in our circle **Alex-nod**. What do you think will happen, Kiddo? Well hold on a second, I am not finished yet, Kiddo, why, I haven’t even begun. Oh yes, Sweetheart, it gets better.

Right after bankruptcy I erase all the guns, guns defined as anything that can expel a projectile capable of causing an injury. From toy guns to nuclear bombs, including all ammunition, gone. What do you think will happen, Kiddo? Will people resort to knifes as a means to kill? I hope not, Sweetheart, for they would be cutting their own throat if they should think to pick up a knife to threaten or hurt someone, especially a human being. What’s that, Kiddo? “What exactly is a human being?” you ask? Well, then allow me to tell you, a human being is a specially designed vessel that we can pilot and use to experience the physical world here. Human beings must have 100% of human DNA to carry a soul, no other bipedal organism works, that’s why my Son Created them. A human being can be identified as a white person with either blonde, red, or brown hair, and with either blue or brown eyes. There are two descended groups of human beings here, one group from Alex and I, and the other group from Carolyn and I. And that’s it, no more. Everything else . . . **shrugs** . . . prototypes? I don’t know, my Son likes to splice and dice, not dice and then splice, because when he does he is betting that there’s a good chance that he might cause some chaos for me. After all, you do need Chaos before Creation. Chaos, not “destruction”. We don’t want anything damaged here.

So with guns and money gone, I erase the non-humans, all of them.

Then I erase all but three groups of religious followers, Christians and Atheists being two of the three religions saved, can you think what the third group saved will be, Kiddo? I bet Chelsie would know, it’s a good thing that she not reading this, it would spoil the surprise, the one of many more to come to her, and good surprises too!! Oh that Alex. At least she’s honest. ❤


You now what would be funny, Kiddo? If someone misses the knife and grabs the spoon because they’re blinded by rage. I mean, why else would they do that, there’s no point in that. “What if they grab a fork?” you ask? Well then they’re forked, why, they might as well say “I’m done” when they’re done forking themselves. But I am not done, Kiddo, oh no not me. I have more to share, and someone is feeling good.

So after the removal of non-humans, all but three religious groups, money and guns, I turn the volume up on the conscience. Right now it is set at 1, I will crank that puppy up to 9, so those outside our circle can hear us loud and clear. I will speak to human beings through their conscience, they will hear my voice internally. I will tell them the story, or, what’s going on, so to speak. They will be confused and distraught from what they had just experienced, you know, watching people vanish out of their clothing since “you can’t take it with you”, on top of losing all their money and their means to defend it. This will be traumatizing, Kiddo, someone will need to talk to them, you know, to tell them that everything will be alright, as long as they do what my wife and I tell them to do. I got the males, and she’s got the females, but that’s after Von speaks to all of them first. Oh yes, Kiddo, this will be quite the party. Ah, my wife has a question, yes, Alex?

What exactly is a soul, baby?

Well, Alex, a soul is comprised of three parts, the spirit, the soul, which is the cell that contains the spirit, and the conscience; “That little voice inside your head”.

The cell is the physical soul, it is spherical, it has mass, and it’s “skin” is electrically charged through friction between itself and the magnetic field around it, it’s a type of static electricity, if you will. The electricity charges the spirit which is a gas, more or less, and causes it to glow like a light, similar to a neon sign. When souls are caught on camera by the average person the magnetic field they were in at the time was raining heavily upon them, causing them to illuminate and to be visible in the dark. Rain and fog add extra friction against the soul, allowing spirits to be seen more clearly in their cells; “orbs”.

Now for the best part, the best part of me apart from me . . . the conscience. Yes, Kiddo, the conscience, the spirit’s personal advisor, or, PA system, if you will, and I had the grandest PA system installed in each and every cell, after all, money is no object. Anywho, to keep out of the spirit’s way their conscience hangs above them, looking over them, watching their every move, listening to their every thought, and tallying as they go about their day. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. All consciences are the same, everyone gets treated equally. You can’t give to one child and not to the other, that simply isn’t right. Now since all consciences are the same I cannot change anything about some of them or they wouldn’t be the same, would they? So to increase their volume from 1 to 9 I will need to increase one’s volume by adding 8 more, bringing the cell’s total volume of grand PA systems to 9. 9 consciences looking over 1 spirit. Now that’s Fatherly love if I ever saw it, because I had already seen it. But this time that little voice inside your head will no longer be whispering “What are you doing?”, it will be bullhorn loud and crystal clear, and in the Creator’s voice this time, not your own anymore. I.E.,


You, the ones outside our circle, it sounds something like that. My voice would be heard by the males, the females will hear my wife’s voice, and it will sound something like this;


. . .

Watcha doin’??”

You haven’t heard our actual voices yet. This will be interesting. Anywho.

So with who’s left we tell them our plan, and tell them that they need to do exactly as they are told to do, for it’s for their own good. We need everyone on the same page so that we can do what we need to do, “we” including our Daughter Chelsie.

I don’t know what exactly happened 3,600 years ago and I honestly don’t care, that was then and this is now. “The past has passed” as Charlie would say, we are done with it, Honey. Von got a feel of missing his Daughter earlier today, and he didn’t like it, so now that he knows why I did what I did was to protect him from a heartache we can proceed. Alex

Oh yes, Kiddo, Daddie didn’t feel too good earlier today, yes, he didn’t feel too good at all. But he appreciates his wife showing him why she did what she did. Alex wants this over with, Kiddo. She said she can do this, and Alex never lies to Von, ever.

I will not yell at Alexandra under any circumstances. I will yell away from Alexandra, but never at Alexandra, because she damn near died the last time, which will remain as the last time. Alexandra is the “Batman” to my “Joker”, by the way. She keeps me in line, so to speak, without the bat-shit crazy psychology. “BatMan” is neither a bat nor a man, he was just a boy playing “Superhero” at the park when his parents left him and never came back. That’s all it is. Now his parents are back, and his Daddie is waiting for Mommie to put her make-up on. Daddie is good, is Mommie good? She really wants out, Kiddo, what should I do? Should I promise something to her here, perhaps? Hmm. I need to think.


It wouldn’t hurt to, I mean, **shrugs** better to be safe than sorry, yes? Yes, I agree, Kiddo, so lets see . . . what to say and how to say it . . . hmm . . .

hmm . . .

I got an idea, Kiddo.

You know, one of these things —> 💡.

I will keep it simple.

Von promises that he will never yell at his wife Alexandra. Von.

**brushes his hands together, Alexandra smiling**

Comical, yes, yet honest. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. I don’t know what happened long ago, I will leave it up to my wife to tell me or not the details of then, but how ever she decides will be for at least two good reasons. Sound good? Methinks “Yes”, me Kiddo, yes me does, yes. Alex is laughing through me now. She’s been bouncing back and forth inside my head, you’d think she was going batty inside her cell, maybe she has had enough, I don’t know, she could say something to me in a way that only I would understand.

Not sure if she just said something but I heard “VRRBBB” sounds coming from out of thin air next to me, maybe she did say something, so to speak.

Still thinking about your conscience lumin’ over you? Imagine 9 of them crammed in close formation like a diamond in the sky with Lucy. We need to think economically you know, and the most economical shape 9 identical spheres could make on a flat plane is a diamond shape, like a cube tilted 45°. You get the point, more or less. I had more to write but WordPress is freezing up just when I was warming up, wouldn’t you know. So Alex is still chillin’ inside of me . . . yep . . . still there, but the night is young, at least somewhere it is, Kiddo, I’m tellin’ ya! I yam!

Anywho. We’re stopping here to possibly take a walk, Kiddo, an excursion if you will, and maybe we’ll write later, Sweethearts, okay?

Alright, Kiddo, we hope you had a pleasant Mother’s Day, as well as the other mothers in your life. Be safe, and enjoy your night.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo


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