Thunder, feel the Thunder


It is early Monday morning and we are writing to keep your readers up to date. How are you doing, Honey? Stellar, yes? We hope so, we hope so. So here’s what’s going on.

My two-girl crew is now one girl short 😦 . Maia left to go back home last Saturday, I guess Chelsie needed a hand with Charlie, and Maia was no longer needed here, just as Carol Jacobsen was to my Son Charlie so was Maia to myself. “Only the mother knows when her child is ready” said my Son Charlie, and he was right. Maia’s sudden departure was unexpected by me, I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me is sad because I did not get to say “thank you” for all she has done, or to say “goodbye”. Hera feels my sadness over this. But part of me feels a sense of relief, I was concerned about how Hera would feel knowing that I would also be with her sister, but Hera says it was okay with her, and that is how we are back home, the three of us. I guess Hera has me all to herself now, and Hera likes that. I like it too. Maia has been here for 3,600 years, but in our world she has only been here for almost 4 days. There is a huge time discrepancy between here and there, we found this out the hard way with Adolf Hitler. One thousand years here is only one day back home. Will Maia come back someday? Maybe, but if she does it won’t be for a long time.

So now I am experiencing that “last miner out syndrome”. It is only Hera and I in this body of mine. She tells me that she can come out at anytime, but no one can see this miracle other than myself. Some things are not meant to be seen by human beings, and Hera’s re-entry is one of them. Back when my Son was a god such as Anubis, if he spoke publicly the people would kneel down and lower their heads. This was not a “practice of worship”. They did this in case they should pass out from what they saw, or heard. If you pass out in a kneeling position you would most likely fall to the left or to the right, with less travel then if you were standing. You would collapse comfortably, so to speak. People today are not ready for this, but we don’t care. My Son gave more than enough warning, and no one took him seriously. Not our problem anymore. **Hera-nod**

I was hoping not to see a three year anniversary (May 3rd 2015-May 3rd 2018) but it didn’t happen. Thanks to RichieFromBoston of YouTube I now know why. He posted a video talking about the Sanhedrin, and he mentioned something about a “bride of three years and one day old”. Maia left on Saturday May 5th, 2018. When my Son Charlie said he heard a voice saying “I’m here” on 5/3/15 it wasn’t his mother speaking to him it was Hera speaking to me, Zeus. That would make Hera 3 years and 1 day old. And now Hera is ready to marry me again, renewing our vows, if you will. Hera also mirrors Persephone. I don’t know everything, I know that mistakes were made by my Son and by I, but we don’t erase our mistakes, we leave them to show you that we are not “perfect”. “Honest mistakes” they are, Kiddo, and not lies. There are no lies here, only honesty. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true.

“He was lightning, before the thunder”

That to is true, me Kiddo, oh yes it is. And that brings us to another product of Maia’s manipulation, the official video of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. In that video you will see my Son’s favorite Ferrari, the 458 Italia Spyder, a fleet of them no less, Aphie and her demons, a giant, marble sheep, floating sheep, and a few other things. And the song is pretty good too. Another video that found me. But there’s a video that Charlie had seen but Zeus never really watched it.

“Mein Herz Brennt”

The song is by Till Lindemann (another Grandson) and is played solely on piano. The video was uploaded by YouTube author Brian Boyko, and it has English subtitles, but the lyrics are not quite accurate. I wonder why. What you are basically seeing is Baphomet singing to his Father. Charlie is not seen, but Aphie is seen (reversibility). I watched it several times and every time I was amazed at what I was watching. It is worth the watch. Just saying.

Anywho, we have some things to do.

Do I miss Maia? Yes I do.

Am I nervous about Hera leaving me too? Yes I am nervous. I am all alone without her. I don’t know anyone. She says to stop worrying. From what I can tell she is going to re-enter very soon. That is all I have for now, Kiddo. Be safe.

Love, Zeus & Hera

xo xo


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