An Idle Mind


Enjoying this lovely weather, Sweetheart? According to the weather report a large storm is headed our way today but you know how that goes. A weatherman is the only job I know of where you can make mistake after mistake and everything will be alright. Do you agree? Just curious, just curious.

I am back writing using the other phone, our main phone doesn’t work well with WordPress for some reason, and there was a question mark symbol in a circle on the screen that I could not remove, as if it were asking me “why are you writing on this phone??”. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. But we did manage to post some of the photos that I had taken with Charlie’s camera, we don’t have the means to upload them to a computer so we took photos of the camera’s view screen. If anything, it proves legitimacy to the honest mind, because we know there will be at least one asshole thinking “photoshop!”. SMFH

I remembered something Chelsea wrote at Facebook a while back, it was a short fictional story where at the end she revealed that it was a joke. I wonder how many of her friends thought she was being serious until the end. I bet more believed that story was true than less. Ever tell the truth to someone and they respond with something like “Bullshit” or “No fuckin’ way” or “Get the hell outta here”? I bet you have, but there is a possibility that the same person would believe you if you had lied to them, even in a joking manner. Am I wrong?

My Son Charlie once told his best friend something so outrageous yet true that his bff told him “You’re fuckin’ crazy!”. Charlie was insistent and told him “I’m telling you, someone was outside on the roof looking in!”. They both go to where Charlie saw someone and found someone looking in. The rooftop peeper took off leaving a handprint on the outside of the window and footprints on the rooftop beneath the window. His bff said “Holy fuck!” and they called the police. I did not witness this, Maia did.

Because something might sound “crazy” it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. **Hera-nod**

A new but short topic. Do you believe that the Earth is flat? Please don’t say you do. If by chance you do, I will prove you wrong by the end of this paragraph using simple facts and common sense. If the Earth was flat, there would be no “time zones”. There are 24 one-hour time zones on this SPHERICAL PLANET for a reason. Taking mountain ranges into account, if the Earth was flat the longest delay in every continent witnessing the Sunrise would be 5 hours TOPS. Alright? **SMH**

Oh. And there is no “glass dome” or “firmament” over you either, that is a residual memory left over from when your home was a Petri dish. Feel better now? I think so.

Did anyone view the previous post, “Recent Photos”? Here are some of my favorites;

I found that if I angle the cellphone camera just right I get a “semi-negative” effect. Pretty cool, yes? Well I think so.

Oh, Kiddo, when will this end, when will this end? Yes, I am learning some things but nothing of utmost importance. One thing that I learned was who’s who in boo’s zoo. Interested, Kiddo?

If I wasn’t here, Charlie and Aphie would have become Baphomet. My Daughter, the one who is hiding inside you, would have become Lucifer, and that is why Maia shut her abilities off, just in case “Athena” had any not so funny ideas. Athena was also known as Venus, who is also known as “The Morning Star”; Lucifer. Pretty scary stuff, yes? Of course not, because people only believe lies. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. Why, they don’t even believe that statement. **Hera-nod**

You know what I’m thinking, Kiddo? I think that I should write another educational story about “Johnny”, yes, Johnny, but I will write it in another posting, for WordPress is beginning to freeze up on me again. Strange how that is, in fact, the internet has been acting strange for me for about a week now, as if someone else was interacting along side of me, shadowing me, if you will. Maybe it’s just me, then again, who am I?

Anywho, I will stop here to work feverishly on that Johnny post. I have been feeling so Creative lately, and there’s no time like the present.

Enjoy your evening, Kiddo, keep it stellar, and be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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