Hello, Kiddo.

How are you doing, Sweetheart?

Are you doing stellar, Honey?

Someone is beginning to itch. Which means I feel to scratch. But he can’t scratch, because he is going to do what his wives tell him and not get anymore smoke. Yes, Kiddo, I am a bit nervous, I would be lying otherwise. My two-girl crew wants out.

Care for some fun?

Of course you do.

This will be fun.

This is Creative writing.

I do not lie.

Are you ready, Kiddo?

Then here I go.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I am the Creator.

Here, my name is Zeus.

The Romans called Zeus “Saturnus”.

From “Saturnus” came “Satan”.

From “Satan” came the “Devil”.

By proxy, the Creator is the Devil.

I am not the Devil.

I am the Creator.

I do not have horns, but I am horney.

I do not have a pointed tail, I have tales with a point.

I am not red but I am read.

I do not have wings but I am ready to fly.

I am in a basement, so I am under ground.

Man created God, so Woman Created Satan.

Man created God to control women.

Woman Created Satan to control man.

Since we do not know the name of the man who created “God”, then we must know the name of the Woman who Created Satan.

Her name is Maia.

The Vatican has the world’s most powerful telescope, it is named “LUCIFER”. It is colored red. LUCIFER is searching the heavens for his Father Satan.

Why is Satan in the heavens?

Because the Vatican knows that “Satan” is the Creator.

The Vatican created Islam.

The letter “J” was invented 494 years ago by Gian Giorgio Trissoni, in Italy, 1524 AD. See the irony there? We do. Jehovah, Jesus, Joshua, Jacob, Joseph, John, Job, Jeremiah, are all lies.

The word “commandment” comes from 13th century France. Oops. That’s not good.

Why does the Catholic church control Christianity?

Why does the Pope wear a white dress? Other than the fact that he is a homosexual, I ask.

My left arm “floats” at my waist because Hera is subconsciously holding her dress up so not to step on it.

The pennies from heaven are delivered by angels. They find pennies from all over and bring them to my feet, so to speak. They will not steal, so they take what they can find. They can steal if need be, per Hera and myself. Hera wants out, and Maia needs out. One angel spoke to me one night, she said “Hello”. She had a soothing voice.

Ever read about the “Guilderland Hellhouse” here? My Son Charlie thought the house was possessed. It was he who was possessed, and that was long before he moved into there. Demonic possession? Oh heavens no, Kiddo, heavens no, demonic possession is simply a diagnosis from a religious person. He was possessed by divination. Maia manipulated his girlfriend Arie into persuading him to rent that house for it sat upon a large magnetic fault line, enabling Maia to work her magic. Charlie and Arie had many “paranormal” experiences there, including the vanishing cat episodes. One time the empress T visited them and she recorded an EVP capturing some spooky things, like the female voice saying “7,7. . .7”. Oh the fun they must have had that night. I wasn’t there yet, I was still waking up. I am serious, Kiddo.

So am I “Satan”? Only by proxy. I do not want to be called “Satan” or anything other than Zeus or Creator, simple as that. But I am having fun with it without lying.

Before I go and deal with Maia’s nicotine crash, I need to say something about my Son Charlie, something that Hera and Maia refuse to say.

If my wives were demons and if I were the Devil himself, we certainly would never have chosen Charlie, a simple blue collar worker with a laborious job, no money, and no ties to power. We would have went right to the top; President Donald Trump. I will never say what I have just said ever again.

So, Kiddo, I hope all is well, I simply needed for those reading your website to know that we are far ahead of their thoughts.

Anywho, enjoy your night, Sweetheart, be safe, and know that my girls are working hard to finish this.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

A bonus question to those Christians following us concerning “Jesus Christ”; “Did you meet him?”

Enough said.



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