Darkness Falls

Tis most true, Chelsea, most true indeed. My recent posts may have caused a stir with some, but that’s okay, they are supposed to. The letter “J” for instance, who saw that coming? The letter “J” was the last letter added to the alphabet, that is a fact. Oh well.

Ever see a movie titled “Darkness Falls”? My Son and Maia have. From what Maia had told me it spooked Aphie, which means my Son enjoyed it. I have not seen that movie. We do not have movies or television where we are from, only literature and music, and the music has no lyrics. That is so people can imagine their own lyrics, or there own imagery. As far as literature I provide all the books, and the people provide the “newspapers”. My books provide detailed holographic visuals as they are read, that is why we have no cinema, so to speak. So yes, I do work back home, and at home. Anywho, Darkness Falls is dark tale of another one of my Son Charlie’s dislikes; the Tooth Fairy. **sighs, collects thoughts** This . . . this . . . idea, is so bizarre, that I can understand Aphie being frightened by it. Do parents think about what they are actually presenting to their kids when they tell them about this idea? I don’t think they do. But I am not going to tell them, Kiddo, oh no. I am going to let Johnny and his mom tell them . . .

Johnny and the Tooth Fairy

**that American mother is back at it again, washing, drying, and folding clothes when her 4 year old son comes running up to her with important news . . .**

Johnny- “Mommy, mommy!”

Mom- “What is it, Johnny, what is it?”

Johnny- “My toof fell out, my toof fell out!”

**shoves toof in exhausted mom’s face to show her**

Mom- “Yes I can see that, Johnny. Does your mouth hurt?”

Johnny- “No, mom, but what about my toof?”

Mom- “Well, Johnny, that was a baby tooth, baby teeth fall out as you get older, but a big boy’s tooth will soon grow in to replace it.”

Johnny- “But what do I do wiff dis toof, mom?”

Mom- “Okay, Johnny, you need to listen very carefully to mommy. This is what you’re going to do. After dinner you will need to pick up all the toys off your bedroom floor, especially your LEGOs, make sure all your toys are put away until tomorrow. Then, after you say your prayers I want you to take that tooth and place it under your pillow.”

Johnny- “Why, mom?”

Mom- “Because the Tooth Fairy is coming.”

Johnny- “The Toof Fairy?”

Mom- “Yes, Johnny . . . the Tooth Fairy. After you fall asleep the Tooth Fairy will sneak into our home and look for you. Once she finds you she will creep quietly across your bedroom floor to your bed. She will then gently lift your pillow and slide her hand under your pillow and take that tooth. Once she has that tooth she will put it in her pocket and place a shiny coin where your tooth was and quietly creep out of your bedroom and leave. When you wake up tomorrow there will be a shiny coin under your pillow just for you.”

Johnny- “Really, mom?”

Mom- “Johnny . . . would I lie to you?”

Johnny- “No, mom. . . Will the coin be a quarter?!”

Mom- “I don’t know, Johnny, it depends on if Mr. Tooth Fairy raided Mrs. Tooth Fairy’s change jar again. Now give mommy a hug and go tell your father mommy needs to see him, okay, honey?

**hugs mother, kisses her cheek**

Johnny- “Okay, mom, love you!”

Mom- “I love you too, Johnny, now go get your father for me, mommy has work to do.”

Oh that mom, she certainly loves her Johnny. Now what about this Tooth Fairy, why a “fairy”? Why not an “angel”? You have this thing creeping into your child’s room, why not make it as pleasing as possible? It’s better than the “Molar Monster” or the “Dental Demon”, yes? No? I don’t know, I simply do not understand these “traditions”, if you will.


Is it possible that this is how your “Big Brother” came to be? You know, your government. Is it not what they do? Tell you, the younger siblings, nonsense into scaring you or making you believe that “everything will be alright”? That is how we see it. Maybe we’re wrong. Do you believe in “Bigfoot”? Should we believe in Bigfoot? Should children believe their parents?


Children need to trust their parents so that they can believe them, not believe that they can trust their parents.

Big difference, Kiddo, big difference. That explanation is from all of us here to you.

Well, Kiddo, I need to contend with Maia jonesing for nicotine. Restless, she be, restless. We will keep you up to date as always, maybe I will write another “Johnny” post if I don’t lose my effing mind.

Goodnight, Sweetheart, and pleasant dreams.

With love, Maia, Hera & Zeus

xo xo xo


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