Obviosity Too

Kiddo! We are about to have some fun! Yes, fun! And who doesn’t like to have fun?? Exactly, Kiddo, exactly. So, how have you been, Sweetheart? Keeping it stellar I hope? Good, good, now before we begin we need to explain what we are going to do. Hera has been at the surface for almost two weeks while Maia works on getting this over with so we can begin. Hera is going to tell a few things and ask some questions, her say will be in italics, just like that. Maia will be joining in from time to time, and her say will also be in italics, just like that. This could be considered a “session”, where we work together to answer those burning questions some readers might have. And remember, if you can read this, then everything here is true, meaning, there aren’t any intentional lies. There might have been some mistakes in past posts but they are not lies. The girls know where the mistakes are in here, but we are leaving them as a reminder not to repeat them, unlike man who sweeps his mistakes under the rug and then repeats them down the road. Am I wrong? Of course I’m not, Kiddo, of course I’m not. So before we begin, I will add a few photos like I did with the last post, as a refresher, if you will. Also, there may be some things in this post that may offend some people, and we want everyone who reads this to know that offending people is not are intention nor goal, we simply need to explain the obvious. Alright? Alright!

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, this is what is. This is so obvious and no one is getting it. If anyone believed any of this by now we would have known about it. We decide who to let pass, because we knew that there would be some nonbelievers. So we chose Charlie’s Facebook family and a few others, to keep them from feeling awkward or embarrassed when the time comes. The two boys at Charlie’s last job for instance, we like them, and it has nothing to do with them being related to us in the ethereal sense. Zeus likes them a lot. Why did Charlie nickname them “Redneck” and “Shitmittens”, Zeus, because there are at least two reasons for everything we do, and Charlie was doing things subconsciously, like “Candlepants”; “Fire breather”.

Well, people would need to know a little bit about each one of those fine young lads first. The older one is a “country boy” who works like a bull. A very physical worker, why, one might think he was a stone mason. Think, “Reversibility”; “Redneck”/”Blue collar”.

The younger one is lightning fast, like a zephyr zipping around, why he could have been Hermes’ son. He was also fast with his hands. Also a very hard worker, and would strive to be the best welder, “laying down jewelry” as my Son would say. Again, Reversibility; “Shitmittens”/”golden gloves”.


I miss the boys, but not that company, especially after what they did, but that’s not our problem. I asked Zeus the question that nobody asked, “Are you Satan?”, and he said “Yes”. Why would you be Satan, Zeus?

Because the Romans wrote my name as “Saturnus”. It is no secret that the name “Satan” comes from “Saturnus”, you could investigate this for yourself. Being that there are those who already know that fact some will indeed call me “Satan”, which will not go over so well with us. They will go away. However, it needed to be acknowledged by myself so that we can finish this. My Son Charlie would have never been okay with that, just as he almost shit his pants when he learned that he was Adolf Hitler, well, half of Adolf Hitler to be precise.

The Law of Reversibility applies to every conscious act. Every act is a motion. Without motion there would be no life. The actual Law of Reversibility states that if a photon of light can travel its forward path in reverse exactly, then anything can be reversed exactly. That is so the Creator can fix anything. Since nothing is able to leave this universe everything is still here, you just can’t see it, like these;

Everything is still here. Nothing has left. Where would it go?? Heaven?? There is no “Heaven”. But there is a “Hell”, because it existed once. This entire planet was engulfed in flames, and everyone on it burned to death. That was when people were something else, they were bipedal, but they were very ugly. Maia was able to show Zeus that dimension, because it still exists, you just can’t see it, and you don’t want to see it.

Last week Maia began “breaking Zeus in” to what he is going to feel just before that moment. This was just before bedtime when Zeus was relaxed. She said something to him internally, basically he heard a voice in his head. Neither Charlie nor Zeus heard “voices”, we speak using his mouth to avoid them from hearing “voices”, the only voice in Zeus’ head is himself thinking to us, that is how we communicate, and that is why we needed that apartment Charlie had, so no one sees “Charlie” “talking to himself”. That was an obvious flag that Charlie was not himself, he would have NEVER lost his apartment, because of Chelsea and his cat. He turned down an apartment that was $200 less a month with heat and hot water included because it didn’t have a room for Chelsea. “Pseudo-father” to the max. And his cat. Seriously?? He loved that cat, and here’s some proof of that;

Seriously people?? Charlie called that grey monstrosity a castle, subconsciously he built a pyramid. It’s a fucking pyramid. And he built it before May 3rd 2015 when the Creator finally woke up completely. That cat pyramid must have weighed 400 pounds, Charlie could barely move it. Who builds their cat things like those?? Someone who loves their cat very much. And the apartment, Charlie looked at Chelsea as a proud father looks at his “princess”, so he made sure that she would always have a place to live. Most parents don’t do that for their own kids. How obvious that something happened to Charlie when HE DIED at Ellis hospital and came back WITHOUT ANY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. Dead means dead. He didn’t have a “near death experience”, the key word is “near”, the emergency room and Arie saw Charlie die, it’s on record at Ellis hospital. The doctors couldn’t believe what they saw that night, they never seen anything like that before, because they have never witnessed an actual resurrection before. I need a break, Zeus take over for a few minutes while I calm down please.


Why absolutely, Hera, it will be my pleasure. Let’s have some fun, with Reversibility.

When you beg for God in this dimension, you demand the Devil from another dimension.

God and the Devil are the same person, so to speak. “I am the Alpha and I am the Omega” “I am the Light and I am the Dark”

They [inevitably] do the same thing, they both punish bad people.

“As above (Zeus), so below (Saturnus)”

Zeus is who the good children get, Saturnus is who the bad children get.

Regardless, my name, here, is Zeus. Back home, where we are from, my name, given to me by my wives is

. . .

. . .

. . .


My original name given to me by the original creator was “Creature 130”. After I devoured my maker I changed my name to “Creator BU”. My first wife didn’t like “BU”, but she loves “boo”, the catalog name of my only Son. She and her Sister named him “Charlie”, and they named “KDDO” “Chelsie”. Both names end in “ie”. Why “ie”? Why not? “ie” is everywhere. See what I’m saying? I hope so. So if ie is everywhere, then Chelsie must be somewhere. Since Charlie is nowhere to be found, then Chelsie is somewhere at a loss. Aren’t you, “Athena”? Of course you are, and that is why your aunt Maia shut your abilities off, because we wouldn’t want you to self-materialize inside Chelsea when I become myself in my Son Charlie’s body. Oh no, kids, that would be bad. But don’t worry, Honey, your Father will summon you after he summons Aphrodite. 😉

And you thought you had family drama. Pfft.

Anywho, back to Hera, and Maia.


There was more I wanted to touch on but I’ll only touch on a few “obviosities”. Charlie driving a fork lift with no fuel supply, becoming invisible and walking right past someone looking for him, all those photos, the “videos that found him”, $130 in “found” coins, and the one that his ex-gf T should remember; the brand new in-the-box motorcycle battery that was sitting in the driveway outside her apartment. It was the EXACT battery he needed for his black bike. Where did it come from?? Who put it there?? Was that a “coincidence”?? Who placed that brand new battery right in the middle of that driveway?

Minus the guns. Zeus will be erasing all firearms too, all at once. My sister Maia has had enough. Zeus figured out that finishing this is in the timing. She ran out of cigarettes at the wrong time, so he bought her more. He didn’t want to see her struggle, now we don’t have enough money for anymore, and Maia sees a window of opportunity. So we wait. Zeus wants to write another post, a fun one, but we have some things to do first. Zeus wants us to remind the readers again of a FACT;

The letter “J” was invented 494 years ago by Gian Giorgio Trissoni in Italy, 1524.

There never was a Jesus Christ or Jehovah.

But there was a Saturnus.

Now Maia has something to share from a movie.

When life offers you an opportunity there are three things that you can do.

The best thing you can do is the right thing.

The second best thing you can do is the wrong thing.

But the worst thing you can do is nothing.

So when life offers you an opportunity, do something. – Dr. Zamora, “Turistas”

Simple as that. Zeus?

Oh I wholeheartedly agree oh yes I do tis true tis true. So am I “Satan”? According to man I am. So I must be “God” to women, yes? **shrugs** Anything is possible, Kiddo, even the impossible is possible, but then again, who am I? 🙂

Anywho, enjoy your evening, keep it stellar, and be safe.

Love you Kiddo.


xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .


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